Sunday, June 23, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Lots of pictures. Chief's wife.

Hello Everyone. Hope you guys are all doing well.


So I got on this morning and it turns out that you didn't get my email last week. I am very sorry. about that. Well, Happy Father’s day. 

Question 1: Do the kind people on Yap celebrate Father's Day.  If so, any particular way?

Answer: Nope. Not really. The only person who said anything at church was Elder Garrett. No one else said anything about it.

Question 2: Do the youth on the island generally show respect to the older generations?

Answer: Yes, the younger people show respect to the older people.

Question 3: Do you think the scripture sets we sent are actually being read?

Answer: Yes. To the people that I see, they are being used. One guy particularly comes to mind. S*muel. He is preparing to go on a mission in a couple of years. He uses his set of scriptures a lot.

Question 4: When you become a dad, are there certain traditions or patterns that you want to make sure happens in your home?

Answer: Family Scripture study, family prayer, and trips to the temple regularly.


It sounds like Young Women’s camp was really fun. It normally is though, right? You got stung by a bee? You are allergic to them right? Are you okay?

Question 5: Is there such a thing as Young Women’s Camp or Boy Scouts on Yap?

Answer: There used to be. A white couple, or two, used to live on the island. They were members and got scouts rolling for the youth. So that is what I want to do when I come back. The scouts would go camping a couple times a month. There was a lot going on.

Question 6: Did you get grandma's rolls?

Answer: Yes, and they were amazing.

Question 7: Describe one interaction you had with a youth this week.

Answer: For the youth activity, we played volleyball. It was pretty fun. We got a couple of others people to come, so it was really good.

Question 8: How do you encourage the people you are teaching to read the Book of Mormon?

Answer: I tell them what it means to me and also read from the Book of Mormon with them and help them understand how it can help them.

Question 9: Are you still in Thool?

Answer: Yes. Transfers are this week. So it is up in the air where I will be soon. I could go down to Colonia or stay in Thool or even off the island, but I hope that doesn't happen.

Question 10: Where does the 3rd set of missionaries serve?

Answer: The Colonia area was split into two. So there is a set of walking missionaries that take in the city.

Question 11: Tell me one interesting thing that happened at church this week.

Answer: Well, the branch president didn't show up till 10:30, so church didn't start until then. Then someone who was supposed to talk didn't show, so I was asked to talk right before sacrament started. And the road to the church was flooded. It was pretty crazy.


Hope you are doing great. Was your name published yet?


How is driving going? What are your plans for summer?


To everyone

Let’s see, what to say. My mind is drawing a blank. Not a lot happened this week. We are still meeting with C*rding. We just need to have them actually get officially married. Then he can be baptized. He is doing really good. I really enjoy talking with him. It is hard though, because his English isn’t so great and he speaks Tagalog, not Yapese. So it is interesting.

We had a wonderful lesson with the chief's wife. She is very interested and really wants to be baptized. She is just not sure when it can happen. We taught the Plan of Salvation. I did it in Yapese. It is the hardest lesson to teach in Yapese. She understood it all. She is really interested. I really love teaching her. It is really great practice for my Yapese, as well. She strictly talks to me in Yapese. It is super cool. Most people will talk to me in English because I am American. It is hard to practice Yapese here.

We picked up a new investigator yesterday. I was not sure who we should see yesterday. So we went to a less active lady who we have been helping. She was not there, but her grandson was. He is a member. We talked with him for a while and we were getting ready to leave, then I just felt like I needed to talk to his grandma. The less active lady.. So he took us to where she was. There was another older lady with her. We started talking with them and now we are going to teach the other lady with the help of the less active lady. It is going to be great. I am very excited for it.

There was a local dance that I went to. It was pretty good. You will get the video someday. I knew, and have taught 3 of the people who were dancing. It was pretty fun to watch.

I think that is about it for this week. You guys are the best family in the world. (Gamed ea thabi' mangil tibinaw u dakean ea fayleng.) I love you guys so so much. (Guba adag ngomed)

Elder Meyer

Big fire on the island

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Island fire IQ2). Island Traditions (Q4). Dogs run (Q7).

