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Letter from Elder Meyer: Teaching lessons, 17 on Sunday, Spelling doesn't matter

Hello everyone!!!

I can't believe that it has already been one transfer. It has gone by so so fast. There are only 17 transfers on a mission. That means, I only have 16 left. Wow. I can't believe that.

Elder Meyer

Mom - I just love that chain link thing. I think it is so cool. I sure hope that the Young Women all liked it.

Question:  Have you taught a discussion?

Answer: Yes. We are supposed to teach 20 lessons a week. That is the mission goal per companionship. It is a little tricky to get that many here on Yap, However, we are doing our best to reach it. This week we taught 15 lessons. It was great!! I love teaching the gospel. The Preach My Gospel (PMG) manual is a huge help. It explains things very simply and clear. I am doing my best to become a PMG missionary.

Question:  Have you gotten a package?  We have sent 3. The first was sent to the mission home in Guam, with just food. The second has an iPod, and the third has the Yapese-English dictionary.  The second and third were sent to the P.O. Box on Yap. Which have you gotten?

Answer:  I got the first one a while ago. The second one, I think I got it last week. The 3rd one, not yet. We have not gotten the mail today, so maybe today. I love the speakers and iPod. It really helps bring the spirit in the small group meeting on Sunday with Jesse.

Question:  Do you have an indoor stove?

Answer:  Yes we do. We have a pretty nice apartment. It is one of the nicest places on the island.

Question:  Have you sent the digital voice chip home?

Answer:  Yes I sent it home that week on my Monday. I have no idea when it will get there however.

Question:  Tell me about church

Answer:  Church is true no matter where you are. Ummm, in the Branch, we have all three meetings.  Normally sometime priesthood is cancelled because not very many people are there. Sometimes it is us and President Mathew only. Umm. I really miss having so many people at church. It is really weird to only have 17ish people there each Sunday. Also we give talks about every other-ish Sunday, with like ten minutes to prepare. That was quite a change.

I hope you guys have fun up with Staheli. Mom, are you going to be able to get all of your Keynotes on the iPad? Ha ha, I am sure you will be fine. I think I trained you well. Love ya tons.

something about Nativity

Dad - Nice intro Dad.  

Fal’e misii Elder Meyer,
[Good afternoon, Elder Meyer,]

Keu w rogom boch?  I falfalaen’ guy ga qurngin falfalaen’ ma gadaag liyoer ko booy biidiq. Wo ai ni, paapaaq.
[How are you? It is a joy to see you so happy and enjoying the privilege of serving others. Love, Dad.]

Most of it was spelled right. Well, spelling doesn’t really matter here. I am doing great. What did you use to translate it? I am glad seminary is starting soon and so glad on how excited you are to teach it. I am sure it will be a great experience. Getting ready to teach, makes you learn a lot more.

Question:   Have you heard about the Island people experiencing Dengue Fever?  There have been several Yap State medical alerts about it. Basically, it is being spread my mosquitoes.  Hopefully you are using tons of bug spray?

Answer:  I have heard of Dengue Fever. It was big here a while ago. I have not heard of it being a problem recently. I am using a little bit of bug spray. I don't use a ton. I normally don't get bit until the night. Then I put some on. ha ha.

Question:   I would love to hear details about your Sunday church experiences.
Answer:  Church, it is great. It is small, but good. It is kinda confusing because it is in three languages, sometimes. English, Yapese, and outer island. It is hard. It is set up the same here as back home. Just a lot smaller. It is still fun. It is a lot hotter however during church. I can always feel the spirit even if I don't understand what is being said.

Question:   Have you been able to teach during the week?  If so, how does that work and go?
Answer:  I have been teaching. It is great, I love to teach. It normally goes pretty well. It works just like normal, I guess. You start with a prayer and then lesson. Then end in prayer. I really love to teach the gospel… it is fun to help people.

Question:   Do you ever see tourist and talk with them?
Answer:  I have not seen many tourist. I am in Thool and most tourist will not go up there. Most tourist stay down in Colonia.

Question:   What has surprised you most about your mission?
Answer:  Umm... That so many people want to talk to you in English and not Yapese. Also, it is more civilized than I thought. Yap is a rich island well as rich as they can be. The US has a lot of influence over here from the war. There are more buildings than I thought. Also Yapese is a hard language to learn. Hardest in the mission.

Question:   How is the language coming along?  How do you learn it?
Answer:  I learn it from Elder Tueller. The best resource I have is the Book Of Mormon, Other languages have more resources, but not Yap

Sounds like everything is going great at home

Stone Money Bank

In a lesson we were teaching to a family. It was going great. Then two of them went and got baptized in a different church, it was not good. We are doing our best to talk to them and help them find the truth. We are working hard to help them. I am almost out of time so but I love you all so so much.
If you could send me:
·         A pre earth picture for my plan of salvation
·         a 6" ruler
·         Scripture strings. I only have two in my set. I guess there is some that can be glued in
·         3 bags that I can put my clean cloths/socks in. Like my dirty clothes bag that collapses.
·         A folder. The kind you put reports in. The side clamps down. Basically, so I don't need holes in the page.
·         A hard drive that I can move my pictures to and then send home the card

LOVE you all so much
Elder Meyer

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