Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Letter from Elder Meyer: It’s coming to a close. A basketball miracle (end of letter).

Saying "goodbye" to Yap Island

2 years on this tiny island... but big miracles were witnessed.

Hello everyone

This was a pretty good week. I am in Guam right now, we had a meeting yesterday. It was really good.


Don't worry about the short letters, you are doing amazing work, you just need to focus on that. I do want to get as much work done as I can before I go home. When you said that, man, it made me hurt a little inside. I know that I am going home soon, but I don't feel like I am leaving soon. It just doesn't seem right to leave Yap. I don't feel like it is going to happen soon. Then when you said that, it kind of made me realize I am leaving sooner. I want to have 23 people baptized on the island before I go. The goal is 45 for the year, so that is half.

Question 1: How often is the Holy Ghost noticeably present during your teaching times?

Answer: Honestly, almost every lesson. It is rare, but very noticeable when the spirit is not in a lesson.

Question 2: Have you learned anything during your mission that will make you a better dad, when that time comes about?

Answer: I would say patience. I have learned how to be more patient and also helping people make the right decisions; Allowing them to use their agency, but to help them use it in a helpful way. 

Question 3: If you had chosen not to go on a mission, what would you have missed?

Answer: I would have missed out on everything. I am a new person now. I see everything differently. My testimony would not be where it is today. It would be weak. 

Question 4: What have you been praying for lately?

Answer: I have been praying for a couple of people, specifically C*lvina, J*stin and Al*cia.  Also that our entire mission will reach 1,000 baptisms for the mission, and 45 in Yap for the year. 

Question 5: How many lessons and with member’s present? 

Answer: We had 31 lessons this week and 23 of them were member present lessons.

Question 6: How did your best lesson go this week and what made it so?

Answer: I would say our lesson with a new investigator. His name is D*llion. He has no background in God, so we are starting at the beginning, and it was just really awesome to testify something so simple that God exists. Most people here believe in God, but he is not sure. We had a really awesome lesson with him, and it he really felt the Spirit.

Question 7: What made you smile this past week?  Answer: Sunday, we had 6 investigators at church, it was awesome.

Question 8: Can you describe what makes missionary work so rewarding?

Answer: Seeing people change from doing bad things, and living a miserable life, to doing good things and see them filled with the light of Christ.


So there were 2,000 people at stake conference. That is so many people. I can't believe it. That is crazy. Sounds like prom was really fun. Could you also send another basketball, the one you sent is almost entirely destroyed. The kids here love basketball.  

Question 9:  Are you ever cold on Yap?

Answer: Yes I am. If there is an air conditioner on somewhere, I am cold. If it rains, I am cold. 

Question 10: Tell about a recent activity that took place.

Answer: Every Friday night, we have a sports night. So we had a lot of members and others there at the church playing basketball. It was really fun. I got to talk to some of the investigators that we had there, and it really helped. It helps them see that we are normal people not just people who share the gospel. We know how to have fun.

Question 11:  Describe a scene that you see often, that you think would surprise me.

Answer: Just the beauty of the sunrise or setting over the ocean. It is really nice. Way better in person than any camera can show. 

Question 12: Do you ever eat meals with members?

Answer: Sometimes. They don't invite us over like they do in the states. It is much different, but if they have food, they will give us some while we are there at their house. 

Question 13:  Who cooks - you or Elder Wamilia?

Answer: We both do. Neither of us is any good at it, but we just make stuff up and hope it comes out okay.

Question 14: Tell me something that happened this week that made you smile.

Answer: Teaching this mostly deaf guy. We were teaching about the prophet. How God always calls a prophet. I did the pen thing, and it didn't work because he wouldn't follow my hand he would go the opposite way when his eyes were open. Then Elder Waimila just says we have a prophet today he is going to speak on Sunday… okay let’s pray. And then we left. It was so funny. He didn't understand us very well, and Waimila just ended the lesson. 

Sharing final testimony in leadership meeting... before coming home.

Letter to Everyone

Alright, I can send picture because I am on Guam, but I am almost out of time, so I will go fast. This was a tough week teaching wise. We still did good, but it was a little bit harder. We should have a couple of baptism this month. So that is going to be awesome. I really hope that we can make it to 23 before I leave. We had a really awesome lesson after playing basketball. There were a bunch of boys at a basketball court, and I challenged them to a game of basketball if my team won… we get to have a lesson. So it was great. I got some of the young men to help us play. Well, we were behind 4 to 11  and then we won 28 to 30. The boys were really mad at first.  I thought it was going to be a terrible lesson, but by then end, it was great. They all felt the spirit and they were not so mad anymore. So that was good. We taught about the restoration and Prophets. They all really understood it. They all accepted a baptismal date, so that was really good. It was awesome. A member that was less active was playing as well. He was so not very happy when we started the lesson. The whole time I was praying for the spirit to be in the lesson, and that we would win the game. At the end of the lesson the less active kid came up to me and told me to go and see him and that he forgot everything inside the Book of Mormon, and that he wants to learn more. So that was really awesome. We are expecting to have a good week as soon as we get back to Yap. We will get there Wednesday morning around 4 am. We got to Guam Sunday around 7 so we didn't sleep all day Saturday until Sunday night, so it was a long Sunday yesterday, but it was great.

I love you all so so much.
You are the best family ever. I don't say it enough.

Love Elder Meyer

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