Hello Everyone
Weaving leaves to create a new roof


That is interesting. I never really thought about all of Nephi’s vision being related to the Tree of Life. That is cool.
Question 1:  Are you studying any particular gospel topics at the moment? If so, what topic and why?

Answer: I mostly study for people. So, not really a specific topic, just a way to help them. I am always studying the lessons that we teach, too.

Question 2: About the fire in Maap, what actually was damaged or burned. Seems like jungle area wouldn't burn much?

Answer: That part of Yap was not so jungley. It was pretty much just grass and a short tree.

Question 3: Did you decide whether to work on that 2nd outer island language?

Answer: Well, I have put that on hold for now. I am going to get my Yapese language mastery and then get it. If my companion switches to Outer island language, then I will study it with him, but I will not make the full switch until I have the mastery for Yapese. The reason is because my Yapese is really starting to grow right now.

Question 4: Remember from the “Other side of Heaven” when Elder Groberg has to “relieve his waters” and they all escort him to the outhouse?  Have you experienced any funny exchanges with local traditions?

Answer: Well, when you get to the airport, there is a naked lady that puts a lei on you. That is really it. Something not so funny, is getting people to places in different villages. You have to get permission to go to some places, especially if you are related to them.

Question 5: Was there an occasion this past week when you were particularly directed by the Lord to do/say something?

Answer: Yes, with the chief and his wife. We have been unable to set an appointment. They are very busy. But this last time, I got her to commit. I was not going to ask, so I didn't sound so pushy, but I felt like I needed to.

Question 6: What opportunities do you get to provide service?

Answer: On Saturday, we went to the Thool branch and we cleaned out the volleyball court. It was covered with weeds and we took them all out. It is mostly sand now.

Question 7: Have you experienced any challenging run-ins with dogs or other animals?

Answer: Well, there are no other animals. Dogs are not too big of a deal here. There are a lot of them, but all you have to do is bend down and pick up a rock and they run. Dogs are kind of abused here.

Question 8: Did something happen this past month that put a huge smile on your face?

Answer: Yeah when I understood a whole conversation in Yapese. It always puts a smile on my face.


Have fun at girls camp. 18 girls is a lot to keep track of.

Question 9: Did you get the package with Grandma's rolls?

Answer: Nope

Question 10: It seems that you are always near the water (I know you are on an island) - how close can you get to the water? Or how deep can you do into the water?

Answer: I can get my feet wet. We are not supposed to go out very far.

Question 11: What advice would you share with a  young woman getting ready to go on a mission?

Answer: I would tell them to read the Book Of Mormon at least one more time before they go.

Question 12: What fun thing did you do on Prep-day today?

Answer: We have not done anything yet. We email and shop first. But I think we are planning to go up to Maap at the beach up there. If not that, maybe we will go to the tower again. I am not sure.

Question 13: Tell me a time this week when you or you witnessed someone having an a-ha moment.

Answer: When I was reading the Yapese Book Of Mormon, I found out that a big word is really just a couple small words together. Like Mo'oniyean. It means devil. Mo'on means first and iyean means away. Put it together and it is first away = SATAN.

Question 14: What is your favorite Yap Island food?

Answer: Coconut of course. Breadfruit and Bananas are really good here to.


Hope you are doing great. How is work?


Have fun at Encampment. Dont get in crash with your new car. ha ha


Hello Everyone

It has really started to rain here. It is beginning to be wet season. So, that is pretty good. It really needs to rain here. It was really dry here for a long time. The roads got really wet and my car got stuck. It was not too bad, we just called the other elders and they were able to punch us out. We all got pretty muddy. 

C*rding is all ready to be baptized, all we have to do is get him legally married to his wife now. But once that happens, he should be ready. So that is getting pretty exciting.

Sorry it is short, I am running low on time. I will send a couple of pics though.
You are the best family in the world. I love you guys so so much.

Elder Meyer

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Confirms that he has been injury free (Q7). Cars held together with rope (Q10). Rain, rain, rain, and more rain (Q11). Huge fire.

Hello Everyone,
Not a whole lot new here. Things are still going pretty well here.


Cutting down banana trees

Prep Day

Question 1:  How are things going with your missionary companion?

