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Letter from Elder Meyer: Haircut Yap Style (video). No one sick from Chikungunya. Maybe more missionaries coming. Huge conference and well attended.

Haircut Yapese Style

Hello Everyone

This was a good week. Unfortunately everything that I  just typed was erased, and now I need to do it all over. I will go quick and see what I can get done.


Quite a story about the Presiding Bishop. [Note from Dad: Bishop Stevenson attended our ward/congregation and shared with us that he had been on Yap Island just before Elder Meyer arrived there.]

Question 1:  From the story above about the Presiding Bishop talking about Elder Meyer… what comes to your mind about it?

Answer: Everything happens for a reason.

Question 2: What traits have you observed from President Mecham that you would like to incorporate into your life?

Answer: HE is bold and enthusiastic about the gospel.

Question 3: Do you use any forms of technology in teaching people on the island?

Answer: Just he DVDs you sent.

Question 4: How many lessons and with members present?   Answer: 19 and 7

Question 5: There was another Chikungunya fever outbreak on Yap. News says that 340 cases discovered.  That’s quite a bit for the population.  Are you and the others Elders staying healthy?

Answer: We are good.

Question 6: What may have strengthened your testimony the most this past week?

Answer: Hearing the testimonies of the people I’ve taught, they spoke at district conference.

Question 7: If you were to write one complete sentence that describes the children on Yap, what would that sentence be?

Answer: They are special group of kids, they are like all kids though, they just want to have fun. They are just awesome, the spirit they have is amazing.

Question 8: If you were to write one complete sentence that describes the adult church members on Yap, what would that sentence be?

Answer: A group of people who are doing all they can to follow Christ in a difficult spot in the world.


It sounds like you talk to everyone about me. When I come home you will have nothing to talk about. Ha ha.

Question 9:  Any packages?  What did they have in them?   Answer: Nope

Question 10: Any Thanksgiving plans?

Answer: We were going to have a baptism, but that is not going to work out, so not really.

Question 11: How many people were at church, what did you do?

Answer: Well, it was district conference and there were 137 people there. It was awesome. Elder Ringwood, the new Area President was there. It was really good.

Question 12: How many church services do you attend?

Answer: I guess you could say two. It is one normal one, and one that is called a small group meeting. It is just sacrament meeting. It is smaller than a branch and is dependent on the branch.

Question 13: Talk about the children on the island.

Answer: The kids are great. They are supper funny and really fun to talk to. They are like normal kids. They like to have fun and play around. There is just a special spirit with these kids though.

Question 14: Have you gotten sick while on Yap?

Answer: Not really. I have stayed pretty healthy.

Question 15: Describe a time this week when you followed the spirit and were blessed.

Answer: We got a referral, but could not find were the person lived. We looked up and down the village and we had no luck. I just felt impressed to go down one more time, we stopped at this house, and there she was. It was great. We had a wonderful lesson with her.


Hope things are going well with you. Dad said that you were giving a presentation in Tampa or something like that. What is that about?


So you are a junior. That is what I thought. It has just been a long time since I thought about school. You need to stop injuring yourself. You are going to lose both your legs if you are not careful. Ha ha. Glad you are doing great man!


I just got a letter from you last week. It always puts a big smile on my face to read your letters. Thank you so so so much.


To Everyone

Alright, I will go fast because this is the 2nd time I’m writing this letter since my first letter got deleted… This has been a crazy week.   We are being very careful about the chickenguna illness going around. Then got a call that Pres Mecham is thinking about putting more missionaries on this island. And that I need to go and find an apartment for them to stay in. So now I have done that. I am not sure what is going to happen. I think it will all be good. Whatever happens it is the will of God, so no reason to worry too much. I know that there is a lot of work to be done where the new missionaries would be moving to. So it will be good.  I know good things will happen there.

Elder Ringwood is here. He is a really great man. We had a ton of people and District Conference. It was really good to see so many people there. We had 137 people, it was great. As I have mentioned, some of my recent converts talked. Ag*stine, and his wife, and also J*hnny.

It was really great. They all did a fabulous job. It was so good to hear their testimonies. It made me feel really good. The spirit was super strong there. It was great. J*hnny talked about me in his talk. He was really scared to go up and talk. I helped him feel a little bit better the night before. He did great.

Ag*stine and C*rmen were both really nervous. They told the other missionaries that he wanted to talk
with me. So I drove down there and talked to them about what they were going to do, and how they can prepare for it. They both did wonderful.

It was a very good conference. It was mostly about hastening the work.
It all went right along with what President Monson is talking about.
It was really good.

This morning we had a meeting with President Ringwood and his wife and the Pres and Sis Mecham. It was a really good meeting. Most of it was about working with members more. Hastening the work. And of course there was always something about being obedient, well exact obedience.

Elder Ringwood is a very smart man. We talked for a long time just on 3 Nephi 11, and the order of things that happens, and the order that Jesus Christ did things. It was really interesting. I never thought about it. For example, there were about 2500 people there and they all touched Jesus. If you figure it took about 10 seconds per person to touch Him. Then that is about 7 hours that Jesus stood there letting every single person come and touch Him and get their own testimony. It was all really good. True conversion takes time on our part and on theirs. We can't be frustrated when some people are progressing faster than others.

Well, I am almost out of time, so I need to hurry.

You guys are the best ever. I love you all so so so much.

Love Elder Meyer

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