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Letter from Elder Meyer: Given out 100s (Q7). All service projects involve a machete (Q8). Killed a pig (Q9). More baptisms… Starting to learn Woleian language.

Elder Meyer in a local shower


Betelnut Tree

Hello Everyone

This has been a pretty good week. Not too much has happened, but just a good week.


Sounds like the boating trip was a lot of fun. I am glad to hear that. That whole arranged marriage thing is pretty interesting. They don't do that here.

Question 1:  Tomorrow in seminary we are talking about “searching the scriptures.”  Since the islanders seem to have time, do they spend some of it studying?  What are the typical study habits of the active members?  Do they understand and know the stories in the scriptures?

Answer: The active members spend some time studying. Most of the time they are studying the stories. It is harder for them to pick out doctrine. But they do a pretty good job. Most people will understand the story pretty well. So it is pretty good.

Question 2: How many lessons did you get to teach this past week, and how many with members present?

Answer: 25 lessons and 10 member present.

Question 3: Have you ever needed to use your consecrated oil?  Is so, could you explain for what?  Do the local members use it from time to time?

Answer: Yes I use it a lot. The same thing that you use it for... Blessing for the sick and afflicted. Most of the time, the members here will call the missionaries for about everything from giving a blessing, to help for a talk on Sunday...

Question 4: We are watching “Best Two Years.”  Do you actually hold companion inventory?  Remember, Elder Johnson asks Elder VanPelt to gentle punch him when he says “flip”.

Answer: Yes, we do hold companionship inventory. I have never had permission to hit my companion from him though J

Question 5: Can you describe a memorable lesson taught recently and why it was so?

Answer: We were teaching J*ne. She is going to be baptized on Saturday. We had the Branch President with us. We had a great discussion about Church, Prayer and Reading. Our branch Pres. is handicapped, so he doesn’t come out with us very much, but there is so much power that comes from the local leaders teaching the people.

Question 6: Have you needed to use your water filter lately?

Answer: Nope... the mission gives us filters; i just use the one I brought when our water is turned off.

Question 7: Are you actually handing out copies of the Book of Mormon?  If so, how many do you think you’ve given away during your mission?

Answer: Yes, we hand out a ton. I have no idea how many I have handed out. Probably in the 100s or so. Actually right now we have none on Yap it is not good. Actually we don't have any in the mission.
We are entirely out!! So, yes we do give out Book of Mormons.

Question 8: Have you been able to do any service lately?

Answer: Yes, we helped clean somebodies yard. You pretty much just use your machete and cut the jungle down. It is pretty fun.


I am glad the activity was still fun. That is pretty dumb about the master’s thing that they won’t let you progress at the rate you want. I know that you will finish as fast as they will let you. You are amazing.

Question 9: What is the funniest thing that happened this week?

Answer: Funniest thing would be help President Jim kill his pig. It was pretty funny.

Question 10: Describe church yesterday - from the time it started, to who was there, the songs, etc.

Answer: Well, we started and there was only like 13 of us. As the sacrament meeting went on, we ended up with 24 people there. It was really great. We had the normal people there. President Mathew and his wife. My two investigators!  Sam and pet and there grandma. Then also there were a couple of the less active people that we have been working with. It was a really good Sunday.

Question 11: Tell me about the huge youth event that 90 youth attended!

Answer: There was 90 people total. There were several adults, but still it was a good activity. We had two baptisms, that was when I baptized J*hnny in the ocean. It was great. We just played games on the beach. It was a lot of fun.

Question 12: Describe what life is like for a sixteen year old boy on Yap.

Answer: Well… now, if they want to or if his parents make them, he will go to school. He will come home and eat and maybe do some homework. But most likely he will go play around the jungle just goofing off or maybe go spear fishing.

Question 13:  What was the hardest thing you did this week?

Answer: I don't know. The hardest thing always is just teaching people in a way to help them the most. That is what makes a mission so hard and so much work. But in the end it is the best thing ever to see someone get baptized and to truly come unto Christ.

Question 14: Have  you gotten sick since you have been there?

Answer: Maybe, like one time. I stay pretty healthy.

Question 15: What is one thing you learned this week?

Answer:  One thing that I have learned recently or relearned is that the Doctrine of Christ is everywhere in the Book of Mormon. I have been reading it and highlighting the Doctrine of Christ. It is everywhere. I am in Ether 2 right now.  i will probably finish tomorrow. But man, it is everywhere. Which is perfect for missionary work.


Hope you are still doing well. I am doing great. Love you!


Good luck on the basketball tryouts. I am sure that you can make the team.

To Everyone

Well, this week was good. We are going to have a baptism on Saturday. So that should be great. J*ne is going to be baptized. We meet with her a couple times a week and she is just so excited to be baptized.
She cannot wait.

We are planning a branch activity; it will be on Saturday as well. So we will have a baptism and an activity it is going to be awesome. We have one other baptism that will happen this month in my area. His name is M*ldon. He is staying with Jim, the District President. He is helping us teach him. M*ldon doesn’t' understand a lot of English, so it is hard to teach him. I don’t speak his language unfortunately, but I think that I am going to start learning it pretty soon. I have my language mastery. Which means I can teach all the lessons in Yapese and have taught them all. So I think that I am going to start really focusing on the other language here on Yap. I think I will start as soon as i finish the Book of Mormon in Yapese. I really don't like not being able to explain things in their own native language, that is why I am going to put Yapese on hold for a little while and get the basics of Woleian. It should be pretty good.

One of the less-actives I am working with is a return missionary. He served in the Marshall Islands. He would like a copy of his patriarchal blessing (not spelled right) I have is name birthday and his record number. How can i get his blessing?

We actually had a PEC in Thol. It was really good. We made a plan to go do home teaching as a group. So we went and did that on Sunday.

Everyone was very excited about it. They all felt really good. We had an appointment to run too and so we left, but they were going to keep going and seeing people. It was awesome. I am so glad that they are getting more involved and doing more. It should have nothing but positive effects here.

The Thol branch is moving so well right now. I don't think that I have ever seen it moving so well. I just hope that it will continue.

Transfers are this week. We find out Tuesday if we are leaving the island and Wednesday if we are not and then what area we are going to.

I really don't want to leave Yap. I love the people here. I just feel like this is where i need to be. Some missionaries want to go see the other islands, but I do not. This is where I want to be. I have a connection with the people here, and I don't want to leave. I am afraid, that if I leave the Thol branch it will start to sloop back down. I have been serving in Thol for 6 months start and 3 when I first got here. I love that area, and I am glad that it is moving.

I love this gospel, I love serving the Lord by serving the people here on Yap. Nothing makes be happier.

I love you guys. You are the best family in the world. Thank you for all you do for me. I pray for each and every one of you. I love you guys so so much. I really do.

Love Elder Meyer

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