Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter from Elder Meyer: Transfers, Not much time, Flat tire


Transfer calls were this week. I got transferred down into the other area on Yap. It is Colonia. So far it has been great. I really loved my last area and I am sure that I will feel the same about this area.

I spent the last 30 minutes trying to log on so I will answer the questions that I can.  –not much time--

Dad’s questions
Question #1:    Is there anything you would like for Christmas?

Answer: I don't know

Question #2: We just held Stake Conference, does that happen in Yap?

Answer: I don't think we do. It would be up to the District President though. It is also really hard to get people from Thool –upper part of island-- all the way to Colonia –15 miles away-- for a district conference. 

Question #3: Could you describe what the moms are like on Yap? Do they share equally with husbands about household matters; family, etc… does the Relief Society provide service to the village?  Just overall curious about the sisters on the island and what difference and similarities they may have from the states.

Answer: They are great. The wife normally stays home with the kids, but not always. It all depends on the family. Just like the states. As for Relief Society, in Thool, they clean the church. In Colonia, I am not sure. I have only gone to church once here.

Question #4: What service projects have you been able to provide?

Answer: I have helped put on local roof (coconut leaves) on a building. 

Question #5:  Curious about how many people you might speak with during a typical day… 3 people, 20 people?  Are your conversations almost exclusively about Book of Mormon, Bible, church, or other things, if so what?

Answer: It depends on if they are there or not. If we are finding, or not. We normally try to see around 6-7 people a day. Sometimes they are not there. Normally we always talk about the gospel. I mean, it is our job, so… 

Question #6: When you reflect over this past week, what memory puts the biggest smile on your face?

Answer: Seeing how much we have helped the boys love church.

Question #7: When you reflect over this past week, what memory do you thank Heavenly Father for?

Answer: That I know about his gospel and that I get to teach it to people

Question #8:  When you reflect over this past week, is there something specific that you are praying for?

Answer: J_r_m coming to church. He still didn't come though.

MOM’s questions

Question #9: Tell me about the different people you are teaching.  What do you teach them about?

Answer: Well I am teaching a whole new group of people now. I have not met them all yet. Ann__, an investigator, has been taught all of the lessons. She is reading from the Book Of Mormon, too. Now we just keep reviewing and trying to strengthen her. All the lessons we teach are from Preach My Gospel.

Question #10: How is the youth program?  Are you doing weekday activities with the youth?

Answer: I am no longer in-charge of the youth activity since I transferred. Last week it was going good though. The Garrets run the Youth activity here in Colonia.

Question #11: What happens next week?  We have General Conference - do you watch General Conference or have regular church?

Answer: We have regular church. We get conference in about 3 weeks.

Question #12: Tell me one new thing you tried eating?

Answer: I can't think of anything new. I have pretty much had everything in season right now.

Question #13: Did you send the voice or picture memory card?  We haven't received either one - it would be awesome to have some more pictures and hear your voice again.

Answer:  I think I will send it home today. I have a lava lava, and some other stuff that I will send home to.
Question #14: What would you like for Christmas? Do they celebrate Christmas there?

Answer: I don't know what I want. They celebrate Christmas, just in a different way, I heard. It is just a party from what I heard. Just like all the other holidays are parties.

Question #15: Did you get the packages we sent with bed bug stuff and spaghetti sauce?

Answer: Yes, thank you very much. I have not had any more bug bed bites

Question #16: What does Sister Garrett cook for you on Thursday?

Answer: Yep, she does. She is a pretty good cook to. It is the closest thing we get to a home cooked meal.

Question #17: Just to get a sense of the price of things there, how much did your scripture covers cost? They are very cool!!  Do they stay on while you read, or do you take them out of the cover?

Answer: I had them made by a lady in my branch. The bible cost $10 and the Book of Mormon cost $5. The scriptures slide out of the cases.

Staheli- That stinks about your mail. I just sent another letter a while ago. I hope you get it. Thanks for the email. I am doing great.

Reed- that stinks about your head man. I sure hope that you are doing better.

Out of Time…

Well, I am almost out of time and I need to go pretty soon. I don't have my cord for my camera but I should be able to send home a package today. I am serving with Elder Richardson and Elder Nelson now. They are great Elders. I am really loving it. I have met a couple of the investigators down here. I am very excited to meet more of them and help them out.

We got a flat tire, and so we changed the tire on the car in the rain and dark. It was good though. Someone saw us and helped us out. The other Elders had the back windshield broken by someone. It stinks, but the police and the chief of the village are going to look into it. I think it was some drunk guy, but we are all okay and doing well.

I love you all so much.

Elder Meyer

PS sorry it is so short today but out of time. Love ya.

Basketball hoop.
Source: Senior Missionary Couple on the Island


  1. I love this blog --- you do such a great job Sister Meyer. This will always be a treasure for him. We have his companion Elder Walters from the MTC over here on our Island State in Chuuk. Keep the post coming. Just in case you didn't know, you can now have blogs printed into books. Sister Tiffany

    1. Thank you, Sister Tiffany. It has been really a joy to keep up this blog. We also enjoy reading your happenings in Chuuk. Thx for your service. Bro Meyer

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