Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Wonderful & Awful (end of letter). Only one way to get in the ocean (Q1, Q2). More baptisms.

Hello Everyone

This was a wonderful, but awful week all at the same time. But more on that later.

Happy dancer
Harvest rest


Glad that boating was fun, and that you were home this week. Sounds like you are traveling a lot right now.

Question 1:  When you were in the ocean getting ready to perform the baptism on Saturday, what were you feeling?

Answer: Honestly, like I wanted to just jump in and swim around, and I also felt the Spirit, because we were baptizing someone. [Note from Dad: one of the mission rules is that they shouldn't swim.]
Elder Meyer not swimming.

Question 2: When you were finished baptizing her, and walking back to shore, what went across your mind?

Answer: Well, now that the baptism is over, maybe I can jump in now. Ha ha. I am just joking. The Spirit was really strong and I know J*ne felt it.

Ocean baptism

Question 3: What do you most love about the little Thol Branch and why?

Answer: How much it has grown. When I got here, our average was around 9 people a week, and we saw it get down to 5 or less, without any leaders there. Now, the average is 23ish. Very exciting.

Question 4: Have you taught or engaged with any of the visitors to Yap Island?

Answer: Well, visitors don't come where we serve –in Thol up northern part of island. I am up in the jungle away from the city.

Question 5: If you were to pick 2 traits that are common amongst the Yapese people to take home with you, what would they be and why?

Answer: Humility, and caring. For the most part, people are very humble and they care so much about their friends and family. I just think those are good traits to have.

Question 6: Do you need any clothes or anything at all.  Do any members of the branch need something that we could provide?

Answer: Nope, the only thing branch wise is white shirts for the priesthood and I think some got sent from Guam, but I will let you know.

Question 7: Did anything particularly funny happen this week?

Answer: Yes, but later it is funny, but what made this the worst week ever.

Question 8:  How many lessons were you able to teach this week, and how many with members present?

Answer: 25 lessons and 12 of them with a member present.


That is a really really good quote. I really like it. I am sorry about you being hurt, but congrats on getting closer to wake boarding.

Question 9: Now that you have been on Yap for over a year, what is your favorite place to visit that brings the Spirit, besides a church building?

Answer: I really like being near the tower and seeing all of yap from up high. It just reminds me that God created everything.

Question 10: Did you have a baptism this weekend?  Tell us about it.

Answer: We did. It was great. We also had a branch activity the same day. So it was a lot of fun. We just played some games and cleaned the church. It was great. The baptism was in the middle of it all. We started at the church then walked to the ocean and then did the baptism. Then walked back. Ja*e was so so so excited. It was just a wonderful and spiritual experience for her.

Question 11: You send lots of pictures in caves.  Describe the caves to me.
Where are they?  Are there lots of them?  Is caving a favorite pastime of the people?

Answer: Not a whole lot to them. It was an activity for the youth a while ago. They are in the middle of Yap. They are old Japanese caves from when they were mining here on Yap. They were fun to explore.

Question 12:  What is your favorite scripture currently?

Answer: 1 Nephi 3:7. I like it because it is one that will help all my investigators because they all struggle with following the commandments.

Question 13: Share a time when you felt the Spirit this week.

Answer: Well, that is an interesting question for this week. I will share with you below.


Hope you are great. I really miss hearing from you. Hope school and work are going great. I just want to say I love you.


Congrats on the wake boarding that is awesome and good luck with the Basketball.

To Everyone

Alright, so this week started out great… it was wonderful it was absolutely wonderful, nothing unusual, just great. Well, then we went to an appointment to an investigator at a member’s house. There were 5 pastors from the ****** church there. I walked up, and the Spirit was gone, just like that. I don't know if I have ever felt a loss of Spirit so strong in my life. It was sad and scary. Being without the Spirit is not good. They all started yelling at me and saying I am not allowed to ask a question. One pastor says a prayer for the family and in the prayer they ask that this family will not be lead astray by the antichrist standing here. So that was great. I got called an antichrist. It was odd for sure. They keep talking about the Book of Mormon and how it is so wrong, and how we don't need a prophet today. Afterward, all 5 of them come up and try and confuse me, they failed.  They just asked questions about who I represent (well Christ, not Joseph Smith, who they thought I represented). They thought that I didn't believe in the resurrected Christ. In the end I just let them yell at me. They asked about if the Book of Mormon was talked about in the bible. I answered them, “Yes”. They just got mad. I just decided it was no use arguing because contention is not from heaven.

It was crazy. After they left I prayed with the family to invite the Spirit in. It was just crazy. The Spirit was never fully back the rest of the day, but after the baptism the next day, the Spirit was back again. It was just nuts. I recorded in the voice recorder all of this as a little journal entry, so you will have that someday. That is all I want to say, because I don’t want to feel contentious.

Church was great. J*ne was confirmed. I also confirmed her. It was really really a great meeting. We had 28 people there, which is the most since I got to the island. So it is going really good. I didn't have to talk or teach any lessons at church this Sunday. It was a wonderful meeting. The Spirit was there, we had a confirmation and an investigator there. So I could not be more happy.

So that is how it was… the best and worst week ever. Pretty crazy week.

We should have another baptism this week in my area. It should be pretty good. I am excited about it. His name is M*ldon. He is from the outer islands. He is great. I am very excited about him. We have President Jim and/or President Mathew help us teach him. He doesn't speak a lot of English, and the language he speaks is not Yapese. It is hard to teach him, but we have great help from the members.

Well that is about it. I love you guys so so much. You are the best family in the world.

Elder Meyer.


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