Sunday, January 12, 2014

Letter from Elder Meyer: Christmas eve cleaning property (Q2). “Yapese are clean people” (Q5).

Yapese Christmas Tree

Hello Everyone

I am trying to go fast, so we get the times for us to talk to each other on Christmas squared away. Next week, I am not sure what is going on, so I am trying to figure it out now.


Sounds like mom's party was a success. Sounds like you had a lot to do with it. $940 in fast food. That would kill me. When I went to go pick up Elder Mott from Guam, I had some fast food, and my stomach was killing me. I could not imagine eating $940 worth.  [Explanation from Dad: I had an unathorized $940 charge on my personal credit card from a fast food restaurant. Card has been cancelled J  ]

We sent drawing books to the island for the kids to use


Congrats again on the Master’s degree. That is really awesome. Sounds like you had some delicious food at the party. I am sad I missed it all. Did you save any for me? ha ha.

Question 1:  Did you get any packages this week?  What was in them?

Answer: Nope. I am a little worried about the ones you sent. I have not gotten mail today, so maybe they will be here today. I am really hoping the scriptures will be here so I can give them to the people.

Question 2:   What are you doing on Christmas Eve?

Answer: Well, we need to clean the property around the church this year on Christmas eve, but after that, we will have some family home evenings with some people.

Question 3:  What are you doing on Christmas Day?

Answer: Maybe a baptism from Colonia's branch, maybe not, and the Strothers are having a Christmas party for us. So we are going to do that.

Question 4:  Are there any recommendations on how long we talk or when you talk on Christmas?

Answer: Nope. I like what we have done in the past. You guys ask questions, and I will think of some questions for you guys. Besides that you guys can choose it all.

Question 5:  Share one Yapese Christmas tradition that you have observed?

Answer: Christmas lights go up at all the catholic churches, and there is always a Christmas light cross. It would be nice to see a star.  What else… I guess this one is in the states. Everyone is really nice. People from other churches are really nice to us this time of year.  By Yapese law, all the villages have to clean their property before Christmas. Not sure if that is a tradition though. Yapese people are clean people.

Question 6:  Do people carol (sing Christmas songs going house to house) in Yap?

Answer: Nope. We did last year as missionaries, I am not sure if we are going to do it this year.

Question 7:  Have you found any interesting nativity sets on Yap?

Answer: They don't sell any here. I am having someone carve you one that is very Yapish though. I think you will like it.

Staheli - Glad you can be home for Christmas. I am very excited to talk you and here about your presentation.

Reed - Dad says that you guys play ping pong a lot. He says that you will never beat him. Good luck. You better practice because we have a ping pong table here and I have gotten pretty good.

Quote from Elder Meyer, "Me and the moon outside my home"

To Everyone

Let’s see what is new. This was a pretty tough week. We had a lot of lessons, but it was just a hard week. We did do a lot of service this week. It was good, but teaching is so much fun. We helped people clear out an area so they can build a house and we helped in a taro patch and some other stuff. It was pretty good. It took a while though.

We are going to have a Christmas party in the Thool branch, and they would like to act out the nativity scene. Do you think that you could email me a copy of what we say and the songs we sing in the order pretty fast. That would be great. I am going to record the whole thing so I will send it home after. I think it will be pretty fun and pretty great all at the same time. That is about all that is new. I am really excited to talk you guys on Thursday. I can't wait love you all.

Love Elder Meyer

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