Sunday, August 19, 2012

Letter from Elder Meyer: Finding people, Geckos, Starting mutual, Many languages, Success.

Hello everyone. How is it going?

I got the Yapese-English Dictionary Package on Thursday. I love the dictionary so so much! It is perfect. I use it a lot. I love all the snack foods that came in your last package. You can't buy that stuff over here. When they do have some of that stuff, it is very expensive.

Today I forgot money for food in Thool, so I took out money from my personal account so we don't have to drive all the way back up there (just in case you get a notification about it).

Dad - I did take a lot of time answering questions last week. They were good questions though. I am excited about seminary. I don't know if you know this, but in the paper scriptures in Bible Dictionary there is a gospel in harmony section. It might be useful to you if you are teaching them in harmony.
Yeah not fair that you got a new air conditioner in your office J We have one to, though. I am sure it doesn’t work quite as good as yours.
I am actually pretty much used to the humidity here. Only when it is super humid, is it a bit bad. Normally all good though.
The whole Apple thing, SWEET. Specially because Staheli has a MacBook, not a MacBook Pro. Did she get one?
Your question about how we go about finding people and once we find them, are they open to a lesson –
Answer:  Sometimes they tell us they are really busy. But they are just sitting there doing nothing. So we will tell them about the Restoration. Most of the time, they are receptive. We also teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ first. It all depends on what the spirit tell us to do. Nope, there is no table. Normally we teach under a hut. (coyeng, not sure how to spell it, it is a hang out spot)
Sometimes we just sit on the ground. You asked about the teaching environment. Well, it is basically just the jungle… haha. Umm they normally listen.
Staheli - how is your new computer? I bet it is pretty sweet. I hope all is well. Do you start school soon? I love you so much.
Reed - School awe man. School is starting soon here. It is weird to think that I am not going to go though. I have heard a little about the teacher you asked about. I hear she is pretty good. The rest of the schedule sounds good. I am glad no Chemistry…it would be really hard.
Yeah and those geckos have extremely sharp claws. They can kill people. I will probably just take pictures. Ha ha. Love you dude.

Grandma - How are you doing? I love getting your letters. They are a lot of fun. I thought I would just say that I love you so so much.

Oh the profile. I started one in the MTC. I don't know if you knew that. I think I did everything except a picture. Sorry I forgot to tell you last week. I ran out of time.  Also could you just send me a list of Low COPE games, and the rules?
We are starting up mutual [weekday youth activity] and want some team building games. That would be great.

All right, this week was good. I tried a passion fruit. It was pretty good. It is like a persimmon (orange goopy thing) except it is yellowish green.  I liked it. It was a little sour, but not bad.

We found a couple new investigators. They are a little family. I am very excited about them. We have met with them once. But they are going to be great. Also met with J----- and A-----. We picked up a new person there, his name is K------. It is great. I think that they are going to eventually get baptized. J----- has had a Baptism date in past but always leaves the island. When we were teaching them, he said that he has a hard time reading Old English (Book Of Mormon). I asked him if he could read Chuckese. (He is from outer island next to Chuuck) He said that he can.
So we gave away 4 Chuckese Book of Mormons.
Man, there are so many different languages here on Yap, it is crazy. I really think that it is going to help them understand and love the book. I only wish I would have thought about that earlier. I know that only could have come from the Spirit though.
We have taught them the Word of Wisdom. It is the biggest problem over here. They have been living it for 3 days. Wow!! I sure hope they can keep going. Today would be day 4.
We had a PEC [local church congregation leadership meeting] this last week. There was President Jim and President Mattew, Elder Tueller, Elder Garret and me. Most of it was about us missionaries and who we are teaching. Then the rest was about the temple trip they are planning November 18th. They are planning on going. Man, I wish I could go. I know that they will love it. I know I sure miss going. You guys are so lucky to be so close to the temple. I hope that you are cherishing that.

There is a Less Active named L---. She is supposed to be the Seminary teacher here in a little bit. We have been trying to get her to come to church since I got here. Actually, we have been trying to meet with her. She disappears some times. She likes to meet with us though. Well, she came. Yeahh!!!! It was great. Her son is baptized and he came to.
You live with your parents or your parents live with you forever. Family is huge over here. Most people in a village are related to each other. But she came, I was so excited. She will be a great seminary teacher.

[NOTE: The rest of the email was suddenly cut off and lost…]


  1. These adventures are so cool! I love that you are making this blog - it will be something Elder Meyer can cherish for years and something we can all share with so many people! He is doing great missionary work and SO ARE YOU!

    1. I so very much agree with you. It will be fun for his grandchildren to read about this wonderful experience. Thanks for caring.