Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Letter from Elder Meyer: Exceeded expectations (Q7).

Hello Everyone

Happy New Year to you all, Happy Birthday to Staheli, and Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad.


Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun snowboarding and stuff. I am glad one of us can enjoy the cold weather in some spots of the world. Glad you have enjoyed having work off. I hope no one died because you took a couple days off of being a spy. ha ha

Question 1: What has changed most in regards to the local church leadership on Yap?

Answer: Their understanding of missionary work. Yesterday at church, Pres. Jim said that OUR (as in all of us) goal for 2014 people baptized is 45 on Yap. So they are beginning to understand that it is them who do things. As a whole, the branches are doing better not relying on missionaries for things to. So they are taking their role of leaders even more seriously.

Question 2: Can you share more details about those on the “outer islands.”  Members in particular. Why do they live off the main Yap Island?

Answer: Well, that is their home. That is where most of them were born and raised. They just come here to get stuff because there is more stores here than out there. People come here and get baptized.
Now that they are members, they stay for a while and learn and grow in the church. Then they go back home to their island. They sometimes forget everything they learn. Members just want to go back home. Even though there is no church there.

Question 3: What is your favorite doctrine to teach, and why?

Answer: Restoration. It is different from normal churches. People get interested most of the time about Prophets.

Question 4: What is your favorite commandment to teach about, and why?

Answer:  I like to teach the Word of Wisdom because everyone knows about it here.. that Mormons shouldn’t chew beetlenut,  and then once they start learning about it, it changes what they normally think about us. They still don't really like it, but they understand it better.

Question 5: How many lessons and with member’s present this week?    Answer:  20 lessons and 8 with a member present. Pretty good.

Question 6: We received a package from you in a box.  Is this the one we should NOT open until you return?

Answer: That would be the best. It has a lot of stuff for you guys. If you feel like you need to open you can, you won’t know what is yours though.

Question 7:  Has your mission exceeded your expectations? If so, explain how.

Answer: Yes. I didn't know how much fun it is to serve a mission. It is a ton of work yes, but it is also so much fun. I didn't know it would be this fun. I have seen way more people baptized than I thought I would… so that is pretty great to. And I feel so connected with the people here. I just never felt that with the missionaries in Chico. Maybe it is because I have been on the same island my whole mission.


So does each missionary have an iPad or is it for the companionship? That is still pretty cool. A couple of missionaries here are really really excited about the iPads. They have emailed their friends on missions to see if they have one. Do you know if they are shipping the world wide if so when?

Question 8:  How old are the boys you are watching?   Answer:  One is 17 the other 14.

Question 9:  Tell me about a time this week when you felt the spirit directing you to do something.

Answer: To go see a less active family. I will tell you below. Her son could be baptized soon.

Question 10:  How was church?  How many were there?  What did you do?

Answer: It was great. a really good Sunday. Things just went well with a lot of people there. They were 25ish in the smaller Thool branch. I taught the youth class it, was fun.

Question 11:  Describe a typical lesson - who does what and what do you teach about the most?

Answer: We teach the restoration the most. It is the best lesson. There is no set order for things we just take turns teaching.  We mostly just listen to the spirit. We prepare for the lesson, but we try to follow the spirit. I am not sure if there is a typical lesson. Most of the time they vary because the people are different. If that makes sense.

Question 11: Any packages this week?  What was in them?  Answer: Nope, but maybe today. Have not gotten mail yet.

Question12: We are sending a package this week.  What should we put in it?

Answer: Pistachios. and cheez-its and pop-tarts.  That would be awesome.

Question 12: Tell me about the senior couple - the Strothers?

Answer: They are very musical and are very involved in branch activates. They are full of little games that they do. They had like 12 kids and so they are good at keeping people entertained. They have a wonderful spirit and are really connecting with the people here. It is going really quite well.


So skiing was fun, yeah. That is good. Dad said you guys had fun. Just want to wish you a happy birthday. I hope you get to do something fun.


School is starting here, so i imagine yours starts soon too. I am sure that you enjoyed your break. How is basketball going? Are you leading Chico 2 to victory?

Letter to Everyone

Alright what is new here? Not a whole ton from this week. But man oh man was Sunday good. We have been trying to see a less active with an active member. She has not come to church for a long time. So that is not good, right. Well… we get in contact with her and guess what. She came yesterday. It was super good. I was really surprised that she did. And even better, she has a son who is 7 years old. His birthday is on Feb 4. We are going to work with them to have him baptized on that date. It would be really cool, and what a better way to come back to church than helping your son make covenants with God. Should be pretty motivated. So that is going to be awesome.

We had 2 investigators at church. One named T*resa. She is J*sse's mom. She is really interested right now. We have taught her off and on since I got here, and now she is really interested so that is awesome.  She could be baptized this month is we are able to teach her everything and is able to live the word of wisdom. She is going to be great.

The other was R*lphf*rd. He is great. He is super excited about the church. His mom is a member and his brother, well half-brother is none other than A*gistine. So that is great right. I have been trying to get his mom, L*yan, to come for a while, and she did. So that is great. R*lphf*rd could be baptized this month too. It would be really great.

We have got a couple of great potentials named J*vin and J**qin. They are great. They just need to get to church. They will be great as soon as they come. They are two really good boys. We will see what happens.

Well that is about it.

I love you guys so so much.

You are the best.

Love Elder Meyer

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