Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Letter from Elder Meyer: Leaving YAP… last letter

[Note from Dad:  These pictures are some of my personal favorites gathered over the past two years.  He is now on a plane heading home.]

Hello Everyone

I know that my mission is coming to a close, it may not feel like it, but I know it is. I have spent the last two years among a people that have very little, but have everything at the same time. I have grown to love them so so much. These people, here, are my family. When I left on my mission, I was leaving my home in Chico, and going to a strange country. Well, the same is true now. It sure feels that way. I feel like I am packing up to leave my home here on Yap, and am going to a strange place. This island has forever changed me.

I love this gospel. I know that it is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. The Priesthood has been restored, with the true church of Christ. We have a prophet today. Jesus Christ is our Savior and he Lives. I love Him and I love our Father.

Alright… So you know about the baptisms, that was awesome. It was so great to have three baptisms on my last Saturday here. Really awesome.

Things are still going really great in our area. This area is on fire.

My goal for the end of my mission was to get these three baptized before I left, and have Yap be at half of our goal. We are not quite half way yet, but it could happen before the end of the month. My other goal was to leave my companion with plenty of people to be teaching. Well, that is the case right now. We are teaching so many people, it is great. That fulfills my other half of the same goal, that Elder Waimila's new comp, will be in the middle of a fast paced area. Well, the Saturday he gets here, he will have a baptism, so that is about as fast as it gets. So I am feeling good about that.

We have the best area on the island right now and it is all because of unity and hard work. And man it is paying off. On Saturday we will have another baptism. Her name is R*lin. She is the sister of one of the people baptized on the 14th. So that is good. They are the first in their family. So there are some good things happening there. Also, on the 28th there should be two baptisms so that is awesome. We could have a couple on the 5th and a couple on the 12th of July. So that is amazing.

Well, this is the last time that I am going to write to you on my mission. The last two years have gone by so fast. It is crazy


Question 1:  How much do you love the Lord now compared to 2 years ago?

Answer: An infinite more times!! He is almost an entire different person to me now. I have never felt so close to Him. I know that He is my Savior and my Redeemer. There is no doubt in my mind.

Question 2: How much to you love the Yapese people compared to 2 years ago?

Answer: Oh so much more. I loved them four years before I got here, but now the love is oh so real. These wonderful people here, they are my family. They are amazing. I have grown to love them so much. I see them as Christ sees them. They have taught me so much. I didn't know it was possible for me to love a strange new group of people this much.


I am glad that reed is doing good. I hope that he is going to be better soon. You know, I don't feel trunky at all. I don't really even feel like I am going back to the states soon. I have been so busy working, there has been no time to be trunky. It is awesome.

Question 3:  How many lessons this week?  How many with members present?   Answer:  We had 34 lessons, 23 of them were member present.

Question 4:   How were the baptisms?  How many were there?

Answer: The baptisms were amazing. Oh so amazing. It was awesome. There were 3 people baptized.
It was great. The service was great. I baptized and confirmed one of them. It was great to be able to do that. His name was D*llion. He is awesome. We had a fireside on Sunday, and one the people confirmed gave the closing prayer at the fireside. It was pretty cool to see.

Question 5:   Did you ever get your birthday box of chocolate?

Answer: I did. I have eaten so much of it. And given a lot away to the young men. They really like it.

Question 6:  Did you get the scriptures we sent about 10 days ago?  Answer: Not yet. I can get mail one more time before I go. I hope they will make it.

Question 7:  Share one thing you have learned about yourself while serving a mission.

Answer:  I have learned that I once I decide and put my mind to something, I am going to do it. If I want to do something, I can.   But I have also learned, I can't do it by myself. I have to have help. And anything is possible with the Lord.

I love you all. You are the best family every.

Elder Meyer.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Letter from Elder Meyer: What taste like “fishy beef (Q3)? Plane trouble. Can’t believe coming home, it hasn’t hit him yet.

Hello everyone


I am so glad that you love your calling. I was talking to the branch president on Yap before, and he said the same thing. That he loves to help the people, and is doing his best to do what the Lord wants him to do. Sounds like the missionary committee is getting bigger, that is really awesome.  Going to Israel later this summer sounds awesome. I think that would be really awesome. I would really enjoy doing that. Is it possible that we, or I, could stop on Yap, on the way back to the states!!??? Cause that would be pretty awesome as well. I think you guys picking me up in San Fran airport, rather than Chico, is fine.

