Sunday, March 31, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Quick trip to Guam, Flyers for Easter event,

Hello Everyone

Sounds like you guys had a crazy week. Pomegranates are gone!!?!?! Wow, I didn't think that would happen.

[Note from Dad: Found a picture of Elder Meyer going to Guam to pickup a new companion.  There are now 4 Elder on the Island of Yap.]
New trainers in the March transfer. Front: Elder Rainey, Elder Vance, Elder Meyer, Elder Allen, Elder Ashcraft. Middle: Elder Peck, Elder Gasu, Elder Huppe, Elder Fullmer, Sister Awes, Sister Piukala, Sister Vaigaly, Sister Masiasomua. Back: Elder Holt, Elder Richardson, Elder Cook, Elder Gardner.


I hope your arm will be okay. Did Reed tie your tie for you and flick you in the face like you did to him? Crooked rows dad?  I can't imagine you being happy with that. I bet if I was there they wouldn't be so crooked. ha-ha. That is really good that you guys are reading from Preach My Gospel, it is a very good book to study from.

Question #1: Have callings been issued yet to the new members?

Answer: There are only about two of them who have received callings. Some of them are losing interest.

Question #2: When you think back over the years as a family and we did church related things (scouts, home teaching, service, church history trip, temple visits, etc…) is there anything in particular that especially stands out as a great memory and something you are really glad we did, and why?

Answer: Our temple trip week is probably one of my favorite things, because I don't get to go too the temple at all. I also really loved the church history trip because when I share my testimony about the First Vision, I can say that I was there. It is a great addition to my testimony.

Question #3: What does it mean to you, personally, to have been “born in the covenant” as compared to being a convert

Answer:  It is just a great blessing I think. To have grown up in the church, to have it be a part of my life since I was born, is a blessing within itself.  I am just lucky to have had that spirit with me my whole life.


It is crazy that you guys tore out the pomegranates. All that hard work was just ripped out.  Tell Kashmir that her calling is awesome and that she is going to love the people there.

Question 4: Packages update?

Answer: Have not gotten mail today. But we got the one for the two other elders. They were very thankful.

Question 5: Explain church - how many people are there? Do all the members take turns talking and teaching?

Answer: In Colonia, there are around 40ish that are there. It works just the same as anywhere else, just a little bit slower. The members talk every week. And there is a Sunday school teacher who teaches every week. And we missionaries fill in the gaps when people need help.

Question 6: When does President Mecham come to Yap Island again?

Answer: He will come at the end of April for a district conference.

Question 7:  Tell me the funniest thing that happened this week?

Answer: On Saturday we split up. I went with Elder Garrett and Elder Tueller and Ramiterre were together. I stayed down in Colonia and the other two went to Thool. We spent the whole day passing out flyers for the district Easter party. Well, Elder Garrett is just a funny guy. I can't explain his personality. I was with him for like 6 or so hours. It was just a fun day. The other two Elders finished a little bit early and didn't come down to take some of the people we were passing flyers out to. It was just a crazy day..

Question 8: What is something you brought that you wish you had left home?

Answer: Maybe my rain jacket. I never use that thing.
[Note from Dad: In September, it rained around 17 inches in one month. The average rainfall for Seattle during the entire year is around 36 inches. Yap Island low temperature shown below…]

Question 9: What is something you wish you had brought, but you didn't?

Answer: Maybe a jacket. I get a little chilly sometimes.

[Note from Dad: What will he do when he returns to Rexburg, Idaho?   Jan/Dec averages a low of 13 degrees]

Question 10:  How is the language?

Answer: It is still hard. I am able to say a little bit more now, though. Some of the stuff is making more sense, but understanding people is still quite a challenge.


Hope you are doing well. Did you know about the whole pomegranate to almond change? Did you have to help did all those holes? I love you.


Sounds like you did a number on your motorcycle. I hope that it will be up and running soon. Sounds like you had a party. Was it fun?

