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Letter from Elder Meyer: New Video. Super informative letter. Standards (Q1). Outer island language (Q3). Brain kicking out English (Q4).

Hello Everyone.

[ Note: Here is a video showing 2 of Elder Meyer's friends racing up a tree to harvest coconuts. We're going to need to plant some here in Chico...  --Dad ]


I am glad that you have enjoyed conference. I am glad work is going so well; that is really good. I still don't fully understand what you are doing. I know you keep telling me, but i have just got so much stuff going in my brain, it is hard to keep it all straight.

Question 1:  General Conference speakers talked about how important it is to stay committed to supporting moral standards in our community. Even if the world is trending another way.  Do you find it difficult, or rather easy for Yapese members of the Church to live God’s standards… or are they looked down upon or prejudiced against because of such standards?

Answer: Some of them are harder and some are easier. Keeping the Sabbath day holy is more of an accepted standard because the Catholic Church has been here for so long. The dress standard is frowned upon here, and so is the Standard of keeping our body healthy and strong; namely because of betelnut.

Question 2: Have you ever taught someone about Jesus Christ that didn't know anything about Him?  If so, what are your key messages?

Answer:  I haven't taught someone that knows nothing about Christ, just someone who knows little. What I focus on is what He has done for us. His Atonement for us, and why he did it… and what He requires of us to do to partake fully of the Atonement.

Question 3: How are things progressing with that “other outer island” language?

Answer:  Well, it is very very hard. I have been told that this language is easy, but I am having a hard time with it. My brain is structured in Yapese, it doesn’t accept this new language. In fact, my brain is kicking out English a little bit. I find myself talking to myself in Yapese often. I am trying though. This 2nd new language is close to Chuuckese. . Chuuckese is the easiest language in the mission. I am going to keep trying, but I am having a hard time.

Question 4: If one of the Elders were to get hurt, say a broken bone… what exactly would happen and how would you go about getting care? Do you know if anything like that has happened before?

Answer: Well, he would go to the hospital here on Yap first. If they could not take care of it, he would fly to Guam on the next flight. He would stay there until it was all good, then come back. Elder Mafi, broke his ankle here. He left right before I got here. He went to Guam for a while and came back.

Question 5: We gain knowledge a bit at a time… is there something you've learned recently that you are grateful to have learned?

Answer: I have studied a little bit about adversity, and burdens that we are given. There is a lady in the branch having a hard time with this. We are going to talk to her tonight. What I have learned is that God gives us challenges in our life for a couple of reasons, one to "test" our faith. To see if we are truly committed to Him, or not. Second, to help us learn. The challenges we are given teach us something. We may not understand what we are learning until it is over, but we learn something from every problem. And as always to help us increase or faith in Him.

Question 6: Do you know of anyone on the island that may be considered very wealthy?

Answer: No one here would be considered wealthy by the standards in the states. By the standards here, yes people are wealthier than others. The guy who owns the church’s’ property is wealthy.

Elder Meyer and a bunch of stone money, and a community house in the back ground.

Question 7: Besides growing local food and fishing, what jobs do the members of the Church have?

Answer: One works on the Education board, several members teach school, some fix computers like Aug*stine, some work at the stores here.

Question 8: Dance is such a predominant part of the Yapese culture, have you learned anything about what the dances generally mean? Could you teach someone from the states how to do a Yapese dance?

Answer: I understand so little about the dances and what they mean. I have seen many of dances; I know what some of them mean. Each dance is very unique. They all tell stories about the culture here and the legends here. The problem is, the words in the dances are so old, that the most people on the island do not understand them. Very few people actually know what is going on in the dances.

Question 9: When you look back over this prior week, was there anything that happened that put a huge smile on your face?

Answer: M*ldon getting the priesthood. It was great.

Question 10:  How many lessons did you get to teach this past week, and how many with members present?

Answer: This was a tough week. We had 20 lessons and 6 with a member present.  Elder Garrett wants me to thank you for making me accountable to you for what I am teaching here.


Those are great quotes for the 1st presidency; I really love them, thank you. I told Elder Ramiterre about the scriptures, he is so excited.

Question 11:   Please tell me about the people that you are currently teaching.

Answer:  J*ven is a young boy that we just found. He is really interested, but he is not sure how his parents will react. He said that he really wants to learn more. We taught him the restoration, and he seemed to like it. He gave us the name of one of his friends to go and teach, so he liked most of what we shared. Another young boy his name is Br*ndon, we taught him in the past, he has never been interested before, now, his girlfriend is about to be baptized. He is more interested now. He wants to learn more.  There is a girl named Abb*. She is form the Philippines. She is interested in the gospel, but she is not sure how her parents will react. I have talked with the mom, she seemed okay with us teaching Abb*, but didn't want us to teach her.

Question 12: Tell me about your companion.  I know he is from the Philippines and doesn't cook much.  What else?

Answer: My companion is from Fiji. I have also had a companion from the Philippines though. He is a great guy. He is very excited about the gospel.  And he enjoys sharing it with others. He is a little shy. He says, he doesn't know English very well. He is really funny, and connects with the people here.

Question 13: When you go and teach a lesson - tell my how it typically goes.

Answer: That is a very broad question. It really depends on the person. Sometimes they are more accepting, sometimes not. It really depends on the person. If it goes well, the Spirit is there and it is great, if not, they just listen, and don't pay attention.

Question 14: What would you like for Christmas?

Answer: I have no idea. I have not thought about that at all, I will start thinking.

Question 15: Chips and Salsa are on the way.  Anything else you crave?

Answer: Jell-O or brownies or cheese-its.

Staheli - It was so great to hear from you. I love to hear how you are doing. I really am enjoying my time here on Yap. I have learned so much, and I love to share the restored Gospel with the people here. It brings me so much joy. Thanks for the email. I really do love hearing from you.

Reed - How is it going? Did you make the team? I am very curious.

Hazard marked...

To Everyone

Well, time is about out, so I will go fast. I took a long time answering your questions today. They were really good questions. Let’s see what is new. President Mecham will be flying in on Saturday. To that should be good. It is raining really hard here right now. They road to my house is super muddy. It is so hard to get in and out. In fact right now, there is a bus stuck in the road and the wheels are completely covered in mud. It is crazy. I never know if I am going to make it out from my house to go and teach people. It makes things pretty crazy. We are still seeing a lot of people. We are working with so many less actives right now. It is good. We are seeing several of them getting excited about the gospel again. It makes me so happy to see people progress in the gospel. I love it.

Could you send me a copy of the “Book of Mormon Movie” and the “Other Side of Heaven”. I have got people asking for those.

Thanks you guys are the best.
I love you guys so so much. You are truly the best family ever.

I love you all

Love Elder Meyer

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