Sunday, September 23, 2012

Letter from Elder Meyer: Opportunities, Plan of Salvation, Bible in Yapese, Old old Yapese, Bed bugs gone

Letter from Elder Meyer:

How are you all doing? This has been a pretty good week. I love all the emails that you guys have sent. I forgot to tell you to thank Sister Lugo for the scripture strings, will you?

I know if you pray for the missionary opportunities they will come. We have a light and knowledge that can help others. It is our responsibility to share it with everyone. We have no idea who is ready to receive it. We just need to be bold and talk to people. Open your mouths. The Lord will tell you what to say when the time comes.

This week has been good. There was a baptism on the island. It was a member of a family that is all members and their kid just turned 8. It was good. We invited a couple of our investigators to go. We really wanted to get J_r_m and his wife there. However, they had some car problems. So he was unable to make it. We are trying very hard with him to come to church as well. Some day he will make it. We have been teaching him the Plan of Salvation again. He is very interested in that.

I think that is what will get him baptized, the temple work that we do. He has had some kids of his die. He is worried about them. The Plan of Salvation helped him feel better about that.

We have also been meeting a lot with J_ss_. He is a member and is paralyzed. He is lonely and I think suffers from depression of some kind. He wants people to talk to. We are taking him teaching with us too. I think it helps him out more than anything else. We are starting to read our Search for Happiness with him. I think it is going to help him a lot. It talks about our church’s basic principles. It will help him sort through all the false stuff he gets from others. We had President Jim come to the small group meeting yesterday. I think it really helped J_ss_ out.

Sister Whitmore - I have not heard of the song you told me about. I have no idea who wrote the song we sing. My parents have a picture of the song that we sing now. I personally haven't told President Mecham about my pre-mission story, but I have heard that it has kind of floated around. Thank you so much for the email. I really appreciate it. It sounds like your family is doing great. Good idea on the iphone too!!

Dad - Sounds like this was a crazy week for you guys. Pray for the missionary opportunities. They will come. There are always people who are ready. We just do not know who is.

Question #1: Are there bibles on the island that are translated into Yapese?

Answer: Yes. There is also an outer island translation of the New Testament

Question #2: You keep mentioning about how many transfers it has been. How long is a transfer?

Answer:  Six (6) weeks is a transfer, this is the first day in my 3rd transfer. 17 transfers in a mission.

Question #3:  Since you’ve never lead music before, what have you done to learn how to do it?

Answer: Nothing really, it is pretty easy. Sometimes I get a little off beat. It is okay because normally everyone is reading the words and not looking at me. ha ha. It was hard the first time, but after a while I got the hang of it. My guess is that Grandma teaching me piano was helpful for me leading music.

Question #4: Do you feel any different about Jesus Christ now; compared to before you left on your mission?

Answer:  Absolutely. He has done so much for us. I don't think I fully understood all that He did. I don't still, but I believe I know more. I believe that I have come much closer to him. He literally is my Savior and Redeemer. ANYTHING through HIM is possible.

Question #5: You mentioned one of the boys needs a white shirt… are there any items that we could send that would be useful to others?

Answer:  He found a white shirt. I can't think of anything, really. If I do, I will let you know for sure.

Question #6: How it the language coming along? We pray for your every day about it.

Answer: Still hard as it will always be. I have been told that my prayers in Yapese can actually be understood by the natives. Which is really good. When I listen to people, I am picking up on much more. I believe it all started when I was reading with the Yapese Book of Mormon. There is so much power that comes from that book.

Question #7: Are there any really older (senior) people in your area?  If so, how does it go when you talk with them?
Answer: Yes. It goes okay. It is hard because they know old old Yapese. They also speak really fast. Sometimes we have a kid translate for us. It is good for me though, it stretches my Yapese and makes me work.

Mom - It sounds like stake conference was really great. I would agree with praying for missionary opportunities. They are everywhere. It sounds like you are learning some good stuff about the savior. He really is our Savior. I bet if you pray for the missionary opportunities that they will come in your class. You might not know when or how, but something will come. About the bed bugs...  I have not had any recent bites. Thank you for sending all the stuff. I sprayed my bed with pyrethrum. I am glad to hear from dad that it is safe to use. I have been sleeping on it all week. Thank you so much for all you do for me.

Staheli- well I just sent another letter to you. I hope this one makes it to you. If not, I don't know what to do.

Reed- why did you just go banging your head on a wall. Just kidding. I hope you are feeling better. I don't remember hearing about this last week. I will definitely keep you in my prayers about that. I know that through your faith that you can be healed. Hope you get well soon. DON'T bang your head in the next 7 days. I don't think you dying would be very good.

Grandma - I just sent a letter to you too. I hope you get it. I love you so much

I am doing great. I love being out here serving the Lord. I love you all so so much

Elder Meyer

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  1. Johnny,
    Thanks for sharing your testimony! Your perspective is fantastic and the people and land you are in are definitely prepared for you, as you are also to be there. Thanks for sharing with us and we'll pretend we're in your suitcase and enjoy your mission too! Only if I could . . . best of times and over too quickly. Best wishes I look forward to your next week :)
    Dave W.
    Chico 2nd