Sunday, October 27, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Sent the wrong conference tape (Q1). Taking a tradition with him (Q5). Twenty (20) more people going to the temple!!

Elder Meyer and another "Yap Island Man House"

Hello Everyone

Things went well this week. We are in the start of a new transfer. It will be good.


Improving on how to be a better missionary is an awesome idea. That is really cool. I am glad that you want to do that. If you want, or have not yet, study PMG. It helps everyone with missionary work. I love you dad.

Question 1: What brought you the most joy this past week and why?

Answer: Declaring that we were going to listen to the voice of the prophet this Saturday and Sunday. But we got the wrong videos, so we are going to watch it this Saturday and Sunday. Because it is a lot of fun to say we have a prophet, but more fun to say you can hear him tomorrow!

Question 2: How many lessons did you get to teach this week, and how many with members present?

Answer: We taught 22 and 5 with a member present. It has gone down a lot. I am not happy about it.

Question 3: If we wanted to do something nice for the branch, say for Christmas… what would be of most value/worth to them?

Answer: I want to gather everyone's testimonies and make a book and give it to them.

Question 4: How do you plan on getting Reed a machete?  Transporting on the plane may not work so well?

Answer: I have been told that if you put it in your check in, no worries. So I will try that.

Question 5: Is there a tradition you’ve picked up from Yap that you may incorporate into your own family traditions?

Answer: I am sure there is. I am not sure what though. The way people live here, is the way I live. I have been living like this for so long it is just a part of me. I think I will always act the way they  act with their friends and family. Make my home a place where anyone can come and eat and be safe. No matter who it is.

Question 6: You’ve shared pictures of Taro farming by hand. Does anyone have tractor or other equipment to use?

Answer: No way. That would not work at all. There is so much mud the tractor would get stuck. And the paths to the taro patch are way too small to get a tractor there. You don't really need a tractor either.

Question 7: I wonder if anyone on the island has a HAM radio?  If so, I wonder what frequency they use?

Answer: I believe that there are some here. They use them to talk to the people on the outer islands. I am not sure on the frequency.

Question 8: Have you gotten conference yet?    Answer: Not yet.

Question 9: Do you think there is any chance of a Boy Scout troop ever starting on the island?

Answer: There was one a many years ago. I white couple, not missionaries, ran it. It was great. I want to come back and to that.

He calls this a "fun spot".

Question 10:  I hear often people say that a 2 year mission is the hardest thing they’ve ever done. Do you feel that way?

Answer: Yes. It is the hardest, but the most rewarding.


I think it is so funny that you get to go and take those babies. It really makes me laugh. Thanks for the info on the baby. He is almost a year old now. He was born with a twin, but the twin was born still. So they can't really do anything do help the baby? Love you.

Question 11:  What is your favorite part of church on Sunday?

Answer: That I didn't have to talk or teach a lesson.

Question 12: President Mecham posted a picture of the Garrett's bearing their testimony for the last time.  When do they leave?  Is there another senior couple coming to the island?

Answer: Nov 30. Yes, the new couple is on island now. So we have 2 couples for a while. They are from New Zealand. Their names are Strother.

Question 13:   I loved the pictures you send last week - the little girl on your lap and the little boy with your name tag stuck to his chest.  Can you tell me about those kids?

Answer: The 2 kids are the brother and sister of this baby. They are a wonderful family. They are planning to go to the temple this year. Those 2 kids are probably the funniest kids on the island. I love them so so much.

Question 14:  Tell me a time this week when you felt the spirit.

Answer: We were teaching some new people. All in Yapese and this one lady kept asking why I believe certain things like prophets today, the Book of Mormon, etc. I got to share my testimony so many different times in her language about so many different things. It was awesome.

Question 15: Tell about something funny that happened this week.

Answer: We were just walking on a path, and the path is really muddy and slippery. Both I and Elder Waimila just kept sliding around. We almost fell like ten times. It was really funny.

Question 16:  What are you doing to help the ward council function better?

Answer: Encourage them to meet. Help them know that they are in charge, not us.

Question 17:   Have you tried any new foods?   Answer: Yes, raw clams. It was pretty good.

He calls them "pretty good."  Huge change from when he was a boy and just ate rice and watermelon.

Staheli - Just wanted to say that I was thinking about you and that I love you so so much. You are such a wonderful sister. I am so blessed to have you as my sister. Love Ya.

Reed - Keep up the good work with the basketball. I know that you can make the team. Love ya dude.

To Everyone

Alright. So we got a little bit of the news for transfers this week. Guess what? I am training.... again! I am headed to Guam on Tuesday to go get the new missionary. I am not sure where I will be serving. It could be anywhere. I have no idea what his name is. But it should be good. This will be the second missionary I train. I am not sure why I am training again. Most of the time President Mecham has younger missionaries train. We have several younger missionaries on yap who could train, not sure why he picked me. But what I am called to do, I will do. I am not that excited about having to go to Guam. It is not my favorite spot in the world. Last time I went, I had to push the APs car two blocks because it ran out of gas. So that was fun. Hopefully this time will be better.

We had 19 people at church yesterday. It was pretty good. We could have been higher, but people just decide not to go random weeks. It is strange. Elder Garrett is teaching a temple prep class up in Thol after church. We stay and help out with that. It is fun to see people excited about the temple. I know how much the temple means to me and I like to share that with others. We should have around 20 people going to the temple this year. It is great.

We found a lot of good people next to the chapel. None of them came this Sunday, but we will go and try them again. Some of them seemed really interested. It just takes a while for them to get over the fear of joining the Mormons. We sometimes have a difficult reputation here because of all the priest from the other churches. They spread so many false things about us. It is an on-going problem. We just keep moving forward though. If it is a person the Lord has prepared for us, then they will overcome.

You guys are awesome. I love you so so so much. You are truly the best family in the entire universe. I am so blessed to have you guys.

Love Elder Meyer

D. L. Yaiuglig (girl)
Yaiuglig (boy)
I will get some more names as soon as possible. For now, that is all that I have. You guys are awesome.

So could you guys send me a couple white shirts? All of mine are pretty not white. Thanks

You guys are the best you really are. Love you all.

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