Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Letter from Elder Meyer: Another unique local tradition, Just got General Conference, Lot’s of success, Teaching deaf person

Hey Everyone  
Sounds like you are all having a party and you didn't invite me. That is kind of rude. ha ha… I am just kidding. It sounds like you are all having fun. I was about to ask if you went boating, then I remembered that it is November and probably cold there, so I answered myself. It is the same weather here all the time so I forget what month it is sometimes.

Dad questions

Question #1: Do you have any messages for a Junior/Senior high school student preparing for his/her mission?
Answer: Read and know Preach My Gospel. It is the best thing you can do for preparing. Also go on splits with the missionaries. Finally, I know it is a pain, but memorize scripture masteries. Mostly to know where they are found and what they talk about. Not necessarily word for word.

Question #2: Do you wish you learned to play the piano?
Answer: I guess it would be cool if I knew more about how to play. All the hymns are programmed in the keyboard so it is not necessary.

Question #3: When you are lying down to sleep, and it is perfectly still and quiet, what thoughts cross your mind?
Answer: I think about all of you guys for a while. Most of the time, my thoughts are about what I can do for my investigators and recent converts.

Question #4:  Any other local traditions that you found interesting?
Answer: There is a Canoe Festival happening right now. They do it every year. All I have seen are races of canoes.  
Also interesting, is in the outer island culture. If you are a girl and you are around a male cousin, you cannot walk unless the male is standing. And if he walks by, the girl must sit down.
Fire Dancing at party

Question #5: How is your teaching visits going? 37 of them in one week is huge!!!!
Answer: Pretty good. Last week was a huge amount of lessons. It was great. This week is a bit less. Canoe Festival kind of messed up the last couple of days.


Thank you so much for the sunburn advice. My sunburn is pretty much gone. I really appreciate it.


Hey, sounds like you are doing great. When I first read what you said I thought there was 123,456,789 people at our house. I was a little surprised, and then I figured it out. Hey, I was wondering if you wanted a lava lava? If so, what colors would you like? You can see if Kate wants one too.

Reed man

Dad said you were doing a little bit better. That is good. I just haven't bought a machete yet. I will get one for you for Christmas. So how is school? Are things going well?

To Everyone

Well things are going great here. We lost Elder Richardson –he was transferred, not really lost-- . So now it is me and Elder Nelson in Colonia and Elder Tueller and Elder Ramiterre in Thol.
We finally watched general conference down here. It was really really good.
I was very excited that C*rm*n,   who is A*g*st*ne's wife made it. She has always not been sure about a prophet on the earth and felt it was unbelievable.  Now, after hearing him speak, it is unbelievable in a good way. She should be baptized on the 24th of this month along with her oldest daughter M*rr*sha. I am hoping that A*g*st*ne will be the one to baptize them. It should be pretty good.

Augistine and Family

We are planning on 7 baptisms for this month on Yap. It is going to be fantastic.
We are teaching a little girl named S*nty. She is very smart. We just taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It ended up being and hour and a half lesson, which is a long lesson, even if you are old. It was really quite good.
I forgot to tell you guys, but we are teaching a deaf guy!!!!!!!!!!!! It is really hard. I taught the restoration the first time. I think he understood and is being baptized on the 24th. The only words that I could understand, when he talks, is “got that”. The language is hard, but it is coming along.
Remember while I was in the other area, J*r*m and V*r*nica? Well, they are in our area now. They are going to be baptized this month too. I think that they are actually going to make it this time. Which would be really good. They have been taught for a long time and it never works out. Yeah!!
R*nny, who is A*g*st*ne's friend, still won’t take a baptism date, but we are meeting with him today. I hope that that will change. He is doing really quite well. He is progressing. A*g*st*ne is still the man. I am so proud of that guy. Ann*e, she doing great, we are still trying to meet with her husband. He is kind of shy.

Well that is about all that is new here.  Love you all so so much
Johnny Meyer

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