Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter from Elder Meyer: The stuff inside, may meet everyone on the island, burnt down a “man house” door, tried bat

I love all the letters I got. I have not gotten the package yet.
Dad - Wow. I can't believe that many people are reading the blog. That is so cool. I am really happy to hear that it is going so great. Thanks for sending the COPE games. I really think it will be fun for the youth here. I will try to send the chip home next week or the week after. Seminary soon, I bet you are excited. Elder Tueller just told me you added his dad on Facebook.
Mom - Mangos are out of season right now. The pineapple is really quite good. I really enjoy that. Here we drink coconut juice. That is the stuff inside. Coconut milk is the stuff that you squeeze out of the meat. You normally cook with that stuff.
Umm... People will give us breadfruit, some taro, coconuts and bananas. Sometimes pineapples. It just depends on what they have. We never really eat with the members though. There are some tee shirts I am going to get some sometime. I’m glad that you are teaching. I know how much you love doing that. Don't be nervous about school. You will do great. I know it.
Staheli - Hey. i am glad you like the audio. My Yapese is slowly getting better. It is really hard. I am starting to pick up on more and more words.
I have not met everyone on the island. I have only been in one area so far. There are two areas. There are a little over 5,000 people on the island, I think. I am sure at some point I will know, or at least meet just about everyone.
               One elder, Elder Richardson, has been here 13 transfers. He knows almost everyone. Wow I can't believe you upgraded to an MacBook Pro. Apple is amazing. I love to hear from you. Love you much.
Reed - Seminary soon. Wow. I can't believe it. Did you like your first week at school? Are you walking to In-motion fitness? I can't believe you are already in school. That is crazy. Love you
Grandma - I love your letters. Thanks for the ten dollars, it is great. I bought a hamburger today, it was very tasty. I am so glad your garden is going so well. I am going to write a letter soon that will answer your questions. I love to hear from you. I am so grateful, to hear from you. You are the best grandma. I love you so much.
Well, this week has been a little crazy. It started out with Tr_v_r. He was in a lot of trouble because he burnt down a man house door. (Not a good thing at all. You can get in a lot of trouble.) We went to teach him. He said he only has a few minutes. We started talking and he said that he will get baptized. He said he picked a date. All good right? His date, January 24, 2013. Then he said he has to go. We are going to see him tomorrow to see if we can bring the date in a little closer.
Man House

Then we took Jesse with us teaching. It is a big job to do that. He is paralyzed from waist down. So anywhere we wanted to take him we would need to carry. Elder Tueller normally did that. It was a very hot day that day too. Most people we went to go see were not there or couldn't talk then. But it was good for Jesse. He is a great guy. He is doing his best to stay positive.
Alv_n_ and his wife B_rt_ . They moved to Guam for education for their kids. Two great invesitigators gone. We don't even know really where the are staying in Guam to get the elders over there.
J_r_m is only chewing 8 betel nuts a day. We encouraged him to cut it back some. He said he would. I know he can do it.
Then President Mecham [leader of the missionaries in the entire area of Micronesia] came to Yap. He is here Sunday to Tuesday. We had training today. It was about finding people and opening our mouth. I am going to try and do much better on that. Also it was to be bold. Like Alma and Amulek [link]. That is something that we are going to try and do more. President Mecham is a great leader. I am so lucky to have him as my Mission President. He also talked about being obedient.
I am always trying to do my best on that. My whole mission, I have the goal to be exactly obedient.
Sorry no pictures today. My adapter is being used to help with translating general conference from English to Yap. They are training and testing people this week.
I will try and send home pictures next time. When I get the hard drive, I will send the memory card home.
I forgot last week that I tried bat. It was alright. Not my favorite. I also tried a breadfruit thing, coconut syrup drink (like Kool-Aid), and salted macro (fish). All were pretty good. I couldn't eat that all day though.
Youth Conference -  It was great. Umm… we mostly played games. It was a lot of fun. There was about 15 youth participating. There was a short testimony meeting at the end. Some of the youth shared their testimony. I didn't understand most of it because it was in fast Yapese or outer island. Umm, we played a couple of COPE games. Like the untangle everyone into a circle one. Some other missionaries have done COPE. I don't think it is quite the same thing as ours though. The youth are great. I wish more of them would stay on island, and stay active though. That is the whole purpose for the youth activities and COPE games.

Love you all so so much. You are the best family ever.
Love Elder Meyer

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