To Everyone

Well nothing super new over here on Yap. Things are going a little bit slow. We found a new investigator. His name is T*no. He has never been taught before. I found him when I was passing out all those flyers with Elder Garrett. I am excited to go and teach him. I think that he is going to be great. Other people we are teaching. Alv*ra and M*cheal. They disappeared for a while. We just found them again. I still have high hopes for them.

Oh yeah, we got a new investigator and lost him in the same day. His name is R*chy. He was a great investigator. We had a wonderful lesson. S*m was there and it was just a great lesson. I really loved it. Well, as soon as we left he got in trouble. His whole family is Baptist and they were not happy that he was meeting with us. So we can't go back there anymore. He is only 14 years old, so we cannot teach him for a while. It is really too bad. I don't know why, but the Baptist people here dislike us. It is a little ridiculous.
That is about it.

I love you guys so so much. You are the best family in the whole world.

Love, Elder Meyer

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Tough week, Spending time Finding, Preparing SPAM for dinner

Hello Everyone

We got two Packages today. Thank you so so much. Elder Ramiterre and Elder Tueller were both very grateful. There was lots of wonderful snacks. We are all very grateful.

Dad - Sounds like church today was pretty good. You ordained Reed to a Priest, which is really cool. I ordained a boy here to a Teacher a month ago or so. I did get the email about the quads for the scriptures. I will compile a list of members here who I think will use the quads a lot. I will tell you next week. Thank you for doing this. I know that many of them will appreciate it.

Mom - Tell Travis congrats. I know that he will love his mission. Before you know it, Reed will be on a mission and I will be home.

Question 1: Of course I want a package update. Any packages since last week?
Answer: We got two. One for me and one for Ramiterre and Tueller. Thank you so so so much.

Question 2: Do you use scripture masteries when you teach?
Answer: Yes. I do. Tell all the seminary teachers that it is more important to know what the scriptures are about and where they are. Having them memorized is not really much needed. You always have your scriptures with you on a mission.

Question 3: Do you use object lessons when you teach? Do you need any teaching aids?
Answer: Yes we do pretty often. I have learned some good ones. They are hard to explain over an email though.

Question 4: What kinds of fruits have you tried?
Answer: Nothing new so far. Same old stuff.

Cutting SPAM with a machete

Question 5: Are you spending much time finding?
Answer: Yes we are. It is not working out so well. It is much more effective to work with members


Question 6: Tell about an experience where you felt the Spirit?
Answer: We were talking to a recent convert about living prophets today. Thomas S Monson. I got to share my testimony of it. You may not know this but when President Hinckley died. It kind of shook my faith. He was the only Prophet I really knew and then when I sustained President Monson as the prophet, I could just feel that it was right. It was a great to share that.

Question 7: Do you have any suggestions for someone preparing for a mission?
Answer: Of course.
a)      Read and know the Book of Mormon extremely well.
b)      Study from Preach My Gospel
c)       Well, this is once you are in the mission field but it is good. Gain the trust of the members. They are the ones that keep missionary work going.

Staheli - Hope things are going well. Hope school and work is still great.

Reed - Happy birthday man. That is so cool that you got to be ordained to the Office of a Priest. And you got a sweet guitar. That is really cool.  Hope things are going well.

To Everyone

This week has been alright, I guess. It has been a little hard. We have had a really hard time meeting with our investigators. It has been really tough. I have not been very happy that we have not been able to meet with them. At this point, I am not sure if they will be baptized this month or not. We have a lot of investigators and we still have a lot of things to teach them. We will see what happens. I have a hope that some of them will be baptized this week, but I don't think that all of them will be. On the bright side, we had a lot of time to see all of our recent converts. So that was good.

When you are not teaching new people on a mission you are not so happy. So it has been a little bit tough. We have high hopes for this week though. I am going to try even harder to make sure that we meet with them. Not too much is new. I think that is about it.

