Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Vine swinging, Wonderful baptism, Looking for more people to teach

Tour of an Island traditional "man house"

Youth Activity: Fire Dancing

Well, this was a pretty good week at the beginning of the week. Then it just turned into a normal week.

Well, I have thought it wasn't fair that you guys all got to go skiing and I didn't. Then I found something that you guys can't ever do in the states. Ha ha. So, you know in Tarzan, how he swings from vines. Well guess who did that? That is right, I did. It was really cool and really fun. I have a video and I will have to send it you guys sometime.

Anyways, the baptism was amazing. It was so great to finally have R*nny baptized. After that, it has kind of been a slower week. Most of our investigators have all been baptized, so now we have a different phase of the work that we have to do. Finding. It really is not successful. Just so you know, of the people who have been baptized, one of them was from finding the rest are member referrals. So we are going to be doing a lot of finding unless we get some more referrals from the members. We have a couple of potential investigators from referrals right now. We just need to actually teach them. They have all been "busy.” We are trying the best we can though.

New Year's Day (at 9:00am) baptism

Dad - Elder Tueller is the district leader and he loved the idea. So yep, go ahead and send them. Sounds like you all had fun skiing. Dad, yes mom did tell me that she was the only one who didn't fall. To be honest, I laughed a lot. Sounds like your “testing” thing is going well. I might have to give it a try. I bet it makes the day much happier. I think that we had the first baptism in the year for the church. Ours was at nine in the morning. There is only like 3 or 4 time zones ahead of us, so, I think we might have done it.

Question #1: How many lessons are you typically teaching each week?
Answer: We are teaching about 20 lessons a week. That is the goal for the mission per companionship. And we are reaching it. 

Question #2: Have you ever used any of the scripture notes we so carefully printed?
Answer: Yes. I try to use them when I can, but most of that stuff is a lot deeper than what we normally get into. I use them in personal study, that is for sure. 

Question #3: Can you share what you included in your personal prayer this morning?
Answer: Asked for you guys to all be safe, for our recent converts to stay active, and excited about church, for us to be able to find new investigators to teach.

Mom - I am surprised and excited that you went skiing. Sounds like you must have enjoyed it more than anyone else because you didn't fall. You will have that one on them for a long time. And you are running a 5K!!! WOW!!! That is pretty cool. You are getting crazy mom. But it is a good crazy. I am glad that all went well.

Question #4:  Tell us about the baptism?
Answer: It was great. There were only R*nny, A*gistine and his family, us missionaries, and R*nny's cousin there.  A nice small baptism, in the ocean. It was really nice. 

Question #5: Did you get any more packages?
Answer: Yes, I got the one with more Christmas presents. And the frisbee from grandma. Thank you

Question #6: Are the DVD's that we will send being used to give directly to people or to help with teaching?
Answer: I was thinking some of both. Or at least let them borrowing them.

Question #7:  Tell me one interesting thing that happened at church today.
Answer: Well, I went up to Thol because Elder Nelson is in Guam for a meting. It was great there because there were 21 people there. Normally there is only like 12 or 14. So that was great. 

Question #8: What would you like me to send in a package?
Answer: Gatorade mix. I bought one a couple days ago and it was $3.50 for a 20 oz.

Question #9: Share one thing you learned this week while teaching or studying.
Answer: That we are not supposed to call the 12 Apostles, Apostles. It says it in Jesus the Christ. We are supposed to call them the Council of the Twelve. Interesting, right? I had no idea. 

Question #10: Tell about a time you felt the Spirit this week.
Answer: When C*rmen spoke on baptism at R*nny's baptism. It was great to hear her testimony and I felt the Spirit there so strong. It was amazing to hear her testimony about the restored priesthood.

Staheli - Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you are having a wonderful Birthday. Did you have fun skiing? You must have fallen right? I love you so much and am sad that I missed your birthday. 

Reed - So you went snowboarding. Was it better than skiing? If it was, will I get my snowboard back when I get home anyways? Ha ha. Love you man.

You are the best family in the whole world. I love you guys a lot. 
Love Elder Meyer

Yap Island Airport
Yap Island Sunset

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