Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hey family, how are you doing? Sorry I am not emailing everyone. I don't want to risk putting everyones email address in and having it bounce back. Dad's was already in here so I am emailing him. It has a timer at the top, so I am trying to hurry. So dad, email this out to the fam.

Well the MTC is awesome. I have got a great companion. He is from Utah. There are 8 people in my district. 7 of them are going to Micronesia Guam and one of them is going to Fiji. I have two awesome teachers. Brother Austin and Sister Hoopes. They both served missions and do a great job teaching. The first day was crazy. I felt like I was running around the whole time. We just jumped into learning. There was no time to even unpack my stuff until later that night. Thursday we started learning, we had six hours of class. Three with each teacher. Then we started teaching them. They both took on a person from their mission. Brother Austin is Lucky and Sister Hoopes is Becca. They both have very different personalities. Lucky will not say anything and Becca is a Methodists and she gets right in your face. She called one of the Elders in my district a blasphemer the very first lesson. I was not called that, but I was called crazy on the second lesson we taught. It is a great experience because there will be people who are just like her. When we are teaching Lucky it is hard to tell where he is.

We also do Zone teaching. It is where I will take on the roll of an investigator and be taught. This week, new elders have come in so I will be teaching one of the new elders here pretty soon. It is really hard to pretend not to know and understand the gospel. I have grown up in it, so what I am being taught makes sense and I believe it. To say I don't believe it in zone teaching is weird.

One of the elders in my district is having problems with his passport so he probably will not be leaving with us. His name is Elder Cook. Mom, you have talked to his mom on Missionary mom website. The food here is pretty good. I am really enjoying all that I am being taught here. It is so important to teach by the spirit. We have had many devotionals and lessons on that. In a devotional on how to receive revelation, a member of the seventy said that anytime you underline something in the scriptures it is revelation. I really liked that because I underline things a lot.

I love it here at the MTC, but I am so excited to get out to the field and be teaching real people.

We had a lesson on Stress management. I really needed that because I stress out about teaching the investigators that  I have. Even though it is fake, I am treating it like it is real. I really enjoy teaching. It is extremely hard to do it, though. I want to share everything I know, but that is not what the investigator needs. I have to make sure I say it in a way that they understand.

Well, I am running out of time, but I love all of you so much. I hope everything is going well at home. I have got 2 weeks left in the MTC and my estimated departure date is July 3.


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  1. Elder Meyer...truly enjoyed reading your wnderful letter home and am greatful your family is willing to shate it. Youbseem to really have the SPARK and I pray that you learn all you need quickly and well. May gor keep and protect you. The Billings Family