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Letter from Elder Meyer: Biggest surprise about the mission (Q9). Unique cultural matter, the aunts have a lot of say about a new baby. Many new pictures.


Sounds like the snow (whatever that is) was a lot of fun. I am glad that you guys had fun.

Question 1:  We went skiing in Boreal yesterday, have you ever been even remotely cold on the island?

Answer: Yes. I have been. When it is raining and then the wind picks up it is super cold. All of the other missionaries laugh at me, but I am completely adjusted to the weather. SO… wind and rain = cold.

Question 2: What’s the funniest thing that has happened with your new companion this past week?

Answer: Nothing really that funny. In my opinion the funniest thing is how hot he is all the time. It just makes me laugh. We'll teach a lesson, and then after he goes, “man it is hot.”

Question 3: Number of lessons and members present?

Answer: 20 and 7. Not the worst, but not the best either.

Question 4: When you teach the youth group, seems like most Sundays… what material do you use as a guide?  Is there a lesson manual you follow or just use the scriptures?

Answer: For the most part, I just use the scriptures. I open to a good story in the Book Of Mormon. My goal is to get them more involved in the scriptures. So I try to pick really interesting stories and verses and bring it to life for them.

Question 5: Did something happen this past week that you were most grateful for?

Answer: We got permission to baptize Cl*nton. So that was awesome.

Question 6: Thanksgiving is coming up, do they celebrate same on the island?

Answer: Not really, it is mostly the church that will do a thanksgiving party. No one else really does anything.

Question 7: Who on the island (besides yourself) has changed the most because of your mission, and explain please.

Answer: I think A*gustine and his family. A*gistine was a heavy drinking, etc… using man. His wife was constantly praying that he would change. Now, he is preparing to go to the temple. How wonderful is that. I hope that I have impacted the youth as well. I put a lot of time into helping them and trying to help them understand the gospel more.

Question 8: How impactful is General Conference to those on the island who have viewed it?

Answer: To the ones that listened carefully. It is super powerful to them. It impacts them for a while, but just like most people in the states, it "wears off" I guess you could say. People get really excited about things, then it disappears for a while.

Question 9: Before you went on your mission, you had sort of an idea of what is might be like. What is the biggest surprise about a mission?

Answer: The amount of work it is, and how exhausted you are at the end of the day. Also, I figured I would love the people, but I did not know that I would love them as much as I do, and in the way that I do. I have no words for the amount of love I have for these people. In fact just writing that makes me tear up a little.


Still not sure what this "snow" thing is, but I am glad that it was fun ha ha. Year ski passes. That is awesome. You guys better go a lot. We didn't go very many times when I was home. Mom, I know that you would do just wonderful on all the parts of your Masters. To be honest, I was not worried at all.

Question 10: When you count discussions, if there are five people there, does that count for five discussions or one?

Answer: Just 1. You taught one thing to 5 people. It is just one lesson. That is a challenge in the mission… counting numbers right.

Question 11: When Elder Thueller goes home, will you be the most senior Elder on Yap?

Answer: Yes and no. I will be the most senior on Island of Yap, or been on the island the longest, but Elder Ramiterre will have been out longer on his mission than me.

Question 12: Did you get any package this week?  Answer:  Nope.

Question 13: Did the regular shipments of food and supplies get delayed because of the typhoon?

Answer:  Well, a boat just got here today. I think it was supposed to be here last week, but I am not sure. If it was delayed, not too bad of a delay.

Question 14: Tell me something that made you laugh this week.

Answer: Cl*nton and F*ona. They are two investigators. They are just really funny. They love to play with my camera and take lots of pictures. So it is funny to watch them. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, kids are good with technology. I don't have to show the kids how to use my camera, they just know.

Question 15: Tell about a lesson you taught that you felt the spirit.

Answer: We were teaching Cl*nton and F*ona.  Elder Melder’s recent convert was there. We were talking about the word of wisdom. I asked him to share his testimony. It was awesome. It was simple, but beautiful. The spirit was there.

Question 16:  Tell about church. Do you go to Thool and Colonia?  What did you do?  How many were there?

Answer: I still go to Thool (smaller group in the northern part of the island). I will be up at least until the end of December. I gave a talk this week. The person who was supposed to speak didn't want to, so I was asked about 3 minutes before we started. It is a normal thing in the Thool branch. We only had about 18 there. It was not a good week for attendance.

Question 17: So you still have the Christmas stuff I sent last year?  Do you want any other Christmas decorations?

Answer: I still have the stuff from last year. More lights I think would be fun. Thanks.

Staheli - So I here you went skiing. That must have been fun. Are you still a skier, or did you make the jump to snowboarding. One missionary here is a huge skier and another is a snowboarder. It is funny to hear them debate about which is better.

Reed - How was the snow. You are snowboarding now right? So just a funny question. I cannot remember what grade you are in. It is making me crazy to. I think you are a junior this year, but I can't remember for sure.

Grandma - Just wanted to say that I love you and are thinking about you. You are the best grandma ever.

To everyone

Well… let’s see about this week. Not to much more to say about this week. It was a pretty normal week. We found a new guy next to our house. His name is R*llin. He is pretty cool. I cannot tell how interested he really is. I think he is, but then his friends showed up and he kind of shut down a little bit. So I am not sure how that will all work. We will see how it goes. We watched the Book of Mormon movie with a member and his family this week. They loved it. He asked when the next one was coming out. He thought it was really great. I think it is going to float around that village and maybe something good will come from it. I hope something does. I am using that Book of Mormon dvd to help people find out how awesome the book really is. It seems to be working right now. It is pretty awesome. I think it will help a lot of people with bring the book to life.

Unfortunately we have had a family drop out of the temple trip. It is really sad. They just had a baby, and the baby will be 1 month when the trip happens. Well, in Yapese cultural, the father (of the baby)’s sisters has control of the baby, the name, where they live, and who raises the baby. Well the sisters of the father has decided that the baby is too little to go the Philippines. So they cannot go. It is really sad. I really wanted them to go. I hope they are able to go next time to the temple for the next trip next year.

You guys are the best. I love you all so so much. I really do.

You asked if there was something that you could get for some friends that I have here. Well, do you think that you could send some carving tools. It would be for a young man, who is not culturally allowed to live with his family right now. And really misses them.

Also a bunch of people love to draw here. Could you send a couple art kits for some of the kids.

Oh could you send another SD card for my camera. I just sent one home, but I almost filled up the other three, and will be without one here in a little bit. Thanks.

You guys are the best i can't say that enough. I love you all so so so so much

Love Elder Meyer

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