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Moves and front door is on the ocean. Audio message for Christmas. Never thought the day would come (Q4). Another baptism (Q6).

Hello Everyone

Things are going pretty well here on Yap. We have had a lot of changes to the island in the past week [Week of Dec 8th). It is awesome.

Christmas Testimony in Yapese -> English
2:49 minutes


Congrats on doing that much temple work. That is really cool. You are a great example, of how one person being taught the gospel affects generations in both direction. That is pretty cool.

Question 1: Refresh us on who all the missionaries are, companion setup, and location covering.

Answer: Me and Elder Mott in a new area called Gagil. It is the same area, just some of it was assigned for the other missionaries. Waimila and Hatch in Thol (where I just was), Ramiterre and Huppe in Dalipebinaw. Huppe is new to the island, but served on the Island of Chuuk for a while. He is 2 transfers older than me and the sisters. SisterCambell and Sister David. They are in Colonia.

Question 2: How many lessons taught this week, and how many with members’ present?

Answer: Well, only 15 and 8 with a member. Not too bad for having to move where we live, and get stuff ready, and shrink part of my area.

Question 3: Are those going to the temple repeat visit or new first time?

Answer: Most are new. It is really great. I can't wait for them to come back and talk to them about it. Jim the district president is going again. If you go a second time, you have to pay for expenses.  [Note from Dad: Because of the substantial flight and expenses to travel from Yap to Philippians –nearest temple—the Church helps defray the costs for those going the first time to the temple to be sealed to each other.]

Question 4: When the sisters arrived, what thoughts crossed your mind about their service on this wonderful little island?

Answer: I never thought I would see the day. I was so happy to have them here. Sisters in the past did a lot of good work. So it is good to have them here after not having any for several years. I was a little concerned too. I have actually never really served with sisters before. The only sister missionaries I saw was when I went to Guam to get my trainees.

Question 5: You haven't got any of our packages for a while. I wonder why? Mom has stuff to send, but concerned about you not getting them... i.e., scriptures for that Elder for example.  [Note from Dad: Our last 4 packages haven’t been received. Something has changed]

Answer: I didn't know you sent the scriptures. I got the art stuff last Wednesday. Thanks. Those kids are going to love them. When did the scriptures get sent?

Question 6: What put a smile on your heart this week?

Answer: Seeing Cl*nton baptized.

Question 7: What do you most appreciate about Yap Island, other than the people?

Answer: Umm.. Everything… really I love it all. I really like how clean this island is. I hear most of the other islands are a bit dirty, but not this one!

Question 8: Can you describe details around the best teaching moment from this past week?

Answer: We were teaching Sh*ndra. She is a new investigator in my old area. We were talking about the restoration.  Starting at the beginning with God, and who He is. And she asked why there are so many churches, and what are the differences between them. She was super interested. It was really great. She was engaged in what we were teaching. It was all in Yapese. She was really impressed. We got to the Apostasy, and she really understood why there were so many churches today. It was great. She accepted a baptismal date. It was awesome!

Question 9: What are you most looking forward to this week and why?

Answer: Umm let’s see. Probably working a spot of the island that has not been worked in a long time. It is going to be great. It is really strong Catholic, but it should be really interesting.


Sorry mom time is up. I know you are really busy don't worry. You are the best still. Love you

Staheli - How was your presentation? If you did it already. I can't remember when you are doing it. I hope it goes well, if you have not done it yet! I know you will do great.

Reed - Hey Man, love you.

Letter to Everyone

Alright so what is new here? Well I guess a lot is new here. So dad asked about where everyone is. So that is really cool. We have not had 8 missionaries or sisters in such a long time. It is super exciting. I know that it will really help the church grow here. The sisters have a car, which forces a walking area in the Thol branch. It is a big area. It is from where I use live at to the church. It is large, but good things can come. I moved apartments and so did Ramiterre. It has taken a long time to get it all situated, but it is all done now. My new apartment is really nice, and every morning I get to wake up to a beautiful sun rise over the ocean. It is super nice. It is really fun.

I live like right next to the ocean. It is really nice. In the morning there is a really good breeze. It is nice. When we moved to this apartment, we lost the air conditioner. None in the new place. I am okay with that, but Elder Mott is still not adjusted, so he is always hot. There is another apartment right next to ours. The missionaries for the Jehovah witnesses live there. It is an interesting relationship right now.

We had the baptism of Cl*nton. It was super great. He was so excited. One of the members who is his friend baptized him, S*lvester. It was really great. I gave him the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday. It was a really good service, and he was so excited. Cl*nton has a couple of friends that we are going to try to work with. They are pretty shy, but we will see what comes out of it.

Let’s see what else is new. Oh yeah. I am the new district leader. So that is cool. It should be pretty fun, I guess. I need to give trainings ever Thursday at district meeting. I call all the missionaries for their work report and then tell the zone leader. Then they tell Guam, but besides that, I am just a normal missionary. I just make sure the district is functioning well, and help fix any problems.

I have talked to the sisters a little bit. Sister Cambell is training sister David. It is sister David's first week in the mission. It would be hard to train in an area, where you don't know anything about anyone. They will do really good.

I love you all so so much.
You are the best family ever.

Elder Meyer

Elder Tueller goes home

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