Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Letter from Elder Meyer: Leaving YAP… last letter

[Note from Dad:  These pictures are some of my personal favorites gathered over the past two years.  He is now on a plane heading home.]

Hello Everyone

I know that my mission is coming to a close, it may not feel like it, but I know it is. I have spent the last two years among a people that have very little, but have everything at the same time. I have grown to love them so so much. These people, here, are my family. When I left on my mission, I was leaving my home in Chico, and going to a strange country. Well, the same is true now. It sure feels that way. I feel like I am packing up to leave my home here on Yap, and am going to a strange place. This island has forever changed me.

I love this gospel. I know that it is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. The Priesthood has been restored, with the true church of Christ. We have a prophet today. Jesus Christ is our Savior and he Lives. I love Him and I love our Father.

Alright… So you know about the baptisms, that was awesome. It was so great to have three baptisms on my last Saturday here. Really awesome.

Things are still going really great in our area. This area is on fire.

My goal for the end of my mission was to get these three baptized before I left, and have Yap be at half of our goal. We are not quite half way yet, but it could happen before the end of the month. My other goal was to leave my companion with plenty of people to be teaching. Well, that is the case right now. We are teaching so many people, it is great. That fulfills my other half of the same goal, that Elder Waimila's new comp, will be in the middle of a fast paced area. Well, the Saturday he gets here, he will have a baptism, so that is about as fast as it gets. So I am feeling good about that.

We have the best area on the island right now and it is all because of unity and hard work. And man it is paying off. On Saturday we will have another baptism. Her name is R*lin. She is the sister of one of the people baptized on the 14th. So that is good. They are the first in their family. So there are some good things happening there. Also, on the 28th there should be two baptisms so that is awesome. We could have a couple on the 5th and a couple on the 12th of July. So that is amazing.

Well, this is the last time that I am going to write to you on my mission. The last two years have gone by so fast. It is crazy


Question 1:  How much do you love the Lord now compared to 2 years ago?

Answer: An infinite more times!! He is almost an entire different person to me now. I have never felt so close to Him. I know that He is my Savior and my Redeemer. There is no doubt in my mind.

Question 2: How much to you love the Yapese people compared to 2 years ago?

Answer: Oh so much more. I loved them four years before I got here, but now the love is oh so real. These wonderful people here, they are my family. They are amazing. I have grown to love them so much. I see them as Christ sees them. They have taught me so much. I didn't know it was possible for me to love a strange new group of people this much.


I am glad that reed is doing good. I hope that he is going to be better soon. You know, I don't feel trunky at all. I don't really even feel like I am going back to the states soon. I have been so busy working, there has been no time to be trunky. It is awesome.

Question 3:  How many lessons this week?  How many with members present?   Answer:  We had 34 lessons, 23 of them were member present.

Question 4:   How were the baptisms?  How many were there?

Answer: The baptisms were amazing. Oh so amazing. It was awesome. There were 3 people baptized.
It was great. The service was great. I baptized and confirmed one of them. It was great to be able to do that. His name was D*llion. He is awesome. We had a fireside on Sunday, and one the people confirmed gave the closing prayer at the fireside. It was pretty cool to see.

Question 5:   Did you ever get your birthday box of chocolate?

Answer: I did. I have eaten so much of it. And given a lot away to the young men. They really like it.

Question 6:  Did you get the scriptures we sent about 10 days ago?  Answer: Not yet. I can get mail one more time before I go. I hope they will make it.

Question 7:  Share one thing you have learned about yourself while serving a mission.

Answer:  I have learned that I once I decide and put my mind to something, I am going to do it. If I want to do something, I can.   But I have also learned, I can't do it by myself. I have to have help. And anything is possible with the Lord.

I love you all. You are the best family every.

Elder Meyer.

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