Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Letter from Elder Meyer: Do you still have to carry a leaf in your hand when walking around some villages (Q4)? Making Yapese easier to learn for future missionaries (Q11).

This week has been good. Nothing too much happened.  I have been trying to email for a couple of hours and it has not been working. I need to go fast, but i will try to answer all your questions…


Question 1: Can you describe your favorite lesson taught this past week?

Answer: Teaching about prophets to a little girl. She had no idea what a prophet was and what they do. She really understood.

Question 2: How many lessons taught this past week and how many with members' present?   Answer: I think it was 25 lessons and 9 with a member present.

Question 3: Have you learned any new doctrine lately, or deeper understanding of a certain doctrine?

Answer: I prepared a talk on baptism for church. I didn't really learn anything new about baptism, just deepened my testimony about it. It is so essential.  And it has to be done in the right authority. It seems so clear to me, I don't know how people get confused.

Question 4: Do you still have to carry a leaf in your hand when walking thru some of the villages?

Answer: Yep, it is part of the culture. It is fun, really. In some villages I don't have to. The low cast ones and the ones that I am "from"

Question 5: Have you observed any other traditions that you haven't shared with us yet?

Answer: Down south… one of the pronouns is a bad word and offensive. So I am not sure how to use it yet, but it is a little strange.

Question 6: How many of the converts, since you've been on the island, have church callings?  What are they doing?   Answer:  I think only like 2 or 3. They are in the young adults program.

Question 7: Have you witnesses any miracles over the past year that further confirms your testimony of Christ?

Answer:  Just the change on the island. It is an entirely different spirit here. It is amazing.


Question 8: What did you do on Valentine's Day?   Answer:  Teach people. That is what I do every day J

Question 9:  What made you smile this week?   Answer:  The sisters had a baptism, and the man asked me to baptism him. It was fun, he is a cool guy.

Question 10:  Tell about a lesson you taught that you felt the spirit very strong.

Answer:  Teaching a less active member, we found who is coming back to church.  Taught about going to the temple. She is so so so excited. The spirit was there and she loved it and wants to go.

Question 11:  Tell about one thing you did this week that you loved!

Answer: Finding a new member, that is super awesome. Her name is L*li. She is super great. She used to translate for the church. I am a Yapese language master now, and am trying to redo the packet to help missionaries learn Yapese easier.  She is helping me. It is awesome. It should be easier for missionaries in the future.

I am trying to think about what else is new. We got a couple of new people that we are teaching. We are looking for some members to help support them. Church was pretty good. I think we had 22 people there. Little by little, it will keep growing.

Well, sorry… I need to go. Time is up and it took a long time to get into the internet.

You guys are the best ever.

Love elder Meyer

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