Monday, January 20, 2014

Letter from Elder Meyer: Packages finally arrived. Grateful.

Hello Everyone

It was really fun to talk to you guys. [Note: We got to speak with Johnny on the phone Christmas Day). I really enjoyed it. You all sound like you are doing really good. It is hard to believe the New Year is almost here. It seems like yesterday that I left to come here.


I bet there is $193, but I have not seen how many coins there are. Sounds like the new movie was pretty good. Was it like a documentary or something else?

Question 1: You mentioned there have been 4 fires on the island since July 2012.  Why so many and how do they start?

Answer:  I am not sure why there are so many. Seems strange. How they started well, some from kids and others where from people burning there land to clean it and it getting out of hand.

Question 2: How many lessons this week?

Answer:  It was a tough week. Christmas really messed with us this year. We only had 17, but 8 was with a member present, so not terrible.

Question 3: When do the sisters come back to the island?

Answer: They are back now. They came in on the plane Saturday night.

Yap Zone

Question 4: What are you most looking forward to for this coming week?

Answer: Umm… let’s see. I think having a lesson with J*ven and his family. We should be doing that tomorrow.

Question 5: Do you have any personal goals that you are thinking about setting for 2014?

Answer: Keep going strong on my mission, and advance my Yapese.

Question 6: Did you get to do any service this week?

Answer: Yes, we helped clean up the church. It was pretty fun. We were supposed to start at noon, but nobody showed up for a while, but we got it all done.


I was really surprised about that. The phone there is really really old. Not sure if that was the reason though. The cell phone worked alright. It only dropped a couple of times.

Question 7: Today was Melanie's farewell. What do you remember from your farewell?

Answer: Not much really. I just remember everyone saying that I gave a good talk. And one of the young women played the song about the stripling warriors and I believe you were crying.

Question 8: Did you get any packages?  What was in them?

Answer: Yes I got 2 packages. They were great. The scriptures and carving tools. The other was chocolate. Both awesome. I got some pictures of the scripture sets with the people. Everyone loved them they were all so so happy.  The chocolate was great. I am loving every minute of it. How much money did you spend on the chocolate? Because I think that if I bought all of that here it would be close to $250 worth.

Question 9:  How was the Christmas program on Yap?

Answer: It didn't happen. I wanted them to do it so bad, but all of them gave up. I will give it to the branch and maybe they will use next year.

Question 10:  Is there a celebration for New Years on Yap?  If so, what do they do?

Answer: Last year the school made a "float" and drove it around the island. It was just a car decorated with leaves. They drove around and honked their car horns. This year not sure what they will do.

Question 11: How was church yesterday?  Did you attend the Thol branch?  How many were there?  What did you do?

Answer:  Church was good. Yep, I still go to Thol. We had 20 there. It was an alright attendance. Surprisingly all I did was lead the music. The people that are supposed to teach prepared lessons. It was great.

Question 12: How do you cool your apartment down now that you don't have an air conditioner?

Answer: Well, it is really windy at my house, so it is pretty easy, you just open the windows. It cools me down. I still sleep with a blanket. ha ha.

Question 13: Do you hear from any Elders that have gone home from Yap?

Answer: Elder Tueller emailed me. He said that he is going on lots of dates that his brother is setting him up on.

Staheli - It was great to talk to you. I am really glad that your presentation went well. Did it help you advance in the company you are working for?

Reed - School starts again soon. Have fun with that. What is your plan for you last couple of days off?

To Everyone:

Let’s see what is new. The party was pretty fun. No acting though. I was sad about that. Everyone seemed to be having fun with it though. So that was good. We might get a couple new investigators from that day. There were several non-members there. I talked to them, we will see if the parents allow it though. It should be interesting.

We talked with J*** about the temple.  She didn't understand what was going on there and how they are different that chapels. It was a good discussion. She was really interested in them. So that was good. Maybe she will go in 2014. I think she would like to. Most of the active members in the branch are endowed now. I think that is pretty awesome.

Not sure what else there is to say.

I love you guys so so much.
You are the best ever.

I am not sure how I can ever thank you for all you do for me and the people I care about here. I am forever in your debt.

Love you
Elder Meyer

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