Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Letter from Elder Meyer: When you’re on a tiny island for 2 years, the plane coming is noticed. (Q13, Q16). Never baptized someone with just one leg before.

Hello Everyone.

This was a pretty good week. The AP’s didn't make it, but President Mecham did


That is crazy with Reed. It is a good thing you listened to the spirit. The spirit helps out so so much.

Question 1: Can you share a miracle that you witnessed on the island?

Answer: R***. He has not been able to stop chewing beatlenut, he has not made any progress. Now he is so close. He is only chewing 1 or 2 a day. It is way better than the 30 plus that he was chewing in a day before.

Question 2: Have you seen any priesthood blessings that were especially notable?

Answer: Not that I can think of. Most of the priesthood blessings I see are the ones that I or my companion give.

Question 3: Do members get Patriarchal Blessings?

Answer: They can, but they have to go to Guam or the Philippines to get them. We only have a district on Yap, so no patriarch is on the island.

Question 4: How many lessons this week and how many with members' present?  Answer: we had 23 lessons and 10 with a member present.

Question 5:  How has your testimony grown over the past year?

Answer: I think that I came here believing everything was true, but now I really do feel like I know they are true. Testifying about the doctrines every day, either makes your testimony stronger, or will make you believe you don't really have a testimony. It has made mine stronger.

Question 6: What did you most enjoy doing this past week?   Answer:  I enjoyed baptizing someone this week.  More about that later.

Question 7: If you were to meet the Savior later today, what do you think that would be like?

Answer: Honestly, a little bit scared. I know that it would be a joyful experience, just like when Joseph Smith saw him, or when he appeared to the people in the Book of Mormon. And since it would happen on Yap, I think that it would forever change the island. I think that the spirit would be infinitely times stronger here.


It is good that you listened to the spirit to. I am not sure where the world would be without the help of the Spirit of God. It would not be good.  I hope you had a wonderful birthday, besides the whole going to the hospital thing. You are, what, 29 years old now right? ha ha

Question 8:  Tell me your favorite thing that happened this week.

Answer: Taking A*gistine teaching with us. It was great. He came with us to see his brother R*lo. It was the best lesson I have ever had. A*gistine taught probably 50% of the lesson. It was so great.

Question 9: Describe a time when you felt directed by the spirit this week.

Answer: Honestly, to take A*gistine teaching with me. I have wanted to for a while, but he lives far from my house and his brother’s house, so it has not worked out. Well, we were close to A*gistines house, so I asked, he said he would love to, and it all went amazingly.

Question 10: Tell me an unusual thing that happened this week.

Answer: That would have to do with the baptism that just happened. You will have to wait to hear the rest.

Question 11: Tell about church - how many there - what did you do - anything unusual?

Answer: I think there were about 20 people there this week. It was okay. I did about the same thing. I taught the young men priesthood class like normal, and then I also lead the music in sacrament meeting. That is about it though. A pretty normal week here in Yap.

Question 12:  Tell about the 1st Councilor - and the GPS coordinates.

Answer: He just went with a member who knows where almost everyone lives. Then he would take his GPS and put a flag where he was. His GPS is the one like dad and I used for camping and stuff. They are going to compile all the info and try and organize rides for the members.

Answer 13:  How was the AP's visit?

Answer: They didn't come. They went to the airport on Guam and then the pilot decided not to show up, so they just went back home.

Answer 14: How was President Mecham's visit?

Answer: It was really good. He talked a lot about the gathering of Israel again. He said that that is something that the General Authorities of the church really want the missionaries to understand by the time they come home.

Question 15: Any baptisms?  Answer: Not from my area, but one in the sister’s area. It was last Saturday. This week, we have one in our area and one in the sister’s area.

Question 16: Did you get any packages?  What was in them?

Answer: Nope, but the plane didn’t come in the middle of the week, and I have not checked mail yet. So maybe soon.

Staheli – How are things at work? I know that you stay really busy that is good though.

Reed - Man o man. You really scare me with all of these concussions and stuff. You be more safe.

To Everyone

Alright, what do I get to tell you guys? Oh yeah, the baptism. So we went down to interview the man being baptized, C*rlos. He is super prepared for the baptism. He has been taught very very well. He is great. Well, C*rlos is an interesting man. He has one leg missing. It is cut off right below the knee. Well, I asked him who he would like to baptize him, and he said me. Yep, that is right. He wanted me to baptize him. I was more that little nervous. I have never baptized someone with only one leg. It was a little bit scary. I said a prayer right before I baptized him and all went well. It was really cool. I really enjoyed being able to baptize him. He is a great man.

After that, we picked up A*gsitine to go see his brother. It was a wonderful lesson. A*gstine is such a good missionary. He is bold, and actually likes to share the gospel with people. It is great. We talked for a long time about the Word of Wisdom. It was great. I think it really helped him out. It was so good. We then read a little bit from the Book of Mormon. A*gistine did a real good job explaining things.
It was great. A*gistine really has the gospel figured out.  He is still in charge for the young men, and is doing a good job.

R*lo is almost ready for baptism. He should be all ready by Saturday. He is very excited. So am I. It is going to be great.

President Mecham is always motivating when he comes. I think that we are going to get some good work done this week. Everyone seems pretty motivated. That’s about it.

Oh wait… one the members had a pet bat and 2 turtles that they were going to eat. So I got a couple of pictures with that. It was pretty awesome. I think that is about it.

I love you guys so so much.

You guys are the best ever.

Elder Meyer

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