Answer: Things are great. We get along really great. Elder Hatch is kind of like a brother. So it is fun. Not quite as good as Reed, of course.

Question 2: My birthday is coming up this next Monday… I can’t think of a better gift from you than the one you are now giving; basically being worthy to serve the Lord and loving every minute of it.  So my question is… do you actually love every minute of it?

Answer: Of course. I really love being here. This really is where I am supposed to be. I love the people here and I love testifying of Christ. Words can't describe how much I love my mission here on Yap

Question 3: Today we talked about temples during Sunday school. When you talk to people about them, what do you typically teach/say?

Answer: They are a House of God. There is a special spirit that only exists in the temples. I will talk about sealing families together for eternity. And share a little bit about my experience that I had with the temples.

Question 4: When someone passes away, is there certain traditions on the island that are followed?

Answer: There are some traditions. The funerals last for about a week. Then they bury the body. If the body is outer island, they send the body to his home island.

Question 5: Have you learned anything really interesting this week during your scripture study?

Answer: Did I tell you that I learned that Christ didn't go to the spirit prison. He went to the spirit paradise and organized groups to go down there… D&C 138.

Question 6: Reed will have his own driver’s license this week, any suggestions or advice to share with him?

Answer: Don't get in the crash!! Just be safe and don't do dumb things no matter what your friends say to do.

Question 7: Have you ever gotten hurt or injured, and didn’t want to tell us until you get back home?

Answer: Well, I am not sure how to answer that. If I didn't want to tell you, why would I tell you now?? But honestly, I have not gotten hurt at all.

Yap District


You don't need a piece for veil. It is not big deal. I will just describe that to them. As far as I know, there is no word for that. As for the earthy man, you can put DOWEF. It means body. I love all the pictures by the way. I save them all on my hard drive. That is really cool about the temples. I have not heard about the temple recommends for the youth here. I hope word will get out here and they will start doing it. I will do my best to encourage it.

Question 8: Do you get church magazines on Yap?

Answer: Sometimes. Elder Tueller tries to bring them with him from Guam, but it doesn't always happen.

Question 9: Tell about one thing that made you laugh this week.

Answer: At the youth activity, all the elders showed up because we were going to have a small birthday party for me, but then no youth showed up, so we just at the cake. It was pretty funny. I blew up all the balloons.

Question 10: Describe driving on Yap.

Answer: It is very slow. A lot of cars here are being held together with rope and other random stuff. So they all drive slowly. Also, it is not the safest thing. People here don’t really understand the laws of driving. It is fine. I am just a defensive driver and stay alert.

Question 11: Are you in a rainy season or dry season?  Can you tell the difference?

Answer: Rainy season. Yes. It rains so so so so much more now compared to on mother's day.
[Note from Dad: It is supposed to rain over 55 inches during the next 3 months.   Seattle gets about 36 inches during the entire year.]


Hope all is well. Things here are still going well. Have you been published yet? Oh and how was the conference.


Have fun driving. Be safe. Mom sent a picture of your car. It looks pretty nice. Don't break it. ha ha


To Everyone

Let’s see. I forgot to tell you that we got a new car too. We got a Hundi Tuscon wagon. 2013. It is pretty nice. It is fun to drive. Let’s see what else… Oh yeah C*rding. The Filipino, is not actually legally married to anyone in the Philippines any more. I guess his second wife was just some form of a local marriage. So he is getting very close to being baptized. I am super excited for him. His comes to church every Sunday and is wearing a white shirt and tie. We are still teaching the chief and his family. Slowly. We try and have sit down lessons, but they are just super busy. It is more of just a stop by and quick lesson. The wife and the oldest son believe the Book of Mormon is true, and that Joseph was a prophet. So that is really really good. I am stoked about them. Someday it will all come together for them.

There was a huge fire up in Maap. It was crazy. The fire men were there. Both of the trucks. It was crazy. I had to drive through the smoke. I recorded a video. You will get it some time. It was a crazy fire. That is about it that is new here.

I love you guys so so much.
You are the best family anyone could ask for.
Love Elder Meyer

No idea what that food item is...