Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: Makes a nu'nuw

Hello Everyone,

This week has been alright. Nothing new here, really. Elder Richardson is back because he is an AP and he is visiting all of the people to say one last goodbye.

Elder Meyer making a new'new (nu'nuw)
it is a lei

Dad - Sounds like the branch up in India is a little bit bigger than the branch in Thool. That is so cool that everyone there is so strong.

Question 1:  Do the new converts have the quad scriptures?  I wonder if it would be a nice gift if they had such and with their name engraved. 
Answer: Not very many people in the church here have quads.

Question 2:  What do you think will be most different about your future now, compared to prior to your mission?
Answer:  I don’t know yet. I have not thought about my future after my mission. Everything is about the here and now.

Question 3: Can you say now, for certain, that God really does exists?  If so, how do you know for sure?
Answer: Absolutely!! Well, life wouldn't make sense without a God. Everything on the earth proves that there is a living God.

Question 4: If you had a choice between us sending you more beef jerky or candy, what would you pick?
Answer: Beef Jerky. Candy is nice, but snacks are the best

Mom - I had no idea I had been out for 9 months. It sounds like you are keeping track for me. Do you want me to come home soon? We do a Family Home Evening in both branches every week.

Question 5: What was in the last package you received?  Did you get Elder Ramitere's shoes?
Answer: Yes, he is wearing them now. And a lot of gum, and the chicken. It is great.

Question 6: What is the most interesting bug you have seen?
Answer: Centipede. There was a huge one in my house. They are very poisonous. I killed it.

Question 7: Tell me about a time this week when you felt directed by the spirit.
Answer: We were sitting at a corner trying to decide where to go. We turned left for some reason. We found someone that we were teaching a long time ago. His parents got mad at us and we couldn’t teach him. I have been looking for him for a while, and I finally found him. It was great.

Question 8: Any new missionaries on Yap?
Answer: Nope

Question 9: Are there any big youth events planned?
Answer: Nope

Question 10: What do little kids do on the island?
Answer: Go to school, swimming, basketball or volleyball, or they make air pipes out of bamboo and shot things at each other. It is fun.

Staheli - How are you doing? Things are going great over here. Hope work is going well.
Reed - How is school going?

To Everyone

Let’s see not too much new here. We got a new investigator this week. Her name is Ed*ta. She is going to be really awesome. I think she will be baptized this month. We are also still teaching T*n*ngmayo. She is doing really good. This Sunday D*fan came to church. He has not come to church for a long long time. It was a really good Sunday.

Things are about the same. Sorry this week's letter is short, I have to go

Love you guys.

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