Saturday, December 15, 2012

Letter from Elder Meyer: Teaching many, Tattoo talk, Machete for building cleanup, Won’t send pictures of dancers because of dress, Abandon boat

Blister from the sun
Note from Dad... I've noticed that Elder Meyer really doesn't say too much about his personal challenges. We've picked up these two pictures from another source.   We sure love him and couldn't be more proud of the way he is serving with such a positive attitude.

His shower

Hello Everyone

This has been a pretty good week. Not too much has happened just a normal good week.


How was India? Anything super cool?


Question #1: What package did you get last?
Answer: I got the one with all the Christmas tree treats. Love them by the way.

Question #2:  Do you know anything about calling home?
Answer: Nope. I think what happens is that I will call you randomly sometime and give you a number and a time to call me. Then you call me.

Question #3: Was there a baptism yesterday?
Answer: Nope. We have some scheduled for this month.

Question #4: What are your plans Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?
Answer: Christmas Eve is on Monday, I think. So just a normal prep-day. Then we always have family home evening with some people here, so we will do that. Christmas is going to be amazing!!! We have 6 people who are going to be baptized!! Maybe seven. It is going to be awesome.

Question #5: How many are you teaching right now?
Answer: We are teaching the 7 who are going to be baptized and a couple others who are not ready yet. Also, a bunch of recent converts. There is a lot to do now.

Question #6: Tell me a time you felt the Spirit this week.
Answer: When we were teaching Andr*w.  A new investigator we found this week. He is Sh*nty's cousin. We were teaching the restoration, and I could just tell that the Spirit was there. It was great. He knew it too.

Question #7: Elder Garrett posted a picture of your shower. Is the water really brown?
Answer: Well, yes it is. It starts out brown and then it starts to get a little clearer. Don't worry though. We have a water filter that we can drink from.

Question #8: What would you like us to send in a package?
Answer: I don't care. Oh maybe an Oreo cream pie mix. Elder Nelson got one and it was really good. Whatever you send is great. You always send good stuff.

Question #9:  Any specific treats you want for Christmas?
Answer: Eggnog. ha ha I am just kidding that can’t be sent here. Anything with chocolate would be nice. Could you send your home made caramels and caramel corn?


Hello. Did you get the letters that I sent? How are you doing? Got a question. What is your favorite color?


That is sweet about your permit. Are you going to drive dad’s new car. Take a picture of it and send it to me. How is school? You are almost done for the semester. That is cool.


Thanks for the letters. I really love them. Did you get the one that I sent? Love you so much.


Well this week was a pretty good week. We passed out some flyers for the Christmas party on Saturday. It was great. I think that there should be a lot of people who will come.

M*rtha, one of our investigators, is awesome. The last couple of times we have gone over to teach her, we have found her reading the Book of Mormon. The last time we saw her she was in Jacob 5. It is awesome. She said that she really wants to finish the Book of Mormon soon.  I wish all of the investigators were as excited about the Book of Mormon as she is.

Andr*w is really awesome too. We just talked about Word of Wisdom. As always, he is chewing and doing some other stuff. He said that he would quit. He asked about tattoos. We said that it is best not to get them. He was sad because he has one. He immediately didn't want it any more.. He said if there was a way to get a skin color tattoo to cover it or remove it, somehow he would. He was very worried about what would happen when he is judged. We told him that he didn't know that it was bad when he got it, so he is not accountable for it later. He was a little happier to hear that.

Church yesterday was awesome. We had 6 investigators at church. It was awesome. And A*gistine brought his mom to church too. She is a member, just very less active. A*gistine is going to be a great strength to his family and to the branch and whole church on Yap!

On Saturday there was a branch clean up. You may think that this is like the ones in the states, but it is not. It is basically clearing the jungle around the church. It was fun, but a lot of work. It was a really good thing that I have a machete. It was fun to help clean up around the church. The women cleaned up inside the church. Sister Garrett is really funny. She thought that everyone would be inside cleaning. ha ha. I know that is not how it worked. Whacking down jungle makes you tired.

After that a member was in a local dance. She invited us to it. It was a "hang up dance" I think that means that they are done dancing for a while. Not sure though. It was just like the other local dances I have seen. I would send home pictures, but nobody here wears shirts, especially when they dance. So maybe I won’t send any home. There was a lot of food there. Not any new food that I haven't tried. Same stuff just cooked a little different. It was fun.

Last week we went on an abandon boat. It was pretty cool. It was the boat that would travel to the outer islands once a month to pick up and drop off people. It was pretty cool.

That is pretty much all that is new here. Do you think A*gistine's scriptures will make it by Christmas??

I love all of you so so much. You are the best family in the whole world. I am always praying for your safety.

Love Elder Meyer

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