I love you guys so so much. You are the best family in the world.
Love, Elder Meyer

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Makes a nu'nuw

Hello Everyone,

This week has been alright. Nothing new here, really. Elder Richardson is back because he is an AP and he is visiting all of the people to say one last goodbye.

Elder Meyer making a new'new (nu'nuw)
it is a lei

Dad - Sounds like the branch up in India is a little bit bigger than the branch in Thool. That is so cool that everyone there is so strong.

Question 1:  Do the new converts have the quad scriptures?  I wonder if it would be a nice gift if they had such and with their name engraved. 
Answer: Not very many people in the church here have quads.

Question 2:  What do you think will be most different about your future now, compared to prior to your mission?
Answer:  I don’t know yet. I have not thought about my future after my mission. Everything is about the here and now.

Question 3: Can you say now, for certain, that God really does exists?  If so, how do you know for sure?
Answer: Absolutely!! Well, life wouldn't make sense without a God. Everything on the earth proves that there is a living God.

Question 4: If you had a choice between us sending you more beef jerky or candy, what would you pick?
Answer: Beef Jerky. Candy is nice, but snacks are the best

Mom - I had no idea I had been out for 9 months. It sounds like you are keeping track for me. Do you want me to come home soon? We do a Family Home Evening in both branches every week.

Question 5: What was in the last package you received?  Did you get Elder Ramitere's shoes?
Answer: Yes, he is wearing them now. And a lot of gum, and the chicken. It is great.

Question 6: What is the most interesting bug you have seen?
Answer: Centipede. There was a huge one in my house. They are very poisonous. I killed it.

Question 7: Tell me about a time this week when you felt directed by the spirit.
Answer: We were sitting at a corner trying to decide where to go. We turned left for some reason. We found someone that we were teaching a long time ago. His parents got mad at us and we couldn’t teach him. I have been looking for him for a while, and I finally found him. It was great.

Question 8: Any new missionaries on Yap?
Answer: Nope

Question 9: Are there any big youth events planned?
Answer: Nope

Question 10: What do little kids do on the island?
Answer: Go to school, swimming, basketball or volleyball, or they make air pipes out of bamboo and shot things at each other. It is fun.

Staheli - How are you doing? Things are going great over here. Hope work is going well.
Reed - How is school going?

To Everyone

Let’s see not too much new here. We got a new investigator this week. Her name is Ed*ta. She is going to be really awesome. I think she will be baptized this month. We are also still teaching T*n*ngmayo. She is doing really good. This Sunday D*fan came to church. He has not come to church for a long long time. It was a really good Sunday.

Things are about the same. Sorry this week's letter is short, I have to go

Love you guys.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Visitors are on the island for the big YAP Day Celebration.

Hello Everyone,

Sorry internet isn't so good today, letter will be a little bit shorter.
This was a pretty good week. It was Yap Day. It is the biggest holiday on Yap. There were so many tourists and so many people. I had no idea that there was this many people on Yap. Anyways more on that later.

How Stone Money was brought to the Island of Yap

Click here to listen to A short NPR broadcast on Stone Money in Yap


Things must be going well in the spy business :-)   About your purchase of a new personal computer.  If I was home, I can guarantee that you would not have bought a PC. I should throw a machete at it.  And Windows 8 is a joke. You guys are falling apart without me :-)  You told me you would never buy a PC again. “Ga ba e tabaenbaen”. (you told a fib)… Love you  :-)
[Note: Elder Meyer is a huge Apple fan and not very excited about PCs.]

Question 1: Can you describe a typical day?
Answer:  I can. It is nothing special
·         6:30am to 7:00am exercise.
·         7:00am – 8:00am get ready for the day
·         8:00am - 9 :00am personal scripture study
·         9:00am – 10:00am companion scripture study
·         10:00am – 11:00am language study
·         11:00am – 12:00pm lunch
·         12:00pm – 5:00pm teach
·         5:00pm – 6:00pm dinner
·         6:00pm – 9:00pm teach
·         9:00pm - 10:30pm get ready for bed.
·         Repeat. Every day is the same.

