Friday, May 31, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: No internet this week. Disk full of pictures. Very happy people.

We received an actual paper letter this week because there will be no internet on the island for a while...

Elder Meyer's signature page on the little note he mailed home. 


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Birthday edition.

Hello Everyone


I thought you would have a ton of questions because you didn't ask any on the phone. Haha. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I guess I am never going to get to hear the end of that blessing. Thanks for all you do for me. You are the best dad in the world. I love you.

Question 1: Do you have any specific memories from prior Aaronic Priesthood / Father-Son campouts that make you smile?

Answer: That one time we were sleeping next to Dave Stevens and he snored all night long.

Question 2: Brett leaves this week on his mission. There are others departing soon, like Travis.  Any words to share with them?

Answer: Get the work done. Lose yourself, and love the people you serve.

Question 3: How many lessons have you been able to teach over the past several weeks?

Answer: We teach around 20 a week.


I loved talking to you too. I just what to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. You are the best mom in the entire world. I love you so so much. You are always there for me.

Question 4: How do the Yapese celebrate birthdays?

Answer: They don't unless they are turning 1, 2, or 3 years old. They just have a big party with food and cake.

Question 5: Do missionaries have birthday traditions?

Answer: Nope. We just make ourselves a cake.

Question 6: How much more do you have to do on your language mastery?

Answer: I am getting closer to being finished. I have to teach a couple more things in Yapese and speak the language all day with my companion.

Question 7: Did you get any packages this week?  What was in them?

Answer: Yes. I got the one with the blanket. Thank you so so much. And the cookies. Yum.

Question 8: I taught Young Women's today. It was about recognizing personal revelation. I asked them how the spirit talks to them. So how does the spirit talk to you?

Answer: I get a warm feeling in my heart when something is true, and when I receive revelation for my investigators, I receive ideas of things I can do for them.

Question 9: Tell me one unique thing that happened in church this week.

Answer: We finally had an investigator come to church again. His name is C*rding.

Question 10: Tell me more about beatle-nut. How big is it?  Can people just go to a tree growing in the jungle and pick one?  Do you wait until they drop on the ground?  Do they eat the shell?

Answer: It is the size of a half of a big marshmallow.  No, they can't go pick them unless you own the tree. They pick them, not waiting for them to drop. And there is no shell. It is more like a fruit.

Question 11: Can you get hamburger helper - or would you like me to send some?

Answer: I can, it is like $3.50 a box though. If you could send some that would be great.

Question 12: What determines what time you e-mail us?

Answer: When every I get down to Colonia. Pretty much when ever I want to. We are going to go too the southern part of the island today. So we are going faster than normal.

Question 13: Tell me about one lesson that you taught this week that stands out.

Answer: I would have to say the one with C*rding. It was mostly in Tagalog, so I didn't understand a whole lot of what was going on, but it was a really good lesson. I could just tell that he was very interested and wants to know more. It was funny, because I know what questions he was asking even though it was in a different language. I knew them because I have been a missionary for a long time.

Question 14: How many young Elder missionaries are on Yap?

Answer: 6

Question 15: Will Yap ever have Sisters serve on it?

Answer: Maybe someday. President Mecham called me and said Happy Birthday, then talked about sisters. He wants to get them here, but is not sure how.

Question 16: Is there anything you need or want?

Answer: No. I am doing great. I love you mom. You are the best. I am so grateful for all you do for me.


Hey, it was great to talk to you. I am really excited for you to get published. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I didn't do anything really special on Sunday. There was a Seminary graduation, so I went to that. There I got a bunch of leis for my birthday. Besides that, we just hung out after the graduation at the other missionary’s apartment and played with all the stuff I got in the package. Wow, that is a lot of roller coaster. And a huge building. I think I would be a little scared being in a building that big. I am guessing that this conference has something to do with your work. Is it the one you wanted to go to last year? Anyways, I hope you are doing well. It was great to hear from you today.


I hope you had a fun time working with Doug. He is really fun to work with. Hope you get better soon.  All of the elders here were surprised to hear that you got that nice of a car. That is pretty sweet. Take a couple pictures and send them to me. I hope you had fun at the Salvation Army. Have fun boating! And you are only semi expert right now, maybe someday you with be an EXPERT. Ha ha love you man.

