Monday, November 11, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Week before Typhoon. Finding miracle (Q5). Just wants “white” shirts for Christmas (Q13). Two new babies born.

Hello Everyone

This week [note:  this letter is from 2 weeks ago, prior to the Typhoon] was pretty good. Nothing new really happened, but a good week.

Question 1: Can you describe how the start of home teaching is going?

Answer: Well, it is dying again, but it started enough so members talked about it, and I said that anytime they want to go, give us a call. Then we just started talking and we made a plan to do it after church, so we did it, and it went great.

Question 2:  How many lessons did you get to teach this week? And how many with members present?

Answer: 19 lessons and 8 with a member present.

Question 3:   Is there anything about your personality, that has changed the most since you been on Yap Island?

Answer: I don't know. I am sure a ton has changed. I am way more outgoing, I know that much.

Question 4: Is there also visiting teaching on the island or that just getting started?

Answer:  That is not really happening right now at all.

Question 5: Can you describe a moment this past week when you are certain you felt the guidance of the Holy Ghost?

Answer: We were walking in a village, and a little girl that knows me said, “bye Meyer”, and I said bye and kept walking. Then Elder Mott stopped and started taking pictures, I just felt like I should go talk to her. I go over there, teach a mini lesson, and get 2 new investigators. We go back on Saturday, that two grows to 4 and one of them is named Cl*nton. He is super excited about this, and wants to be baptized, that was all because of the Holy Ghost, no doubt.

Question 6: Does tithing work any different on the island, than it does here in the states? For example, do people pay in-kind rather than $ ?

Answer: Nope it is the same. They pay with money, it is just a lot less.

Question 7: Do you know if most of the Missionaries serving on Yap paid for their own mission or obtained $ some other way?

Answer: 2 are by the ward back home, 3 are by family helping out, and me.

Question 8: Is there something that happened this week and put a big smile on your face?

Answer: Teaching Cl*nton. It was really hard, because I don't speak his language, and the other people there didn't know a lot of English, so we just taught basic basic, which is hard, but good. And they all really liked it. It was really fun.
Another Stone Money Bank

Sounds like you are going to be busy at Christmas. That was a really fun party. I am sad to miss it. I do remember that. Congrats on your masters. You are almost done. I know that you could do it. I had no doubt. Elder Mott's parents are just a little new with technology. Elder Mott said that if you guys would talk to them, they would love to her.

Question 9:   Do you like me to address you as Elder Meyer or Johnny?

Answer: It doesn't matter. I am good with both. Both of them make me happy.

Question 10:  Did you get a package this week? What was in it?

Answer: I got the ones with the chips and salsa, and the one with the brownies and pop rocks and cheese-its. You guys are the best ever. I love them.

Question 11:  How many people were at the Thool Branch church this week?  What did you do?

Answer: 23. It was good day. I taught the youth Sunday school.

Question 12:  Tell me all anything about Elder Mott?

Answer: He is awesome. He is great. He reminds me a little Shaun Fogleman. So we are having a lot of fun.

Question 13: What do you want us to send you for Christmas?

Answer: Maybe some white shirts. That would be good. Mine are pretty not white. I will think this week and let you know.

Question 14:  Tell me the funniest thing that happened this week.

Answer: Elder Mott being hot. He is hot all the time, and it is super funny. I am completely adjusted to the weather and he is totally not, and it is so funny how hot he is all the time, and how much he sweats.

Question 15:  Tell me a time when you felt the Spirit this week.

Answer: When we were teaching Cl*nton. It was such a basic way to teach the restoration, but the Spirit was there. It was really a good lesson, they understood. It was really good.

Question 16:  How are the people you taught and baptized doing?

Answer: Of the very recent ones. 2 are great. J*ne is not. Her x husband came and picked her up and we can't find her. A*guistine and his family are going to the temple this year, so they are doing great again.

Staheli - Hope you are great. I hope work and school are going well still. Things are about the same here on Yap. I am training a new missionary. It is really fun. Anyways, love ya.

Reed - I hope your sprained ankle gets better. On the bright side, you can play church ball and dominate everyone.

Letter to Everyone

Well, not too much other stuff has happened. I feel like I told you guys about the good stuff. I am super excited about Cl*nton. He is going to be awesome. We had a pretty good group at church. So that was good. We had 23. It was a drop from last week, but there was 2 babies born this past week. One on Oct 31st and one on Nov 1st. So that was pretty exciting. We have two brand new babies in the branch. That is pretty fun. Both are very excited about having a new baby.

We are still planning for a group to go to the temple. We are working with the members on that. It is all really exciting.

We went out looking for J*ne. We had no luck. I am really worried about her. Her husband just came and picked her up. I have not seen her in a couple of weeks. She is so great, and was so excited about this gospel, but now she is gone. We are going to keep looking for her, but I am just worried about her. M*ldon is great. He is one of the people who just had a baby. He is pretty excited. This is first baby that they have had. They are both really excited. J*hnny is still doing great. He loves this gospel, and loves going to church. He is super great. Once he was baptized, I was worried he would drop off, but he is doing fantastic. We are seeing more and more changes here.

After this next trip to the temple, better things are sure to come. It is all very exciting.

Well that is about it. Sorry it is short, but I am almost out of time.

I love you all so so much. You are the best family ever.

Love Elder Meyer

·         Question, if I send home some packages, would you not open them. There is stuff for you guys, that I don't want you to see.

·         Also did you guys send Ramiterre's scriptures. Because I don't have them yet.

·         Also a couple of members are asking if you could send a copy of the Book of Mormon Movie. Could you do that.

You guys are super great. I love you all so so so much.

You are the best family ever.



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