Question 1:  What did you basically say during your testimony at the mission home?

Answer:  I guess I just shared what I know to be true. That Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. We have a prophet; you know the usual stuff, I guess. One thing I talked a lot about was how important it is to love the people you are serving. I have such a strong love for the people of Yap, and I know that that is sooo important when serving a mission, you just have to love the people that you are serving. 

Question 2: What are you hoping to get accomplished in the next 2 weeks before you come home?

Answer: I am hoping we baptize 4 people in my area before I go home. That is my plan. Also, to just strengthen the members here.

Question 3: Have you eaten any turtle?   Answer:  Yep. It is really really good. It is like a fishy beef taste, if that makes sense.

Question 4: Have you met anyone on the island that we might consider wealthy?    Answer: Yes, he is an American; he is in charge of local hotel. That is it though.

Question 5: Did you have a lesson that went especially good this week, could you describe it? 

Answer: I would say the lesson with D*llion. He is going to be baptized on Saturday. We taught the ten commandments. And the way he was talking about everything, was that he believed in God. The first time we met him, he did not believe, but now the way he talks, he just does.

Question 6: Of all the beautiful scenery, what have you seen that is the most beautiful?

Answer: I would say the ocean. Looking at the sun set on the ocean, with coconut trees, and a man house. Wow that is nice.


The picture was of me bearing my testimony because it was my last Zone leader council in Guam so everyone who is leaving soon gets to share their testimony. I have been on Guam since Wednesday morning and am so excited to go back. I can't wait. We leave tomorrow night around 11 pm.  Also, in case the next box arrives after I leave, I will ask the other missionaries to give the scriptures to them.

Question 7:  Do you know anyone who had gotten their patriarchal blessing? Which tribe are they from?

Answer: Everyone I know from Yap, that got their patriarchal blessing, is from the tribe of Manasseh. Elder Waimila just got his this week, and he is from Ephriam. 

Question 8: Describe a scene that brought a big smile to your face?

Answer: Just getting back together with everyone I was in the Mission Training Center with; 2 years ago. It was really fun to see them all again, and to be able to talk about our missions together. So that was awesome. Also Sister David was on Yap, and got sent to Guam, and we saw her. It was really fun. She was really excited to see us. I think she really misses Yap.

Question 9: What is something that happened this week that made your just really laugh this week?

Answer: Umm... We did a choir practice for the youth. They were all really really shy to sing, and didn't sing, so it was pretty much the missionaries singing. It was pretty funny.

Question 10: How many people were at church this week?  Answer: There  were around 70 people… it was pretty good. We had 6 investigators there too. It was awesome.

Letter to Everyone

Alright, honestly there is not a whole lot to say because I have been here on Guam for a week. But we were looking at 6 people to be baptized by the time that I leave, but the number dropped a little bit because some didn't go to church. But it is still good. We had 2 baptisms on Yap on Saturday and they were both confirmed, but I was not on the island to see them, so that was a little bit sad. It is okay though. All went well. I am excited to go back and to see them and to talk to them. I will have to get some pictures of them so I can have them with me. So that is two that could be baptized. Um… J*stin and Tr*cy are the ones that were baptized, I was so excited for them.  The other ones we are looking at are also really awesome

Here on Guam, on Saturday, there were 5 baptisms in the Barriguda ward. It was really cool, and a little tender mercy from the Lord. Of the five baptisms, there were 2 of them that were Yapese. It was crazy. There are very few Yapese on the island of Guam, and to have 2 baptized who came from Yap, at the same time we had 2 baptized on the actual island of Yap… this was just awesome to me. It helped me feel like everything is going to work out the way it needs to. The Lord is in this work, and he is in charge. We just need to be ready to listen and to do what he says, no matter what.

Following week’s letter:

Alright so we came back from Guam on Wednesday morning around 4:30am. It was not fun. We are on the plane, and I fall asleep, I wake up, and we are getting ready to land. I ask Elder Waimila if we are on Yap and he said no, we are on Guam again. I was like, “what?” I look out the window, and there are a ton of lights… way too many to be Yap, I ask what is wrong. He said something is wrong with the plane, so we all get off the plane and wait in the airport. I thought we would be stuck there for until Saturday. But it got fixed, and we made it back. When we got back, everything was really slow. Nobody was home, we could not find our investigators, being gone for an entire week was not good. It really hurt our area. But now that we are back things are going strong again. Saturday and Sunday were good days, we had lots of lessons, and things went well. We should have 4 baptisms before I leave Yap. So that is going to be really great. The APs flew in on Sunday morning, so that was good. They are here now. They are really good missionaries. We take them back to the airport tomorrow night. We have not had that much sleep this week. I am really excited about Yap and my area. It is going really really good.

