Sunday, September 9, 2012

Letter from Elder Meyer: Thinking about while walking the island, What people know about Christ, The outer islands, School children.

Hello everyone! I got the package you guys sent me with the scripture ribbons, and the COPE stuff. I loved all of it. I love all the food that you send. It is hard to come across that kind of stuff here. Thank you thank you thank you.

Dad - Well, in the package was a letter about work. It sounds like it should be fun. Good luck getting a sales call here to Yap. The only way that would be remotely possible would be if China did come in and take over the tourism. Ha ha. I am glad to hear that they are not going to do that.

Elder Tueller, I believe had a great birthday. He just got his birthday package today. I guess better late than never. I was sad to hear about his mom. I am praying for them as well.

Question 1: What typically goes through your mind as you are walking around the island?

Answer: Just how lucky I am to be here, and how much God really does love us. Also I am always wondering if someone actually lives down the road we are walking down. You can't always tell if someone is actually going to live down there.

Question 2: How much do people already know about Jesus Christ?

Answer: A lot of people know about Him. There are 13 different churches here on yap. Not very many people know a ton about Him though. Some though, really study the Bible. I guess it is like the states. People know He exists, but don't always know a lot about Him. Then there are people who know a lot about him.

Question 3: Any details about the culture. You keep mentioning “outer island.” Could you describe this more? Do they come to the island for Sunday Church, or have church on outer island? Just trying to get a picture of this “outer island” thing.

Answer: People come to Yap from the outer islands. They live here for a while and will sometimes go back. It takes 2-3 weeks to get from Yap to the last Outer Island and back. They drop people off at the islands and pick up new people and bring them here. There are only Catholic churches on the outer islands. We, as missionaries, are not allowed out there. Our district and branch president are outer island. The outer islands are all the islands between Yap and Chuuck. Yap State owns them all.

Question 4: Would you like us to find a way to send you mom’s special spaghetti sauce?

Answer: That would be amazing. I would love it.

Mom - We spent part of Monday with President Mecham. Then on Tuesday, he came by and we had Companion study with us. Then he left that night.

Your mutuals are a lot more intense than ours. Ours are spiritual thought, maybe some service, and then some games. It is all that can really happen out here. What you did sounds like it was a lot of fun. I am sure the YW loved it. Wow, even when you don't teach seminary you still teach seminary. Ha ha. You are a great teacher. You will do amazing, as always.

Question 5: What are some gospel concepts that your investigators have trouble with?

Answer: Right now the need of a true church. J_r_m doesn't see a need for that. So we are doing restoration again with him soon. Tr_v_r has a hard time acting on faith. Right now, that is the biggest problems I am having with investigators.

Question 6: Do the kids go to school? Until they are how old?

Answer: School just started. Umm... they go until they graduate high school. No age limit, I guess. One kid I talked to said that he was in 5th grade and he was 14 years old. Some actually graduate at age 18 though. It all depends on where they live and how motivated they are to do it.

Staheli - Hey, how is it going? Thought I would say I love you!! How is Sage doing??

Reed - So COPE. I knew that you would love that. It is so much fun. The giants ladder is my favorite. I am sure glad that you enjoyed that. So I hear that you are going to drive soon. That is so sweet!! I am a little glad that I will be in Yap when you start. Ha ha... I am sure that you will do great. Anyways i love you so much.

Grandma- I just need to say that I love you so much

Lets see, this week went by fast. It was Elder Tuellers birthday. That was fun. We threw him a little party. It was great. J_r_m finally got a testimongy of the Book of Mormon. Yeah. We invited him to church. We are going to talk about the Restoration especially the Priesthood. Hopefully he will see the need of a true church then.

The youth activity was so good this week. We had 8 youth there. One of them was a nonmember friend. I talked to him a little bit and he said that he would be willing to meet with us. It is great. This is exactly why we started this thing. We have tried to also find D_v_d and Aug_st_ne. They are not always here. D_v_d is a very drunk man who normally doesn't know who we are. Hopefully he will remember us next time we see him. We have been unable to get a hold of Tr_v_r as well. He has been in Colonia all week.School starts soon so he should come back home soon.

We had a recent convert just turn 12. We ordained him to the Aaronic priesthood. Well, the 1st counselor, Sylvester did. I am trying as hard as I can to get the males to exercise the priesthood as much as they can. It is kind of a goal I have for them. They normally call us to give blessings. I am trying to involve them and help them know what to do and what to say. It is great to see them give blessings and experience that.

Love you all very very much.

Elder Meyer.


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