To Everyone

I got the package that said to wait, so I did. I opened it yesterday. May 26th. It was really cool package. Thank you so so much. We ate the cake, it was delicious and we played with all the stuff inside. Pin the name tag on the missionary. Really funny. Good idea.

We got a new elder this week. He has been promised to us for a long time, but he is finally here. I am so excited. His name is Elder Waimile. He is from Fiji. He is a pretty cool guy. I am excited to work with him some day.

I did go to a local dance this week. You remember A*gistine, his kids were doing one at their school, so I went and watched it. It was really good. It was a little bit different than normal. The kids made up their own moves. So it was not always quite the traditional dance. It was still really fun to watch and support his two daughters.

I also went with S*m and P*ter to catch some crabs to eat. It was really fun. Pretty much, you just run off in the jungle and catch the crabs before they go back in the holes. It was hard, but also a lot of fun. There are a lot of crabs out right now because it is full moon.

Something pretty exciting did happen however. We went to go see Chr*s and D*rlene. They were not there, and we started talking to their son. JV. We taught him the first lesson and invited him to read from the Book of Mormon. We went back to see him and his family. He read from the Book of Mormon. And guess where he was at? He was almost finished with Helaman, in like 3 days. It was awesome. He knows it is true. And I am so excited for him. He is really going to help move that family along.

Talked to the chief’s wife. She is really interested still, just really busy with all of her kids. We are going to really try hard to meet with the whole family instead of just some of them at a time. They are doing great. She knows the Book of Mormon is true and that the church was restored. IT is so cool. I love working with them, and it is all in Yapese. It is really good.  Yeah, that is about it on the new stuff with investigators. It was a good week, just a little bit slow.

Oh, I got something you could send me, The plan of salvation in Yapese all printed out like the cut outs you gave before I left. If yes, I will type them out next time.

Well, some interesting problem came up. My investigator C*rding is Filipino. He was married twice in the Philippines and was divorced once there. In order for him to be baptized, he needs to be divorced from the lady in the Philippines and married to M*rtina here. So, that is where we are at with him. It should be interesting. I am not sure how to deal with an international divorcement. We will see how it all plays out.

C*rding came to church yesterday. He came wearing a white shirt and tie. It was fantastic. I loved seeing him dress like that. I could then immediately see him as a Priesthood holder. It was really cool.

Chr*s and D*rlene and JV are doing pretty well. I think it will just be slow and steady with them. We just saw Mar today. He is doing pretty good. His wife is very interested, she is just really busy. I am very excited for the both of them.

Well that is pretty much it. I love you guys so so much. You are the best family in the world. Thanks for making my birthday special. You are the best family in the world. I don't know how I got so lucky.

Elder Meyer

Monday, May 6, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: White shirts are now brown (Q7). Misspoken Yapese word results in new person to teach (Q9).

Hello Everyone.
Sounds like you guys are doing really great. I can't believe that another week has gone by. Time is flying so so fast.


Yep Pres Mecham is on the island. He came for District and Zone conference. I wish people on Yap did home teaching like you guys do. I can't complain too much because not very many people in the world do it. That is so cool on the # of Ordinances. That is awesome

Question 1:  Did the scriptures show up yet?

Answer: Yes they did. Funny story. President Jim, our District Pres had them for about a week. I don't know why he had them, but he did. They said my name on them, and he opened them up to see what was in them. He thought that it was really nice.

Question 2: Any news on teaching the “chief”?

Answer: He is doing alright. It is a slow pace right now. His wife is very sick and in the hospital, so I have not seen them for a while.

Question 3: Are there any particular scouting merit badges that have proven helpful to you during your mission?

Answer: I couldn't say. I was talking with Elder Hatch about merit badges and neither of us could really remember which ones we did. I am sure that they did. I know just doing the work for them in general was helpful because it is learning and aplying new skills just like wahat you do on a mision.

Question 4: Could you share a brief testimony of anything you want?

