Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kind letter from Senior Couple serving on the island w/ Elder Meyer

Brother Meyer, Yes you are right! We do serve with your son and what a good, sweet Elder he is.

We are so grateful to have another set of Elders here on island to help. We are still trying to adjust and find the youth for seminary and institute ourselves. We have only been out since June. We have the 5 Elders over here for Zone Presidency meeting every Thursday and then we feed them lunch/dinner after that. In fact yesterday I was able to give 3 of the Elders hair cuts (I used to be a stylist years back) so its fun to help them out.

This is considered a hard mission, we depend on the Elders alot who have been on island awhile to tell us where to find the people because, as you can see, lots of jungle no address or street signs. But we are all loving the Lord's work and hope to make progress.

Thanks for bringing up such a nice young man willing to do the Lord's work. Write us anytime.

Elder Meyer is doing just what he is supposed to, be proud of him.

Elder & Sister Garrett

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