Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Wow!!! Sister Missionaries coming to the island! Now there are 8 missionaries on Yap.

Hello Everyone.  Here's a video of a wonderful baptism in the ocean.

To Everyone

So, this transfer is crazy… I will go fast. We heard we might lose most, if not all, of the missionaries because of the chickenguna.

Well, then we were told we need to find some more apartments so that is what we are doing now. We have found 2 new places to live, and are getting things ready for more missionaries. We were told that we might get some sisters, which is really exciting, and go up to 8 missionaries. We have not had either of those for 3 to 4 year.  So things are pretty great right now. It will be really great. There should be 4 missionaries in the Thol branch and that would be really exciting. I can't wait for that to happen. This transfer should be good and quite interesting at the same time.

Cl*nton is doing really good he should be baptized on Saturday. It should be great, we are both very excited. The person, who gives him a ride to church, is going to the temple, so we need to find him a new ride to church. It will all be okay though. Blessings will come from people going to the temple. We have some new really great investigators, they should be baptized this week, if all goes according to plan, we are going to push and pray that it all happens.

Sorry it is short. I had a huge letter written out and when I pushed send it took me to, so I lost it all. I am very sorry. The internet is crazy here sometimes.

That is about all the time I have left. Just know that I am doing fine, the work is going great, I love this gospel, and I LOVE YOU ALL. YOU ARE THE BEST.


Elder Meyer

Just lost everything again on the computer. And I have only a couple of minutes left, the only thing that saved was dad's stuff.

Things are going good here on Yap. We are all doing really great.


Sounds like Reed's day was a lot of fun. You are so lucky to be able to go to the temple so much. I truly miss it. And over 200 kiwi's, that is crazy. I didn't think we would ever get any of those.

Question 1: I noticed the Garrett’s finished their mission. What was the biggest blessing they brought to the island during their service?

Answer:   I think the temple. They were such a big part of getting the first group to go and getting this group ready to go next week.

Question 2:  If you were to pick one thing that you learned this past week, what would it be?

Answer: Expect the unexpected. More on this later…

Question 3: How many lessons, plus with members present?

Answer: We had 23 lessons and 12 with a member present.

Question 4: I can’t remember if mutual is working in the Thool branch? If so, what do they usually do?  Answer:  Nope.

Question 5: Any teaching or lessons being shared with an island chief?

Answer:   Not really. They have stopped progressing. We just stop in and see them every once in a while to keep them in contact with the missionaries.

Question 6: I’ve lost count, how many total baptisms on the island since July of 2012?

Answer: I think close to 30.

Question 7: Was there a moment this past week when the Holy Ghost confirmed something that was being taught?

Answer: We taught the restoration several times this past week, and every time the Spirit was there, I felt it and I know the investigators felt it.

Question 8: Could you share the details about today’s prep-day?

Answer: Today, we study in the morning just like normal, and after head to Colonia. We start laundry go and shop and email. Come back, finish laundry and go do something fun. Today, we are going to be busy doing something very interesting. More on that later though.

Question 9: For the youth Sunday school class, you seem to teach from time to time, do the students seem to have a favorite Book of Mormon story?

Answer: Nephi, I guess. That is the one that they are most familiar with. So I try to get them to know more stories from the Book of Mormon.

Question 10: What put the biggest smile on your face this week?

Answer: Hearing the testimonies on Sunday.

Question 11: How do you feel the zone is doing overall?

Answer: We are doing pretty good. I think that we can always do better though. We are all pretty unified which is good.


Sounds  like you guys had fun.

Question 11:  Did you get any packages this week?  What was in them?   Answer: No.

Question 12: What did you do on Thanksgiving?  Answer: Teach

Question 13:   Tell about church in the smaller northern island branch/congregation.  How many were there? What did you do?   Answer:  22 blessed sacrament.

Question 14:  Have you thought of anything you want for Christmas?  Answer: chocolate bars.

Staheli - Dad said your presentation is awesome.

Reed - How was Reeds day?

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