Monday, November 26, 2012

Letter from Elder Meyer: Incredible week of baptisms, No addresses, Church help pays, Eating Taro.

Hello Everyone

This was an amazing week. Five people on Yap were baptized; Four of them in my area. The last package I got was the thanksgiving one.

Questions from Dad:

Question #1: Do the homes in Colonia have actually addresses and street names?

Answer:  No. There are no streets or addresses any where on Yap. Your address is the village and municipality.

Question #2: Does your apartment have a street or address? If so, we might be able to find it on Google Earth from Satellite.

Answer: It doesn’t. It is called Hill Top apartments. That might work.

Question #3: Is Beatle-nut addictive, or just used by choice?

Answer: It turns out the nut itself is in the top five most addictive things in the world. Then you add tobacco, lime, whiskey, it just gets worse.

Question #4: For the 17-18 people that had the opportunity to go too the temple for the 1st time last week how did that work? I understood that the cost to go is quite high? Did a number of people just save up?

Answer: The church will pay for the trip to the temple if you are doing a new ordinance for the first time. So the people contributed what they had, and the church paid for the rest. So, basically, the church paid for everyone to go to the temple. It just goes to show how important the temple ordnances are.

Question #5: Can you share an experience when you might have been a bit scared about something?

Answer: Well, I gave someone the gift of the holy ghost for the first time on Sunday. I was a little scared about that. But once I started, words of what to say just started coming.

Question #6: Can you share an experience when you felt the pure love of Christ towards someone?

Answer: This new guy that we started teaching. His name is D*fan. He has been taught in the past. He came to church. We found out where he lived and went to go see him. As always he was chewing. We talked to him and I really just loved him. I could see him in white ready to be baptized. It was amazing. He is going to be awesome.

Question #7:  Can you share an experience when you discovered something interesting in your personal study?

Answer: I can’t think of anything right now, but there is so much that I am learning from “Jesus the Christ”. I don’t know if you have read it, but it is good. I have heard that it talks a lot about the parables that Christ shares. It might help you in seminary. I also have had a lot of conversations about Priesthood. Christ as always shows the best example. He went all the way to John to be baptized. That is like 70 miles. I have also learned John got the priesthood when he was eight days old and angel came and gave
it to him.

Questions from Mom:

Question #8: Tell me more about the people who went to the temple. How many people on Yap are endowed now? –

Answer: They are mostly from Thool Branch. 18 people just went from this last trip. There were only a couple of kids who went to be sealed. As for the number of people endowed. Not sure, probably around 25 people who are now endowed on Yap. It is amazing. The people came back and they all said that they loved it. They want to go back, but this time stay for a month.

Question #9:  How about baptisms - were there any more?

Answer: Yes, 5 more!!!!!!! I baptized Veronica. It was great.

Question #10: Tell me an experience about someone you are teaching feeling the spirit or gaining a testimony.

Answer: C*rmen (A*g*stine 's wife) She asked us about 7th day worship. We could tell that she was worried about it. We talked a little while about it. She the Spirit was there and He touched her heart. Then worshiping on Sunday was no big deal. That was amazing because she was raised SDA. It was awesome.

Question #11: Who is your companion now? Tell me about him.... where is he
from? How long has he been out?

Answer: Elder Nelson still. He is great he is from Washington. He has been out 22 months. He goes home the end of January. He is a great missionary. He is kind of short. He really likes superman.

Question #12: Tell me about a time when you felt the spirit this week.

Answer: Look at dad’s

Question #12: Tell me anything new.

Answer: Ate some strange Taro plant. That is about it.


Staheli: I sent an envelope home with all the letters I sent to you. It is going to Chico. So mom and dad can give it to you next time they see you.

Reed:   Wow dude. You are going to drive soon. That is awesome. Even more awesome, you are feeling so much better. Our prayers are answered. That is so cool that you are better. Now that you are driving remember not to crash. ha-ha just joking.

Grandma:   I love all of your letters. I just sent one back to you. I am really sorry that it took so long to write back. I love you.

Grandma and Grandpa Meyer: Dad said that you sent a letter. Unfortunately it has not made it here. When I do get it, I will make sure I write you back. I thought that I would just say that I love you guys and have been thinking of you.

To Everyone

Wow this week was great. Four people baptized. C*rmen and M*rr*sha, J*r*me and V*r*nica. And a boy named C*dric for Thool Area.

I was lucky enough to baptized V*r*nica. It was a really nice baptism. The next Sunday, J*m gave the Gift of the Holy Ghost to J*r*me and V*r*nica. He did it in Outer Island so they could understand all that was being said. It was great.

I was lucky to give the Holy Ghost to M*rr*sha. It was a great experience. The best thing about the baptism is that A*g*stine baptized C*rmen and M*rr*sha. It was great. People here don’t like to exercise the Priesthood that often. It took a little convincing on my part, but he did it. It was so amazing to see him exercise the priesthood that he just got. I am so proud of A*g*stine. Baptizing was the first ordinance that he has preformed. Wow, that is awesome. And it was for his wife and daughter.

Well I got to go. I love you all so much.

Elder Meyer

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