Question 2: How many lessons did you teach this past week.
Answer: Around 25

Question 3: Did you like that booklet we put together with everyone’s pictures/testimony in it?
Answer: Yes that was really awesome. I loved reading everyone's testimonies.

Question 4: Have any of the new converts received callings in the branch yet?
Answer: Yes, M*rtha was called to work in the primary and Ann*e was called to work in the Young Women. That is the only two recent converts with a calling. There are a lot more who still need a calling.

Question 5: Have you learned something found in the Book of Mormon that you find memorable?
Answer: I am sure I have. Nothing comes to mind right now, but studding the book in a different language is really interesting. For example, the word “they” in English could mean 2 or 3 or 4 or more people. But in Yapese, there are different words for 1, 2 and 3 or more people. So, you always know how many people are included in the conversation. Also, things do not directly translate, so when you read it in Yapese it comes out a little bit different. You pick up on new things.


I loved when we are able to go too the temple together, that was so so fun. You are so lucky to be able to go now. That is cool that there are so many missionaries getting ready to leave. What are the chances of one of them coming to Yap?  ha ha. Love you.

Question 6: Did you get a package?  What was in it?
Answer: Not today, maybe on Wednesday

Question 7: Have you gotten Elder Ramitere's shoes?
Answer: Not yet. He is very excited for them

Question 8: Are there new missionaries in your mission?
Answer: Not yet. We are supposed to be getting around 11 at the end of this month. So hopefully soon.

Question 9: Is there still just the 3 of you on Yap?
Answer: Yes.

Question 10: Did you do anything interesting on prep-day?
Answer: Not really. We have done pretty much everything. I am looking for new place to go, but the island is only so big.

Question 11: Tell about church yesterday. Who talked?  Anything interesting happen?
Answer: It was fast and testimony meeting. So it was really good. The two sisters who are leaving for a mission soon bore their testimony during Sacrament meeting. M*rtha was given a calling yesterday. After Sacrament, I usually encourage about 15 people from leaving too early. That is what I do. I go and stand by the door and if people are ready to leave, I persuade them to stay for Sunday school.

Question 12: What are you thinking of bringing home as a remembrance of Yap?
Answer: I have got a lot of stuff that I am planning on bringing home. Lava lavas, grass skirt, wood carvings. license plates, Mini man-house, shirts, and anything else that I can think of.

Question 13: Tell me one time you have had your prayers answered lately.
Answer: I always pray for my recent converts that they will continue to come to church and that they will have strength to continue to endure to the end. And on Sunday there were so many of them here. It was really nice. I love to see them coming.

Question 14: Any baptisms?
Answer: Not this week. We should have a couple for the end of this month.


How you doing. I have a question for you. For yours and Kate’s lava lava. The main colors are green and purple and the other green and blue. I need 2 more colors for each that will be just small lines. Any ideas. Love ya


That is cool about the suit. I am not even sure what my suit looks like any more. I might come home in a different one. ha ha. Love you.

To Everyone

Dances performed for Yap Day.

Elder Meyer and a Yapese Gentleman

Little Yapese Girl dressed in native dance attire
Let’s see… We don't have any new investigators. We actually lost a couple. Their parents won’t let them be baptized. One, T*ning M*yo. She has come to church 3 weeks in a row. It is awesome. She will most likely be baptized this month. She has questions about the Book of Mormon, which is good and normal. So, it is going well with her. D*rlynn can't be baptized now. I am really sad about that. We are going to keep trying though.

Alright, Yap Day. So at Yap Day, there are competitions between villages like husking coconut and climbing betelnut trees and basket weaving and things like that. Then there was a lot of local dances. It was really awesome. I loved seeing them all. I find them all so so interesting. There were so many little girls who had learned the dances. It was so fun to see them dance. I took a lot of video. I am going to buy the Yap Day video too. I will send home my memory card soon.

Alright got to go.

Love you guys so so much
Love Elder Meyer