Sunday, January 27, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Distractions like a falling coconut, Another baptism coming up, Cleaning out the jungle, Offered to cut down a betelnut…

Hello Everyone

Well, not to much has happened here on Yap. Nothing really new to report.

As you know, President Mecham was here last week. It was good to have him here. He is very enthusiastic about the work. Not too much has happened here.

We are still teaching L*nd*. She is doing very well. We have been able to meet with her more often. We are working around a busy schedule that always changes. It is pretty crazy. She is going to be baptized on Feb 2. It should be very nice. She has a son that is really young and likes to run around. He is really distracting for Linda. It makes it harder for the spirit to work on her. That is something that I have noticed.

The devil is real and he works. I can not tell you how many times something happens right when the spirit is getting stronger. A kid will come running through, a chicken will start making noise, a coconut will fall, or anything else to distract form the spirit, especially when we are starting to use scriptures from the Book of Mormon. It is crazy. It doesn’t matter what we do, Satan just comes in and tries to ruin everything. It is really annoying. We just try to focus in again on the spirit to help out our investigators.

L*nd* has prayed about the things that we have taught her. And she knows they are true. So that is very good. It is just a matter of the rest of the commandments we need to teach and encourage her to start living. The biggest one being the Word of Wisdom. It will all work out though.

Betelnut is a big challenge on the island.

We went over and helped *nnie out. They are building a new house and have to clean out the jungle. So we went to help. Machetes are amazing by the way. It is a tool that I will always have from now on. We chopped down a lot of trees and bushes. I got a couple of blisters, but no big deal. It was fun to help out. I really love doing service for other people. I wish that people would let us help out more often. Edw*n, her husband came to church. It was good to have him there. He doesn't want us to teach him yet. We are still working with him. If you come to church a couple more times and feel the spirit, he will want us to teach him. He is a big betelnut chewer though. When we were helping them on Saturday, he said to cut down some trees; I said the betel nut ones first? He was very quick to say no. I was just joking, well mostly joking.

We went over to A*gistine's house for a Family Home Evening. We did an activity with spoons and cups. The cups couldn't move and they were a spoon distance from each other. They then use the spoons to hold the scriptures up. Everyone around us started watching and trying to help out. It was funny. We then taught them about CPR Church Prayer and Read. Then there are the things you most do to keep your faith strong Faith = scriptures and spoons = CPR. And you can't do just two of the things. It is not enough. You must do all three. It is a really good object lesson.


I am sorry to hear that you were sick. That is no fun. So now you went to Canada? That is pretty cool. Actually, literally cool. Haha.  5 below, I can't even imagine like 60. 60 would be freezing for me now. Elder Garrett asked me what you did; I told him I don't know exactly. Can you try to explain it again to me? Please? Everyone here thinks you are some kind of spy because you are traveling to so many places and because I don't know what you are doing for work. It is kind of funny. The olive thing will be good for seminary. I think it will help them. Love you.


I am so glad that you are healthy. No you have to take care of the two BOYS don't you. I am sorry.

Question 1: Did you get another package from us? If so, what was in it?
Answer: Nope, I have not gotten a package from you guys yet. There might be one at the post office, but they were not done sorting when we went and checked.

Question 2: What did you do at church yesterday - talk, teach, sacrament prep, etc? –
Answer: Actually, I didn't have to do anything on Sunday. It was pretty nice. Elder Nelson gave a talk yesterday, though. It was pretty good.

Question 3: What kind of food are you preparing for yourself?  Give an example of breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Answer: Breakfast, maybe toast, or when the Zone Leader goes to Guam for a meeting, I have him buy bagels and cream cheese. But I am out. Lunch/dinner it could be spaghetti, spam and rice, chicken and rice, something else and rice.

Ice from the refrigerator, not freezer. They have a small frig and 1/3 of it was full of ice.

Sour Sap fruit. Elder Meyer likes it. Taste sweet but not really able to say it taste like anything similar in the states.

Question 4: Is there a primary, Young Women (YW), and Young Men (YM) program functioning in Colonia?
Answer: Not really. Primary has a teacher; YM is not working at all. The YW Pres is 19 years old, so that is a challenge. They could really use some leaders here. Someone to train people on how to do things.