Answer: I know that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. That he came to this earth. Set up His Church, and Atoned for our sins. I know that he died on the cross and 3 days later that he was resurrected. That he LIVES. That in, and only through Jesus Christ can we be saved. That He established His church once again on the earth thru Joseph Smith. That Joseph Smith was called to be a Prophet and that he translated the Plates into what we call today as the Book Of Mormon. The book is true. It is another testament, another witness, of our Savior Jesus Christ. I know for a surety that there is a prophet on the earth today His name is Thomas S Monson. His job today is to help us follow God and Christ. That he is given direction from Jesus Christ. I say this in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.


I can tell that you are very excited to get off that crazy schedule. I would be too.

Question 5: What do you want for your birthday?

Answer: I don't know. If I think of something, I will let you know.

Question 6: Do they hold Young Women's camp on Yap?

Answer: No, they don't. We had a youth camp last year. I think there is a plan for one this year though.

Question 7: How are your clothes holding up?

Answer: Just fine. I have some white shirts that now are brown shirts, but it is no big deal. They still work.

Question 8: Did the new Elder come?

Answer: No. We are still at 5.  That is really good though. President Mecham promised us a new elder in a week though.

Question 9: Describe a time you felt directed by the Holy Ghost this week.

Answer: I was talking to a less active member about the church. There was a different girl sitting off to the side. So I started talking to her too. I was testing my Yapese and asking them questions on how to pronounce words. One of the words I talked about was “chon”, which means member of. I know the word very well.  However; I turned it into member of church. I asked her if she wanted to be a member of this church, she said maybe. Now we have a new investigator, just for practicing Yapese. It was all guided by the spirit.

Question 10: Tell me about church - beginning to end.

Answer: Well, it was District conference. It was really good. We had some members speak. It was nice. One of the speakers didn't show up and Elder Baliling was asked to fill in. He did a good job. Then the rest of the time was handed over to Pres and Sister Mecham and Pres Hales (2nd counselor of mission pres) They all talked. They did a good job. They mostly talked about how they can best help the church grow on Yap. He told them to give us people to teach and the only way the church can grow is with the member’s help. So we should be getting lots of referrals sometime soon. After that, they provided lunch and we had another session. Pretty much the same thing. After that, we went home. Then we went out a taught more. Everyone else went home.

Question 11: Have you watched conference yet?  Did you cancel church and watch it?

Answer: I have not watched it yet. We are watching it this Saturday and Sunday.


Thanks, I am very excited about teaching the chief. Him joining could change the way the whole island looks on "Mormons." I have a really hard time believing that I have been doing this for almost a year. It is crazy. I don't really want to be half done.  You are going to be published in the international conventions? I am not sure what that means, but that is really cool. Is this for your job? Tell me a little bit about what it means to be a co-experimenter. From my end it sounds pretty amazing. I miss you a lot too. I love it that you are always in the newspaper or being published for something. It is really awesome. You are doing great. I love you so much.


So you are still doing school work. That is good. I am really sorry about your whole head thing. I wish there was something I could do. I hope you get better soon. Love you man

To Everyone

Alright this last week has been pretty hard. We have had many lessons on us cancelled. We are going to keep trying though. As you know Pres and Sister Mecham came and are still here actually. In Zone Conference we talked a lot about opening your mouth. D&C 33 8-10.  There are so many places that talk about opening your mouth and it shall be filled. I am almost finished reading D&C. and most of it is people being called on missions, opening their mouths and the field is white ready to harvest. It is talking about here and now. All we need to do is OPEN OUR MOUTHS. We are doing that as full time missionaries, but something that I have learned here is that it is actually the members that are the missionaries and without them, the full time missionaries can't do anything. So my advice to you is to open your mouths, they will be filled, you may not know what to say at first, but the Lord has promised that He will tell you in the very hour what ye shall say.

We are still teaching the same people right now. Nothing too new.
Scriptures… this is really good. I got the scriptures you sent. I gave some of them away already. Two stories.

  • Ann* Felt*nag. She was so so excited. I couldn't believe it; I can't even express how she felt. The next day I saw her husband, he told me that she was so excited and that it meant so much to her.
  •  Second… S*m, he is going to serve a mission in a year or so. He was so excited about the scriptures. He asked how many times do I need to say thank you. It was great.

I think you guys will like this. I helped S*m and P*ter in the taro patch. It was really muddy and really fun.

We picked taro and cleaned around the taro patch. I will send home some pictures.

I love you guys.
You are the best in the world
Love Elder Meyer