Monday, February 25, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Good news about teaching, Family History is challenging

Mogethin (hello),
I have got some good news about teaching here. yeah!!!  [See below note to everyone]


Wow, more chickens. I didn't ever think that that would happen. Sounds like things are going pretty well back home. I really love the idea about temples. They are such a wonderful place. I really miss going to the temple. And I would have turned to a Popsicle in 6 below

Question #1:  How has your testimony of the actual ordinance of baptism by immersion, grown?
Answer: Teaching it has helped it to grow. Then, to see someone you taught get baptize… It is amazing. Also, learning about Christ’s baptism helped. I never really realized it before, but Christ walked 70 miles to go to John to be baptized by someone with authority and by immersion. That is like walking up and down Yap like 5 times.

Question #2: Have you ever seen someone tied to a man house?
Answer: Personally no. They do it though.

Question #3: Do the Yapese keep records that can be used for family history?
Answer: The Catholic priest has records of everything. They don't give them out if you are a Mormon though. So it gets a little tricky. Most grand kids don't even know their grandparents names. They just know them by grandma and grandpa.

Question #4: How close do you work with the Garrett's (Senior Church Education System Couple on the Island)?
Answer: Very very closely. In fact, I was just over there today. He had computer problems again. I help them out a lot. Missionary side of things... I go out with Elder Garrett pretty often, especially now because there are only 3 of us. When we go with Elder Garrett there is "4" of us.

Question #5: Do you ever feel that Grandpa Jack (or anyone else) is nearby?
Answer: I think so, yeah. I am sure I've received help before, and it could have easily been Grandpa Jack.


You sound very very busy. Don't get too busy though. You still need to have fun. Okay? That is awesome that there are Sister Missionaries. Do you think you could send some missionaries to Micronesia Guam please? We could use some. I think there is only 63 missionaries here right now

Question #6: Have you gotten any packages? What was in them?
Answer: Nothing this last week. I have not gotten mail today though. So maybe.

Question #7: Tell about some service you did this week?
Answer: We were planning on doing some service, but it all fell through
[Note: The Senior couple posted the following pictures where the Church distributed clothes]

Question #8: Share a moment of inspiration
Answer: At church there was someone there and I didn't know what to say. Then I just started talking… the words came.

Question #9: What do you need?
Answer: Nothing, I am doing good.

Question #10: Do you use the videos in teaching?  If so, how?
Answer: Yes. We just find a video we want to share. We bring it and a portable. And play it with our lesson. We talk about it after. It is really good.

Staheli - I am so glad to hear from you. That is cool that you are still working with those kids. That is awesome. The fam has said that you are pretty good at skiing. That is cool. You are probably better at skiing than I am at snowboarding. ha ha.

Reed - Nice job on the B- ball. I really miss playing. That is cool that you got dad to play a video game. He never does that. I knew that Portal 2 was a good game.

To Everyone

Well, we have got about 5 new investigators. It is really really awesome. All of them are from members. Which is even better. I think that they will all be baptized at some time. Probably sooner than letter.
There is M*cheal and Al*vra. This is L*nda's mom and brother. It think that it is going to be awesome. There is also 3 from Sh*nty. Their names are D*rlynn, Ay**n, and Al*son. We have only had 1 lesson with D*rlynn. She is planning on being baptized on March 16. It should be really really good.
Oh, there is Als*n T*ning M*yo. She is a friend/ co-worker of a member. She has come to church two times already. We are meeting with her soon.

I am very excited. The work here is starting to pick up again. Things are going to move fast. I think that we are going to have a nice group like with A*gistine and that group. It should be great.

Well that is about it for today. I love you guys so so much

Love Elder Meyer

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  1. I enjoyed your letter especially the comment about your Grandpa. I know we receive help from beyond the veil. What a blessing! Sounds as if you are a great missionary and are enjoying your mission!!