Question 5: Is there activities for the youth on a weekday/night, like there is here?  If so, tell me about it.
Answer: There is a fireside every Sunday night. No mutual though. Fireside is a movie or something that Elder Garrett puts together. We watch it and he talks for a while. We don't always go to that because we have other things to do.

Question 6: Is there anything -food, teaching aids, clothes, shoes, anything that you need or want?
Answer: No, I am doing good. Oh do you think you could get scripture strings for Elder Ramiterre. He has the quad, just like the one for A*gistine. Thanks

Question 7: Both Reed and your dad have been sick.. Reed had the stomach flu and your dad came home from Canada with the respiratory flu. I however have stayed healthy. Do people get the flu on Yap?
Answer: Yes. Not very often, I don't think. J*rom had something the other day and asked for a blessing.

Question 8: Are there any youth there that are considering missions?
Answer: There are actually two young women who have there papers already turned in for their missions. They should get their call by the beginning of February.

Mom you are wonderful. I love you so much. You are the best mom in the world. Happy Birthday. Love you

Staheli - So have you managed to stay healthy? I sure hope so. How is work going? Could you tell me about some of the little kids you are helping? Please? Love ya

Reed - So you are sick. That is never a good thing. Don't be missing out on school. Get better soon. You have got a lot of snowboarding for me to do. haha. Love ya

Love you guys SO much.
Love, Elder Meyer


  1. "A kid will come running through, a chicken will start making noise, a coconut will fall, or anything else to distract form the spirit, especially when we are starting to use scriptures from the Book of Mormon. It is crazy."
    Maybe it's not the devil, maybe it's God showing you His creation: A healthy, happy kid running around, a chicken as a sign that God created the animals to serve us, e.g. as food. That's the reason we have to respect animals as much as we have to respect humans. As for the falling coconut: God shows us that He will always provide for food and everything we need.

    And why are you insisting on wanting to teach Ed*in? Give the poor man the chance to look if the Mormon Church is something for him or not. Don't force him into anything he doesn't want.

    And, just another thought: why don't you wright at the end of each letter: "Love, John" ? Wouldn't it be more personal, more warm-hearted?

    Please don't take my thoughts as a mean critique. Please, just try to see the things from a different perspective, try think about them from a positive point of view. You will see that God's creation is much more wonderful than you could expect and that there are people who don't want to be converted, but they are still God's children, so, please, respect their choices.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for sharing your views. These postings are clips from letters that our son writes home to us each week. We are sharing them with family and friends who are interested and care about his welfare and service.

    When I was investigating this Church, I experienced numerous "interuptions" that I believe were intended to interfere with the witness of the Spirit testifying of the truth that I was being taught. Elder Meyer's point seemed to be lending the same perspective.

    Certainly we agree that there is beauty and grand evidence of God's creation all about us. We are blessed to live in such a wonderful world created by a loving Heavenly Father.

    As his father, I absolutely love his signature of "Elder Meyer" and I find it warms my heart to know that my son is dedicating, and paying for, 2 years of his life to represent the Savior. Warmth doesn't begin to express how much joy I feel by reading his signature line this way. When he returns home, we will hug him, and feel joy in calling him Johnny once again.

    Fortunately, we also agree on the essential element of agency. We are so happy that many prepared men and women across the world are open to receiving the message these missionaries have to share about Jesus Christ. Agency is central to that teaching and please enjoy reading more about this at

    Again, thank you for writing. Hopefully you will find the "positive point of view" in your readings of the blog. If you so desire, please find joy in learning more about Christ, by further study and co-reading of the Bible and Book of Mormon.

    Warm regards,
    Elder Meyer's Dad.

  3. I hate it when the coconuts fall on our roof when we're teaching our investigator. (Except they look more like pine cones. We definitely enjoy reading some of Elder Meyer's emails. Sounds like he's having a wonderful mission! (But we're not at all convinced his dad is not an international spy. I mean who else would fly back East for just a two hour meeting???)

  4. Dear Elder Mayer's Dad,
    Thank you for your quick answer.
    I am happy for you that you live in such a loving family.
    God bless you and your whole family.