Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Out of books (Q5). Typical day for a young person (Q6). Can’t remember the states (Q13).

Hello Everyone

This has been a pretty good week. Well, mostly good.

Making local food... love the Yapese made tie!


Glad work is going well. That would be really funny to have you come to Guam. You would only be about 400 to 500 miles away from me. That would be pretty funny.

Question 1: How readily do the people in Yap accept the commandments when they are taught them?

Answer: It depends on how strong their testimony is. If it is strong, they accept and do their best to live the commandments we teach. If it is still weak, they will struggle with it.

Question 2: Was there anything that happened this week that made you smile?

Answer: It has been raining really hard, so I and my companion have been listening to Christmas music. It looks like Christmas here. And we made a really funny video. It was awesome.

Question 3: Of all the lesson topics you get to teach, which is your favorite and why?

Answer:  The restoration. Because it is what makes this religion, God's restored Church, special, and unique. It helps people understand the need of authority. It is the one thing that most people will not have heard of before. I love it.

Question 4: How many lessons this week were taught and how many with members present?

Answer: We taught 27 lessons this week. It was great. Our member presents drop a little bit. We had 8.

Scripture cover made by Yapese friend.

Question 5: You said you ran out of Book of Mormons to give away… have you gotten replacements?

Answer: Nope. They entire mission is out of Book of Mormons. We have none anywhere. I think it is because of the influx of missionaries.

Question 6: Can you describe a typical day for; say a young person, girl or boy that is under 12 years of age…

Answer: Now, they go to school, if the parents make them. So sometimes they go to school. After school, they may or may not do their homework. The rest of the day would just be playing in the jungle, helping clean the house, helping build a house, helping on any project around. Then, really just entertaining themselves with the jungle.

Playing in the jungle

Question 7: What did you eat and cook for all your meals yesterday?

Answer: Breakfast, I had a boiled egg. Lunch we eat a rice and bacon dish. It was good, but expensive, Bacon is not cheap here. Dinner, I had the raviolis you guys sent me.

Question 8: Have you started to learn the other language on the island?

Answer: I have. I have learned some of the basic words. I don't really know a lot, just the conversation starters.


Sounds like the temple trip was a lot of fun. That is great that you guys are able to go. The scriptures… just order one for Elder Ramiterre. The other missionary has not said anything to me about it.
So just get the small ones for Elder Ramiterre. The name on it should be what I sent a couple weeks ago. I can't remember, and he is not here to ask. I will let you know next week though.

Question 9:  How do you suggest that a youth study Preach My Gospel (PMG)? Read it straight through?  Study a chapter repeatedly and then move on?

Answer: I would read it straight through, or pick a chapter to study each day.  There are also activities inside PMG.

Question 10: We are sending you a box this week - any requests?

Answer: Chips and salsa. That would be great.

Question 11: Tell me about a time you felt the spirit at church yesterday. –

Answer: When we were talking about how we can help the less actives here on Yap. I gave an article to the leaders from the Liahona about it. We discussed it during Priesthood. It was really good.

Question 12: Describe a typical day now that you have been out for over a year.

Answer:  Same thing as always. Wake up, study, study, study. Go out teach teach teach. Go to bed. The only big difference now, is that I am senior companion, so I know the area better, so it is more up to me on who and when we are going to see. I just more run the day’s activities.

Question 13: Tell me one thing that is very different on Yap compared to home.

Answer: Church wise, branches vs. wards…huge differences.  Non church wise… everything is different. I think I am so used to this life, I can't always remember what it is like to live in the states. ha ha.

Question 14: How many different people are you teaching right now?

Answer: We are working with maybe around 11 or 12 investigators. They are all in different places in the gospel.

Question 15:  Now that 23-ish people are attending church in Thool, is there a primary or youth program running?

Answer: The youth program is going a little bit better know. They have a class taught to them, not by me now. So that is good. That is about it though.

Reed - Hope you make the team. That would be pretty awesome. Reed, just keep preparing for your mission. Serving a mission is the best thing in the world. Always be preparing yourself for your mission.

Grandma - I got your letter. I love getting your letters. I wish i was better at writing you back. I love to read what is going on back in Chico from you. You are wonderful. Love ya.

Ocean everywhere you look...

Letter to Everyone:

Well, this was a good week. Not too much happened, just a good week. We were going to have M*ldon be baptized, but he had to be married first. That was all going to happen, then the parents form both sides got involved, and it didn't happen. So we are waiting for things to settle down. The parents wanted to wait a week to have them married. So they can make sure they understand the commitment. I understand why they are concerned. M*ldon is locally married to his wife. They have been locally married for a year.  Hopefully, he will be baptized this week.

We went looking for some less-actives this week. There are 125 members on the Thool list, and only around 20 go to church. So we are always looking for the other ones. Well, we found some. We found a lot. We are starting to have family home evenings over there now. So that is good. I really hope that they are going to start going to church again. It would be really good. I keep running into new people over there. Some are members, some are not. So we are getting some new investigators too. If things go well over there, we could get a lot of baptisms and have a lot of people go to church. It would be great.
Something interesting about this family, is that they are all related to A*gistine. It is funny. They are also related to J*ne who was just baptized. So something good could happen.

That is about it that is going on here. Not too much else is going on.

I love you guys so so so so so much. You really are the best family in the world.


Elder Meyer

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