Thursday, December 6, 2012

Letter from Elder Meyer: Typhoon passed, another baptism, many new people

Hello Everyone.

Note: Click this video to see Elder Meyer's view of the full island from the highest point.  In its entirety, it is 39 square miles; about 15 miles long by 3 miles wide.

Well there was supposed to be the biggest super typhoon to hit in a while on Saturday and Sunday. Well, it actually didn't hit at all, it was pretty nice. There were a lot of prayers that were answered when the typhoon broke apart and went down south of us. Today is actually a very nice day. The sun is out and it is only a little windy. We have not had too much rain at all. This might be the first and only time when you guys have a lot of rain, and it is nice and sunny here. ha ha. Now I can feel bad for you with all the rain.

View of the island from top point.


Wow that is a lot of travel. I can't believe you are going to India. That is pretty cool. I bet you will like traveling there.  Love you.


Hey mom. I heard that you are trying to get the generator to work. So you guys must be out of power. I am sorry that I am not there to help. I wish I could help. That stinks that dad had to leave this week. I bet you wish I was there to help out. Just kidding. You have Reed man to help you right?? That is a crazy story. The house is surrounded by water. That is nuts. Thanks for the quick email. So I was so anxious, I just really love your letters.

Question #1: Was there a typhoon in Yap this week?
Answer: No it went south

Sunset view from shoreline.

Question #2: How was your week?
Answer: My week was pretty good. Crazy Sunday though. I describe below

Question #3: Any baptisms?
Answer: No, but none were planned for this week, so no one dropped out.

Question #4: Who are you teaching?
Answer: We are teaching a lot of people. There are a lot of investigators and there are so many recent converts that we are teaching now. It is so awesome.

Congregation had a game night.

More games where everyone is invited.

Question #5: What is something you learned studying this week?
Answer: That there is so much missing from the Bible. Jesus the Christ lists so many books that are missing. Thank goodness we also have the Book of Mormon.

Question #6: Is there anything you wish you had taken but you didn't?
Answer: I think that I would have taken my map of the Book of Mormon that I drew in my Mission Prep class in college. I would love that. Besides that, I can't think of it.

Better than spam....

Question #7: Do you know Elder Cameron?  He is from Tahoe and knows Uncle Ralph.
Answer: I do not. The only elders I know are the past 4 Assistants to the President and 3 of them are home now, and the Elders who are in Yap and the Elders I came out with. Do you know what island he is on and when he started his mission?


How are you doing? Is it super rainy in Reno or is it nice weather there? I love you.


Hey man, that is so cool that you passed all the permit test. Now you can drive with an adult 25 or older between 6am and 10pm. Ha ha. No man that is really awesome. I knew you would pass. That stinks about the ps3. What is the plan for fixing that? And by the way the Christmas trees were and are amazing. I am sorry that you didn't get any, but I will enjoy them all for you. ha ha. Now that there is a storm there and I am not there to help out. You got to take the lead in doing all that stuff. Okay? I know you probably are anyways. Love you


Just thought that I would write and say that I love you so so much. I really love all the letter you send to me.

Grandma and Grandpa Meyer

I got a letter from you guys. I loved it. I will write back soon, but as for now, I say that I love you guys so much.


That is really awesome that your house didn't flood. I know that it has happened in the past. Our Heavenly Father is most definitely looking out for you.

To Everyone

Well, this was a pretty average week. Nothing to exciting because the typhoon went south of us. A lot of people were preparing for it though. There are boards up on the store windows. People were tying their houses down. But it went by us. So that was good.

Do you remember Sh*nt*. A girl that we were going to baptize in Nov. Her dad said that he was coming in Dec so we were going to baptize her then. Well he called and said that he is not coming until Jan. Sad right. I thought we were going to have to wait until then. Well, he said that she can be baptized and she can pick the date. Yeah. So we might have a baptism on Saturday. I am very excited for her. She wants me to baptize her and Elder Nelson to give her the Holy Ghost.

Let’s see R*nny, A*g*stine's friend… We are still teaching him, but I think that he is going to start making more progress here soon. We have taken his betelnut 2 times at his request. I am so excited for him. We had a great lesson with him and A*g*stine was there. He is a great example for him.


Church started out really amazing. We had five investigators there. It was great. Then came… President G*b*ng announced the district Christmas party and one of the district counselors did not know about it. He got really bad and was yelling. Not good. He eventually just left and went home. This was in front of two recent converts and 1 investigator, I might add. We went over to his house after church and talked to him about it. He felt bad, but it was not how you go about things.
Some of the congregation members.

Oh yeah can't forget about J*r*m. He was asked to speak in Sacrament meeting. He is pretty nervous, but we are going to help him the best way that we can. He said that he is not sure exactly what to do, but we are helping him. I am excited that he was asked to do something. None of our recent converts have been given a calling yet. So at least a talk is a way for them to stay somewhat involved.

Man House surrounded by Stone Money

Man House and Stone Money Bank

Some of the Youth putting on a show

Elder Meyer on a WWII war plane crash.

Love you all so so much
Elder Meyer

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