D*llion is doing great. I told you about him earlier, he is awesome. I really love teaching him. He should be baptized on Saturday.

M*lisa  is ready for baptism as well. We are really excited for her too. She will be baptized on Saturday as well. She is so excited to be baptized. She wants to be baptized today, but we said Saturday would be better.

R*na - she is a girl that we have been teaching for a little while. She has come to church 3 times, and  really wants to be baptized. We have had a lot of good lessons with her just recently, and she said she wants to be baptized with M*lisa, so that is what we are going to do. So that is three.

Al*kita should be baptized on the 18th, my last day on the island. She is really good. She just didn't go to church enough times. We had to reschedule her baptism date. Elder Waimila said the 18th, I liked that because I would still be here. Normally the baptisms are on Saturday, but she wants to do it on Wednesday.

Well that is about what is going on here. I sure do love it here. I don't even feel like I am going home soon. It still feels forever away. It is going to hit me one day soon. Probably when I am on the plane, but as of now, I just don't feel like I am leaving Yap.

I love the people here so much. I love serving them. I love this gospel. 

I love you all so so much
You are the best family every

Elder Meyer

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Letter from Elder Meyer: It’s coming to a close. A basketball miracle (end of letter).

Saying "goodbye" to Yap Island

2 years on this tiny island... but big miracles were witnessed.

Hello everyone

This was a pretty good week. I am in Guam right now, we had a meeting yesterday. It was really good.


Don't worry about the short letters, you are doing amazing work, you just need to focus on that. I do want to get as much work done as I can before I go home. When you said that, man, it made me hurt a little inside. I know that I am going home soon, but I don't feel like I am leaving soon. It just doesn't seem right to leave Yap. I don't feel like it is going to happen soon. Then when you said that, it kind of made me realize I am leaving sooner. I want to have 23 people baptized on the island before I go. The goal is 45 for the year, so that is half.

Question 1: How often is the Holy Ghost noticeably present during your teaching times?

Answer: Honestly, almost every lesson. It is rare, but very noticeable when the spirit is not in a lesson.

Question 2: Have you learned anything during your mission that will make you a better dad, when that time comes about?

Answer: I would say patience. I have learned how to be more patient and also helping people make the right decisions; Allowing them to use their agency, but to help them use it in a helpful way. 

Question 3: If you had chosen not to go on a mission, what would you have missed?

Answer: I would have missed out on everything. I am a new person now. I see everything differently. My testimony would not be where it is today. It would be weak. 

Question 4: What have you been praying for lately?

Answer: I have been praying for a couple of people, specifically C*lvina, J*stin and Al*cia.  Also that our entire mission will reach 1,000 baptisms for the mission, and 45 in Yap for the year. 

Question 5: How many lessons and with member’s present? 

Answer: We had 31 lessons this week and 23 of them were member present lessons.

Question 6: How did your best lesson go this week and what made it so?

Answer: I would say our lesson with a new investigator. His name is D*llion. He has no background in God, so we are starting at the beginning, and it was just really awesome to testify something so simple that God exists. Most people here believe in God, but he is not sure. We had a really awesome lesson with him, and it he really felt the Spirit.

Question 7: What made you smile this past week?  Answer: Sunday, we had 6 investigators at church, it was awesome.

Question 8: Can you describe what makes missionary work so rewarding?

Answer: Seeing people change from doing bad things, and living a miserable life, to doing good things and see them filled with the light of Christ.


So there were 2,000 people at stake conference. That is so many people. I can't believe it. That is crazy. Sounds like prom was really fun. Could you also send another basketball, the one you sent is almost entirely destroyed. The kids here love basketball.  

Question 9:  Are you ever cold on Yap?

Answer: Yes I am. If there is an air conditioner on somewhere, I am cold. If it rains, I am cold. 

Question 10: Tell about a recent activity that took place.

Answer: Every Friday night, we have a sports night. So we had a lot of members and others there at the church playing basketball. It was really fun. I got to talk to some of the investigators that we had there, and it really helped. It helps them see that we are normal people not just people who share the gospel. We know how to have fun.

Question 11:  Describe a scene that you see often, that you think would surprise me.

Answer: Just the beauty of the sunrise or setting over the ocean. It is really nice. Way better in person than any camera can show. 

Question 12: Do you ever eat meals with members?

Answer: Sometimes. They don't invite us over like they do in the states. It is much different, but if they have food, they will give us some while we are there at their house. 

Question 13:  Who cooks - you or Elder Wamilia?

Answer: We both do. Neither of us is any good at it, but we just make stuff up and hope it comes out okay.

Question 14: Tell me something that happened this week that made you smile.

Answer: Teaching this mostly deaf guy. We were teaching about the prophet. How God always calls a prophet. I did the pen thing, and it didn't work because he wouldn't follow my hand he would go the opposite way when his eyes were open. Then Elder Waimila just says we have a prophet today he is going to speak on Sunday… okay let’s pray. And then we left. It was so funny. He didn't understand us very well, and Waimila just ended the lesson. 

Sharing final testimony in leadership meeting... before coming home.

Letter to Everyone

Alright, I can send picture because I am on Guam, but I am almost out of time, so I will go fast. This was a tough week teaching wise. We still did good, but it was a little bit harder. We should have a couple of baptism this month. So that is going to be awesome. I really hope that we can make it to 23 before I leave. We had a really awesome lesson after playing basketball. There were a bunch of boys at a basketball court, and I challenged them to a game of basketball if my team won… we get to have a lesson. So it was great. I got some of the young men to help us play. Well, we were behind 4 to 11  and then we won 28 to 30. The boys were really mad at first.  I thought it was going to be a terrible lesson, but by then end, it was great. They all felt the spirit and they were not so mad anymore. So that was good. We taught about the restoration and Prophets. They all really understood it. They all accepted a baptismal date, so that was really good. It was awesome. A member that was less active was playing as well. He was so not very happy when we started the lesson. The whole time I was praying for the spirit to be in the lesson, and that we would win the game. At the end of the lesson the less active kid came up to me and told me to go and see him and that he forgot everything inside the Book of Mormon, and that he wants to learn more. So that was really awesome. We are expecting to have a good week as soon as we get back to Yap. We will get there Wednesday morning around 4 am. We got to Guam Sunday around 7 so we didn't sleep all day Saturday until Sunday night, so it was a long Sunday yesterday, but it was great.

I love you all so so much.
You are the best family ever. I don't say it enough.

Love Elder Meyer

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Letter from Elder Meyer: Needs only one thing, more time on his mission. Unique Book of Mormon language discover (Q4).Letter from Elder Meyer: Needs only one thing, more time on his mission. Unique Book of Mormon language discover (Q4).Letter from Elder Meyer: Needs only one thing, more time on his mission. Unique Book of Mormon language discover (Q4).

Hello Everyone

This was an awesome week. We are doing really really good right now!!

- Our crab adventure.
We caught a ton of crabs and then brought them to members' house so they could have them.
It was fun.


I can't believe you. You put your trust in Google instead of Apple!!?? Haha. I can only imagine the look on your face and Brother Gagon's when he handed you that paper. It makes me laugh. Sounds like things are going well you being the new bishop. I am sure that you are really really busy. Don't worry, I know and can feel your love for me.  Have fun at dinner.

Dad, 58 is a ton of interviews, that is crazy. This week, we had 37 lessons, so you interviewed more people than I had a lesson with!!  That is crazy. I am sure at one point you and I were teaching at the same time, maybe even the same thing, or the same topic. Wouldn't that be pretty funny. Honestly I am doing really good, and don’t really need anything. I guess the only thing I need is more time on a mission. It is going really fast.

Question 1:  Share about the music you find yourself listening to throughout the week. Do you have a radio?

Answer: There is a radio in the car and we have the iPod and stuff. The music I listen to is all church music. I have a couple favorite songs no. One of them is called “Work”, I don't know who sings it, but it is a really awesome missionary song. The other is called “Right Now”, it is in the EFY songs.

Question 2: Is there anything on the island you would like to see that you haven't seen yet?

Answer: Besides more people baptized. But of actual places on the islands of Yap… I want to see the outer islands, but missionaries are not allowed there... Yet...

Question 3: Are there any more trips planned to the temple in the Philippians?

Answer: There should be one from each branch this year. They are looking for it to happen at the end of the year. We are trying to start a temple prep class now though.

Question 4: I believe you were re-reading the Book of Mormon in Yapese?  Have you picked up anything unique by studying in that language rather than English?

Answer: Yeah, I have. It is hard to explain though. Just when reading especially 1 Nephi. It is very easy to tell who is talking to who and how many people are involved. Like when Nephi is talking to Laman and Lemuel. Sometimes the sons of Ismael are there, and other times not.


I have not seen the new video. I really would like to. If I have time today, I will try and watch it, but the internet here is really slow. Sounds like you guys had a crazy adventure. I am glad that you guys all made it home safe and sound. I hope you guys still had a good trip.

Question 5:  What happened at church that was special for Easter?

Answer: Actually, nothing really. The first two speakers didn't say anything about Easter, then I was asked to be the concluding speaker, so I talked about Easter, and what it means, and why we celebrate it. The Strother's were excited that I talked about Easter because no one else did.

Question 6:  Are there ever special musical numbers in sacrament meeting?

Answer: No. Not really. No one really knows really how to sing here, so nothing ever really special. Sometimes the missionaries will sing a special number, and try and get a couple youth involved.

Question 7:  How many came to church yesterday?  What did you do at church?

Answer: There was about 60 people, I believe, which was pretty good because it rained really hard all day Saturday and didn't stop until Sunday, like around 3 or 4.

Question 8: How many lessons did you teach this week?  How many with members present?

Answer: Oh man this is a going to blow your socks off. You guys might want to sit down for this. We taught... 45 lessons and 34 of them were member present lesson. I know. Pretty awesome.

Question 9:  Name one unique thing that happened this week.

Answer: Ummm, I think the most unique thing that happened was the amount of lessons we taught this week. It was pretty awesome. We have a ton of member support. It is really great. It is really starting to accelerate the work here.

Question 10:  Tell about something that you have taught or spoken about in the last week.

Answer: Well, Pres Mecham is coming this weekend. And me and my comp have to prepare a training for the other missionaries when he is here (Zone Conference) We are going to train on how to improve your teaching skills. We have studied about teaching for understanding and asking question. Well, we have really started to be better at that in our teaching, and it has really helped. We are asking better questions, and it is really starting to open up our investigators to us. Then, the members that are with us help share their experience about things, and it is just working. We are hastening the work the way the Lord wants, and he is blessing us for it.

Question 11:  Tell about something you saw this week that make you laugh.

Answer: Two things were really funny. Elder Waimila was going to go and sit down at our house on one of the chairs. The chair is pretty old, and is not the most strong chair, but we still use it. When he went to sit down, BOOM the chair broke, and he was on the ground. It was really funny.!!

The other thing we had several members with us teaching, one of them is name T*rry. I don't know what was going on with her, but she was just really crazy that day. She is normally really quiet, but that day, she would not stop talking and laughing. It was funny.

Staheli: How are things going? I am doing great. My companion and I are really motivated about the work right now. Things are going great.

Reed: What up man? How are you doing? School is coming to a close. I bet you are going to enjoy summer. Things on Yap are rocking and rolling. There is nothing more fun than serving the Lord, I promise you that.

Letter to Everyone

Alright, what to share what to share. Things are really good here. We have so much support from the members. It is really awesome. We taught so many lessons, it is crazy. We had an investigator come to church on Sunday. It was great. It is the cousin of our last baptism named M*ckie. His name is J*stin. He is super cool. He should be baptized in May. We are look at the 17th. That is the plan. We have had 2 lessons with him, and he came to church, and is reading for the Book of Mormon. It is great. He is an awesome kid. I think he really enjoyed church to. He knows almost all of the young men/women. So that was good. He seemed to fit in pretty well. It was great. We are going to go back and see him on Tuesday. It is going to be great.

Somebody else we are teaching. The Mom is named L*ni and the son is N*than. She has another son named JP and he is baptized. No one else is though. So we are working with them. They didn't come to church, but we are going to keep talking to them. The son that is a member is a big help over there. We are going to work with him to get him to advance in the priesthood and maybe he will be able to baptize his mom and his brother. That would be super awesome. That would make me the most happy.

Well that is about it. We have a ton of investigators right now, and it is really good. I really think Yap is going to have a ton of baptisms in May. We are working really really hard right now, and we are going to see the fruit of it next month. The Aps, when they called, about fell out of their chair, when they saw how many lessons we had taught this week. They we stoked.

At zone conference all the missionaries that are going home before the next conference were invited to stand and share their testimony. I was the only one. I didn't feel like I was going home soon. I still don't.  I really love doing this work and I feel like I am just getting started. This really is the work of the Lord, and I love serving him.

I love you all so so much.
You are the best family in the world. I hope you guys know that. I really am so grateful that I was born into this family. I love and pray for you all.

Love Elder Meyer

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Letter from Elder Meyer: Question 6 is unique.

Hello Everyone,  I can't believe how fast March has gone by. It has been a very fast month for me.


Congrats on the new calling that is really exciting. Sounds like things are pretty crazy with the whole calling switch. I am sure that you are going to stay busy. To answer question, Yes, I am happy. I am very happy. Why, I guess because I am serving the Lord in the spot of the world that makes me the most happy. Nothing could be better. 

That is an awesome goal to have the focus to be missionary work. It is really the most important thing. Elder Strother has been a bishop several times, and we were talking one day about activities in the church, he said that the activities he planned were not for the active members, rather for the investigator, or returning less actives. That everything was centered around them. I really liked that. The active members don’t really need the activities.  I definitely like that as a missionary I receive revelation for my investigators. I think it is pretty clear, when you are doing all you can to help them, when you are studying for them, then it is clear on what they need.

Question 1:  Can you describe a time this past week when the Lord directed you in a specific way?

Answer: I think yesterday. After church, we went teaching. We had a couple of appointments. We had a couple of members with us. One was a recent convert. We were looking for somebody to teach, and he said that is where his uncle lives. He said he is a member. I was pumped, he didn't want to go. I felt like we needed to go see him though. So he sat in the car while the rest of us went to go see this family. We talked to the wife, she was really nice. She said that her visiting teachers came by earlier that week and visited with them. We had a nice visit, and we set a return appointment. It was great.

Question 2: Can you describe a time this past week when a member received an answer to his/her prayer?

Answer: Well, the members are pretty involved in our work here, right now.  Some of the young men have been trying to help us. They have been praying to help us get new investigators, and this week they did it. We have a lot of new people that we are teaching.

Question 3: Can you describe a time this past week when you used the Priesthood?

Answer: Umm, yesterday, I confirmed a person that was baptized on Saturday.

Question 4: Can you describe a time this past week when someone received a copy of the Book of Mormon?

Answer: We were teaching this outer island girl, and we talked about the Book of Mormon and she asked for a copy right away. We gave her one. I hope she will read.


That is all the packages that I sent home; the long tube. I am not sure if anyone will guess what is inside. I like what is in there.  Dad is going to be a great Bishop, I know it. Be safe as you drive Staheli.

Question 5: Name one interesting thing that happened at church.

Answer: We had a branch correlation meeting. It was good… good. It was strange to have one, but it was good. It was mostly about missionary work for us. That is what everything is about. And we are involved in it all.

Question 6: Did you get any packages this week?  (You should have gotten the backpack and the noodles that grandma made)

Answer: Umm not yet. I have not gotten the mail yet, today, I think that I should get it today.  A dead body flew in last week, so not very much mail made it to Yap.

Question 7: Tell about one time this week when you used an object lesson to teach a principle of the gospel.

Answer: This week I used the three 3 cups and 3 spoons thing to represent the three things we need to do to keep our faith strong. Church, pray, read. You have to organize the spoons on the cups and hold up the Book of Mormon (faith).  

Question 8:  Describe a time this week when you experienced something brand new.

Answer: I had a crab that was from the ocean this week. Most of the crab that people eat here is land crab, but this one came from the ocean. It chills out at the bottom. A member gave it to us. It was really good.

Question 9: Share something that you learned while studying this week.

Answer: I read the Book of Ether. Man o man. Pride is the destruction of everything. As I was reading, I can see how pride can ruin everything.  It made me nervous. I know that I am prideful in some things. I mean everyone is, but when a nation is prideful all together, it is the end of them.

Question 10: Do you eat coconut every day?

Answer: Almost every day. When we are walking around people will normally offer us a coconut. The members will almost always give us a coconut.

Question 11:  What is one food that you have grown to really like, that you can't get here?

Answer: Coconuts, taro, tapioca. All really good stuff. I don't think you can get them in the states, well… at least not fresh ones.

Question 12: How many people came to church - what did you do at church this week?

Answer: I blessed the sacrament, and taught primary. There was about 68 people there.

Staheli - Dad said that you were in Chico. I am sure that you guys had a lot of fun. I sure do love you.

Reed - Hey guess what, Dad is the one who gets to help you out on your missionary paper work, and stuff. That is pretty cool. You doing good?

Letter to Everyone

Alright, so this week was still pretty tough. The basketball tournament is still going on down here. So that makes it hard, but it was still a pretty good week. There were two baptisms this week. One was a child of record the other a convert. The convert is in the sister’s area, it was a really nice service. So that was good. The child of record was A*gustine's girl, V*nesha. She was really excited. A*gustine was pretty nervous about baptizing her. We went and talked to him. He said that he would baptize her, but was not sure about giving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. We talked with him some more, and he ended up doing it. He did a wonderful job. The blessing was very nice, and he did a good job. It took a little bit of convincing, but he did it. I was very happy. Sister Campbell said that it was really cool, to have the father baptize his daughter. I couldn't agree more. Seeing A*gustine do that made me really happy. Seeing that someone that I helped teach, stay active in the gospel, long enough to go to the temple, come back and then baptize and confirm his daughter. AWESOME!!

On Sunday, we had a fireside. We were in charge of it. It was really good. We sang two songs as missionaries. The Sisters, Strothers, me and Ramiterre, sang the song “As sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman combo. It was really good. Then all the missionaries sang a song called Oh Lord, My Redeemer. It was really awesome. The whole thing was about missionary work. We had a couple speakers. It was great. Then we had the youth act out some skits. We split them up into three groups. It was really funny. We gave them some random props, and gave them a topic. Like Open your Mouth, Be Bold, and Doubt not fear not. We had the missionaries guide the group and had them prepare a skit about their topic. They were all really funny. Everyone participated, even the really shy people. It was great. I recorded all of the skits, so you will see them someday.  I keep forgetting to send home a memory card. One of the 16 GB ones. I will try to do that this week. Anyways... It was a really good activity. I think everyone had a lot of fun, and everyone really enjoyed the skits. And the spirit was also there. So I think it was a successful activity.

We are still working with the same investigators. And*rson, this is the guy that has the seizures. He has a really strong love for the gospel. He is so good. I just hope he will come to church on Sunday. I really like teaching him. They are short and sweet lessons, but it is what he needs. He said that he knows this church is true. It was great. I really am excited for him. He will be good.

There was a baptism on Saturday. It was in the Gagil area. It is the District Presidents mother in law. It was a really good service. It was almost all done in Outer island language, so it was hard to understand, but I got the jist of it. We were 1 baptism short of our goal in March.  We were striving to get 5, but we ended up with 4. I hope that we are going to be able to get five this month.
In the meeting here, we totaled the number the mission thinks it can get. It came out to be 113 this month. So we thought that we would make the mission work really hard, and so we set the goal to be 120. It would be the most we have ever baptized in 1 month. We got 116 in August of last year. We are going to try to beat that. It would be really awesome if we could. The training was about getting our vision to match Heavenly Father’s vision. It was really good. We talked about how now, we are doing things that the mission thought was impossible a couple of years ago. So we have set some goals that the mission thinks is impossible, and we are going to get them again. Like the 1,000 baptism this year. It is a large goal, but we can do it. Everything is possible if we have the Lord’s help. 

This is last week I am with Elder Ramiterre. He is going home at the end of the week. We fly to Guam together for a meeting then I come back to Yap and he is going back to Philippines. He is going to be sealed in the temple with his family. It will be really great. He is really excited about that. When I come back to Yap from Guam, I will most likely have my new missionary companion with me. He could be from anywhere, and have served anywhere. I do not know.

After this transfer, I only have 2 more. Man time has gone by so fast. I can't belive two years is almost up. With Elder Ramiteree going home, it makes me think of when I will go home. As soon as I start to entertain that thought, I about start to cry. I cannot imagine leaving these people here. It is kind of like leaving for the MTC, except my whole life I was looking forward to going and serving, but this (coming home) I never thought of having to do. I can't imagine me not being here. Don't get mad about this, but this is my home.

Well, time is almost up. I just want to say thank you for all you guys do for me. I really really appreciate all the love and support you guys give me. I don't think I tell you enough for how grateful that you are my family.

Love Elder Meyer

P.S.  Can you order a couple more scriptures?  I just got the other ones you sent. They are going to love them.  These ones are for some of the young men that come teaching with us, that want to serve a mission.  The names are:   Magmay N and  James Ruwol.  You guys are the best