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Letter from Elder Meyer: One Unhappy Pig. In the Village, where will this path go? (Q11). Fav food = Swamp taro with coconut milk (Q14).

Hello Everyone

Things went pretty well this week. We should have a baptism on the 25th of January, so that is awesome.
Leading music

one unhappy pig


Sounds like all is going well. I feel so blessed to be your son. I am the lucky one, not you.

Question 1: Learn any important “life lessons” this past week?

Answer: Patience is key. Nothing really specifically happened, just when you are working with different people, and they use their agency in not good ways, you just need to be patient with them.

Question 2: Could you describe one of the best teaching moments this week and why it was the best?

Answer: We were teaching R*lo, he should be baptized on the 25th. We were teaching the Word of Wisdom. The spirit was so so strong when we were there. He understood and didn't argue with it at all. It was the best because of the Spirit. I have never felt the Spirit so strong when teaching the Word of Wisdom before. I think that he was just spiritually ready to hear it.

Question 3: How do the men generally treat the women on the island?

Answer: Women don't have the rights like they do in the states. They are very much underneath the men of Yap. That goes back to the culture. The men are in charge. For the most part, men are not mean to women, but it does happen like that sometimes. What the man says goes, for the most part.

Question 4: For those that belong to other church’s that teach about Christ, what would they most be interested to learn about from the missionaries?

Answer: Honestly, for the most part, if they are active in another church they don't want to talk to us, but when they do listen, they like to agree with us about who Christ is and what He did for us.
If we connect that, and then lead into the Apostasy, they are okay, but question the Restoration.

Question 5: Did something happen this week that made you LOL (Laugh Out Loud)?

Answer: President Mathew was teaching Sunday School and we were playing a game like hang man, one of the sisters in the branch said “O.” Pres Mathew didn't not hear at first and just kept telling her to say a letter. I said she said “O” and then he yells. O, O O, O. It was funny.  One of the missionaries cut it on video. It was great.

Question 6: When you get to a new home that you haven’t visited before… how exactly does the introduction conversation go?

Answer: They immediately know who we are. I try to connect with them somehow. Something they have, or something that they are doing. Just a connection outside of the church. Talk for a little bit, and then share a message.

Question 7: How many Book of Mormons do you typically share in a week?

Answer:  Oh, I don't know. It depends on the week, how often we go finding. Sometimes only like 1 or 2 if that is all the new investigators we have. Sometimes like 10 or so if we get a lot of referrals or find a lot of people.

Elders on a Preparation Day


Sounds like you are going to stay pretty busy with teaching. I know that you will enjoy that better. Sorry that you were sick. Are you better now.

Question 8: Did you get any packages this week?  What was in them?

Answer: Yes. I got one from Karen and Bob and Grandma, (Candy and caramels and fudge) an other from  Grandma and Grandpa Meyer, (wire puzzles) and one from the high priests group. (ties, cards, and a book made by the ward)

Question 9:  How many were at church?  What did you do at church?   Answer: 25ish. I taught the Young Men class.

Question 10: Describe one fun thing did you do this week?   Answer: We helped Jesse cut down some wood to build a house for him. It was a lot of fun.

Question 11: How do you find people in the village you are in right now?

Answer: We walk around and call out for them. If they say we can come, we go and start chatting to them. If not, we don't go in. It is really hit and miss on finding people Sometimes paths lead somewhere, sometimes they don't.

Question 12: How are the sister's doing?  How do they help the missionary effort in ways that the Elder's don't?

Answer: They are doing really really great. They are teaching a lot of people. They are able to work with the women in the branch; able to take them teaching. We, as Elders can't, unless another adult male is with us. Most of the time the men are working somewhere so we can't take the women, but the sisters can.

Question 13: Describe something you saw this week that I would think was amazing.

Answer: How fast people can climb up and coconut tree or betelnut tree. It is crazy. It is just a stick growing out of the ground and they just walk up it like monkeys.

Question 14: What is your favorite thing to cook and eat on Yap?   Answer: Swamp taro with coconut milk over top. It is delicious.

Staheli - Hope things are going well. I really enjoyed talking to you at Christmas and hearing about what you are doing.

Reed - Good job on keeping the legacy going. Sorry that you were sick, that is no fun. Keep preparing for your mission. I would read from PMG.

Grandma and Karen and Bob -  Thank you so much for the package. It sure does mean a lot to me. The fudge and caramels are delicious. I really love them. My companion loves the fruit punch mix too.

Grandma and Grandpa Meyer - Thank you for the puzzles. They are so much fun. I am going to try to use them in lessons and how all things are possible. My companion has really enjoyed trying to figure them out. We have almost done all of them. Some are really hard though.

Letter to Everyone:

Let’s see, what else is new. I feel like I told you everything that happened this week. R*lo should be baptized on the 25th. It is going to be so awesome. I can't wait for his  baptism. He is doing really really good. He has a strong desire to learn about this gospel. He is A*gistine’s brother. I think that is helping a lot too. They talk a lot about the gospel together.

The less active we found with R*vinio is still doing good. She came to church again. Her son is named J*marion Ken B*gulrow. He turns 8 on Feb 4. We are helping him great ready for his baptism. They have not gone to church in a long time, so it is like teaching an investigator.  He is a really cool kid.

Also now teaching a really good family.   Her name is J*nnifer L*yan. She would like to go to the temple. So we are going to help her prepare to go. It is going to be really really great.

I am now in charge of teaching the young men for priesthood. They got the 2014 manual and President Mathew would like me to teach them. Most of the time they just run around and play outside, because the Elders Quorum is sometimes boring. I am going to try to keep things up beat and fun. The new manual is pretty good. I like it.

Well that is about it. I love you all so so much. You are the best family every

Oh scriptures... Did I ask you to order one for J*hnny.  If not, his and the new one:

J*hnny K*gnang Tm*n
M*ry J*ne F*langr*w

That would be so great. Thanks you guys really are the best every

Love you,

Elder Meyer

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