Sunday, April 7, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: “Yap is the place for me”, Knocking doors is strange, I like walking thru the jungle

Hello Everyone. This has been an interesting week for me, but more on that later. Sounds like you had a crazy week too.

In Guam picking up new companion. 


Sounds like your week was crazy. I hope that Reed will be okay. You guys sure have bought a lot of new cars recently. That is pretty crazy. You guys are falling apart without me there. ha ha

Question 1:  Tell us all about your trip to Guam?

Answer: Crazy. There are way too many cars and way too many people. Things are always so so busy and crazy. Yap is the place for me.

Question 2: How did the Easter event go?

Answer: From what I heard it was good. I was still in Guam when it happened.

Question 3: Where is your new companion from? 

Answer: His name is Elder Cody Klingeler Hatch. He is from Idaho Falls. He says that his mom has a Facebook.

Question 4:  When you think about last week, what puts the biggest smile on your face and why?

Answer: Coming back to Yap from Guam. I was really mad that I was leaving Yap. I know it was to pick up a missionary but, Yap is my home. I was not excited to go. But coming back, I literally did have the biggest smile on my face.

Question 5:  If you could travel back in time, anytime, where would you like to visit and why?

Answer: I would go back to the time of Christ. I would want to see the resurrected Christ. We watched Easter Dream for the fireside last night. Ii would want to see the resurrected Christ.

Question 6: Any interesting personal study revelations during scripture study lately?

Answer: Honestly, not really. Since i have been on Guam I really didn't have any time to study. It was sad. Things are just crazy there.


Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun at the Young Women’s thing. That is really cool that you went all funny. You are good at that stuff, then bringing it into your lesson. They will always remember it.

Question 7: Tell me about your new companion?

Answer: Elder Hatch. He is from Idaho Falls. He is 19, and he likes snowboarding and wake boarding. He is excited to be in Yap finally.

Question 8:   Are you in Thool or Colonia?

Answer: Thol

Question 9:   Who are you teaching?

Answer: Right now we have two investigators. Ar*son and G**rge. Ar*son is 14, he is a friend of P*ter. He came to church and we taught him at church during Sunday school. He and P*ter were the only youth there. G**rge is and older man.

Question 10: Tell me about church - how many were there, what did you do, anything interesting.

Answer: 17 people. I taught the Sunday school youth. Nothing really interesting. