Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Well this week has been crazy!!!! I got my flight plan!!!
I am leaving on july 3rd.

Delta Air lines, Flight 909, LV:Salt Lake City, UT at 8:36 AM. AR: Los Angeles, CA.
Delta Air lines, Flight 283, LV: Los Angeles, CA at 1:00 PM. AR: Tokyo Narita, Japan at 4:25 PM July 4th.
Delta Air lines, Flight 96,  LV :Tokyo Narita, Japan at 6:55 PM.  AR: Guam, Guam at 11:40 PM on July 4th.

I have to leave the MTC at 5 in the morning. I am not so excited about that. It is weird because it will take almost a full day going out there. I guess that means my birthday will be on the 25th instead. Ha ha.
I hope that will let you track my flight, dad.

Thanks dad for the packages. I got the Greeny package, the brownies, the big box of candy, and the one with sparkling cider. I really aprieciated it.

Well when I got my travel plan I was very excited to go. It is getting much closer. I have learned so much on how to teach better. I love going to class and learn form Brother Austin and Sister Hoopes. They are great teachers. I can tell there is a big differnece from the way that I was teaching in the beginning to how I am teaching now. Last Wednesday, 16 new english speaking missionaries came in. That is a lot because there was only 8 my week, and only 5 this week. In Zone Teaching, it is my turn to to each instead of being taught. Because there were so many new missionaries, I have to teach by myself and teach two different lessons. It was so crazy at first. I do not like teaching by myself. It is so much better to teach with someone else. Anyways, I just committed both of them to be baptized. I only have one more lesson with them. I was pretty excited about that. It is hard to prepare two lessons by yourself. It is good practice for the mission field, though.

I got to go too the temple, for the last time for two years, today. I love to go too the temple even if I have the 6:30am session. It was great to just be in there one more time. I love the spirit that you can feel in the temple.

Yesterday, ten of the twelve apostles came to a devotional. It was crazy. There was Elder Perry, Elder Holland, Elder Ballard, Elder Nelson, Elder Scott, Elder Christofferson, Elder Anderson, Elder Bednar, Elder Cook, and Elder Oaks. It was absolutely amazing to have them all come in. I was so suprised that that many of the Apostles came to the devotional. Elder L. Tom Perry talked. It was interesting. It was mostly facts about how the church helps people. For example, LDS women live for five years longer than other women, and LDS men live ten years longer than other man. His whole talk was stats like that. I don't know why that is what he talked about, but maybe I will use some of them on my mission. It reconfermed my testimony of there being latter day prophets on the earth. It was great. On their way out of the devotional room Elder Scott waved to us and gave us a thumbs up and Elder Holland blew us a kiss. It was awesome. I loved it so much.

I love you all so very much. I miss you all too. I am getting very excited about leaving.
Did you all get my letters??? I hope so.

Oh mom, I was wondering if you could order a microfiber towel from for me. I would really apprieciate it. The one I have is too small. They have full size towels there though. That would be great. You might have to send it to Guam though. Because Monday is the last day I can pick up mail.


Elder John Meyer

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hey family, how are you doing? Sorry I am not emailing everyone. I don't want to risk putting everyones email address in and having it bounce back. Dad's was already in here so I am emailing him. It has a timer at the top, so I am trying to hurry. So dad, email this out to the fam.

Well the MTC is awesome. I have got a great companion. He is from Utah. There are 8 people in my district. 7 of them are going to Micronesia Guam and one of them is going to Fiji. I have two awesome teachers. Brother Austin and Sister Hoopes. They both served missions and do a great job teaching. The first day was crazy. I felt like I was running around the whole time. We just jumped into learning. There was no time to even unpack my stuff until later that night. Thursday we started learning, we had six hours of class. Three with each teacher. Then we started teaching them. They both took on a person from their mission. Brother Austin is Lucky and Sister Hoopes is Becca. They both have very different personalities. Lucky will not say anything and Becca is a Methodists and she gets right in your face. She called one of the Elders in my district a blasphemer the very first lesson. I was not called that, but I was called crazy on the second lesson we taught. It is a great experience because there will be people who are just like her. When we are teaching Lucky it is hard to tell where he is.

We also do Zone teaching. It is where I will take on the roll of an investigator and be taught. This week, new elders have come in so I will be teaching one of the new elders here pretty soon. It is really hard to pretend not to know and understand the gospel. I have grown up in it, so what I am being taught makes sense and I believe it. To say I don't believe it in zone teaching is weird.

One of the elders in my district is having problems with his passport so he probably will not be leaving with us. His name is Elder Cook. Mom, you have talked to his mom on Missionary mom website. The food here is pretty good. I am really enjoying all that I am being taught here. It is so important to teach by the spirit. We have had many devotionals and lessons on that. In a devotional on how to receive revelation, a member of the seventy said that anytime you underline something in the scriptures it is revelation. I really liked that because I underline things a lot.

I love it here at the MTC, but I am so excited to get out to the field and be teaching real people.

We had a lesson on Stress management. I really needed that because I stress out about teaching the investigators that  I have. Even though it is fake, I am treating it like it is real. I really enjoy teaching. It is extremely hard to do it, though. I want to share everything I know, but that is not what the investigator needs. I have to make sure I say it in a way that they understand.

Well, I am running out of time, but I love all of you so much. I hope everything is going well at home. I have got 2 weeks left in the MTC and my estimated departure date is July 3.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dear Family,

Just finished up my first day. It is absolutely amazing to finally be here. The spirit is so strong here. They already have us teaching real investigators. It was a great experience. One person had no background to christianity or any religion for that matter. I love it here and am learning so much. The new missionaries have a red dot on their name tag. So every one tells you welcome. In my district there are 7 of us going to Micronesia-Guam at the same time. There is 1 of us that is going to Fiji. My companion is Elder Walters. He is an awesome guy. He is from American Fork, in Utah.

I have two other roommates. Elder Despain and Elder Bowers. They seem like great guys too. I am so excited to be here and are ready to learn. I love you guys so much.

Elder Meyer