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Letter from Elder Meyer: Tender mercy = Transferred, not (Q7). What’s unique about Yap Island (Q10).

Pretending to sleep in a Yap Island Man House

Roof of a Man House


That is one of my favorite lines from my Patriarchal Blessing. [Dad’s comment: A line in his patriarchal blessing, which was received when Johnny was 12 years old, reads, “You will enjoy travel and will be inspired by cultures, languages and societies.”]  Yes, time is moving very fast here on Yap. It is moving way too fast for me. That is really cool that Brain and Lindsey are so close now. That is great. I can't wait to go home and go to the temple again. That is cool about the changes. 

Question 1:  When is the last time you got a specific answer to one of your prayers?

Answer: Not too long ago. I was talking with my companion about one of our investigators and we wanted to read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon with them. As always, we ask for guidance to help the investigators, and we opened our Book of Mormon’s and found a good section to read with him. 

Question 2: Will you ever be able to teach someone in one of the outer islands?  If not, how come that doesn’t happen?

Answer: As of right now, we can't go out there. There are not any plans to go out there right now, unfortunately. The reason being,., is there is not enough communication from the outer islands to Yap and Guam. No internet, and no phones. Once those are there, we could be out there very soon. Also, there are only 2,000 people in all of the outer islands. Ulithi only has 700 people and it is one of the biggest islands

Question 3: Did you have a favorite moment from this past week while you were out “finding”?

Answer: Yeah. We were teaching a lady and she was not interested, but you are finding, so you can't expect a lot. Anyways... I was trying to offer her a Book of Mormon, and she didn’t accept it. She said that she did not have time to read. I said, you may have some time in the month to read just a little bit. She said that she didn’t. I asked her if we could help with something so she would have time. She said no. It was all really funny, because people here have nothing but time. 

Question 4: Do you have a formal exercise program that you do each morning? 

Answer: There are a couple floating around the mission, like insanity or P90X, I do those sometimes. Sometimes I just do my one thing. 

Question 5: Do you have a favorite section in Preach My Gospel?  If so, which one and why?

Answer: Probably Chapter 4. I like it because it talks a lot about the Spirit and the role of the Spirit as we teach. Also Chapter 5 is really good. It talks about the Book of Mormon.


Yeah, Poison Tree is really just an islander thing. I don't think it is in places that are not jungly. I knew that you would get the job at Butte College. I had no doubt. Your masters will come just like the job. You are great. I think that is really great that you guys are doing the Book of Mormon challenge. 

Question 6: It seems like the kids are very fond of you. Can you tell me about your interactions with the kids?

Answer: Ummm… they just like to come and play. They just like being with me. I am not sure what to say. I really like the little kids. It provides a good way to visit with the parents. If they are a little bit older we will play with them, for a little while, and then work in the gospel. 

Question 7: Tell me about a tender mercy from this week.

Answer: Ummm… I didn't get transferred off of Yap. Transfer calls come in Wednesday and I wasn't told to leave, so that was great. I really do consider that a tender mercy from the Lord. I really love serving the people of Yap. Nothing makes me happier. Every transfer I just pray that I will stay on Yap.

Question 8: How are your allergies?

Answer: Doing well. The medicine you sent works great. I will only have them for another month or so and then they will be gone again.

Question 9: It seems like the attendance in Thool is pretty up and down. Why do you think that is?  Are there any trends?

Answer:  I am not sure why it does change so much. I have tried to figure out a trend, but I can't. One week, everyone decides not to come, the next they all come.

Question 10: What do you think that we would find the most unique about Yap?

Answer: I am not sure. It is a pretty unique island. There is the largest currency in the world (stone money), people don't wear shirts, the language(yapese), the other language (outer island), the casts system, the rule of the chiefs, the way land is kept by people, I have been told that the scuba diving is the best in the world.  This is just an amazing island.

Question 11: Have you read the entire Book of Mormon since you have been gone?

Answer: Yes, several times. I have read most of the Yapese Book of Mormon too. We started as a Zone to finish in October, so I started over in reading that. That is where I spend extra time. 

Staheli - How are things going with work? I hope all is going well. I love and miss you. 

Reed - Mom said that you finished the Book of Mormon. Congrats man. That is good. Have fun with school. I know how much you love it. You can't complain too much, at least you are getting a good education, unlike people here. Good luck on the basketball team try outs. 

To Everyone

Well, transfers came and I got a new companion. His name is Elder Waimila. He is from Fiji. He is a really good Elder. I’m excited to serve with him. Although I got a new companion, I am still in the same Area. After this transfer I will have spent 9 months up in Thool.  (Note from Dad, there are two areas on Yap, Thool is the northern and more remote part of the mission) That is a pretty long time. It is good though. I love the people in Thool.
Church was good. We had 22 people there. I was very excited about it. I taught the Youth Sunday school class. We had an investigator there and so I taught one of the lessons he needed. It was great to have an investigator there again.

We watched the General missionary broadcasts. I missed most of it because I was teaching the youth, but from what I saw, it was great. I think it will really help the members to do more. That is what it was about. Because, as was said in the film, it is really the members that do missionary work. And that the members should be helping the missionaries so much that we don't have time to go finding. Wouldn't that be nice. But that is okay. As long as someone took just a little bit, and is now willing to be a little bit more bold, It will be great.

That is something that I have learned while I have been serving here. Members are what makes missionary work happen. I didn't understand my opportunity as a member back home, but now I understand. Members have such an important role.

Things are still going well with our investigators. Chr*s and D*rlene are back on our radar. They were off for a while because they were always "busy", but I think things are starting to look up again. We got a new investigator, his name is J*hnny. He is a friend of S*m. He is great. He came to church. I am so excited to teach him. He has a baptism date for the 24th of this month. It so happens to be the same date as the Youth Camp that we are having. It could be really really great. I am so excited about it. The youth camp will be like the one last year. It should be really fun. As always, the missionaries are helping move things along to make it happen. But it is good. 

Well that is about it. I love you guys so so much. You are amazing and wonderful. You are the best family every. 
I love you all so so much

Elder Meyer

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