Sunday, December 30, 2012

Letter from Elder Meyer: Christmas baptisms


It is Christmas Eve here. Not too much is happening. It is just a normally day here. Today is Yap Constitution Day. I don't know what that is. The only place closed today is the bank. I am excited to call home soon. Sorry about you electricity. It has been very rainy and windy too. My power has not been off recently. It has turned off about 5 times though. Guess what I tried; shark. It was pretty good. 

Elder Meyer tries shark and likes it

To Everyone

Well, not to much is new. We went around caroling with all the missionaries on Friday. None of us are fantastic singers so it was only aright. We got a couple of comments about this is the first time on Yap for carolers. We went around and sang and gave some banana bread out.

This happened a while ago, but our investigators that we having a problem with the word of wisdom, just stopped chewing all on the same day. It was awesome. We saw Andr*w and he was chewing a little bit. Then he just stopped. It was great. Then we went over to see D*fan and then he said that he stopped chewing. It was absolutely amazing. I am so excited for them to be baptized.

I am baptizing one person. I am going to do it in Yapese too. Then on the next Sunday, I am going to give the gift of the Holy Ghost to three of them. Nelson is baptizing three people and giving the Holy Ghost to one. Then a member that we are taking with us to teach is baptizing and giving the gift of the Holy Ghost to the other 2. I am so excited for them. 

You know that a group got back from the temple, right. Well they did. And they all loved it so so much. I was so happy that all went well. A*gistine has a friend who went to the temple. They are talking a lot about A*gistine going with his family in a year. I am so excited for him to go. That is what I want for his family; Is for them to be sealed for time and all eternity. 

I am glad India was awesome. I am excited to hear about it. Sounds like you are going to be busy today with all the home teaching stuff. I love you and am so excited right now too.


Question 1: Do people sing Christmas songs? Jingle Bells?
Answer:  Not really. No one goes caroling here. 

Christmas Tree that Laurie (mom) sent Elder Meyer

Question 2: Do people have Nativity sets?
Answer: Surprisingly, I have seen one. That is it though. It is made out of the neon "open" lights.

Question 3:  Did you get A*gustine's scriptures?
Answer: Not yet. We have not gotten mail today though. I am hoping it comes. The last package I got was the one with the tree. Thank you so much for that. It really helped our apartment feel more like Christmas

Question 3: Do you think you will be on Yap your whole mission?

Answer: I think I will be here for a good portion of my mission. Every missionary spends a little time on Guam or Saipan though. They are the "normal" islands. 

Question 4: How are the scheduled baptisms?
Answer: So far, going great. We did some interviews yesterday. We were not able to get them all. So as of now 4 of the 6 can be baptized. We are going to track down the other two soon. 

[NOTE:  All 6 were baptized on Christmas Day]

Baby Beatle Nut Plant

Question 5: Tell about who you are teaching.
Answer: Right now the same group. We are going to need to start getting some new people after these baptisms. These six people take up a lot of our time. So after the baptism we are planning on some finding if talking with the members doesn’t get us any referrals. 

Question 7: Is there anything you want us to talk about or not talk about during our Christmas phone call?
Answer: Anything is good. I am just excited to talk to you guys.


I am so excited for your package to come. I hope I get it today. If not today on Wednesday the day after Christmas. We have changed the time so that way you can be home on when I call home. I am so excited to talk you. I love you so much

Hey man. School is out for now. What is your plan for Christmas break? I am so excited to talk to you too. I miss you man. Love you

How are you doing? I have been thinking about you. I love you so much.

I love you so so much. you are the best family in the world.

Talk to you guys tomorrow.
Love Elder Meyer

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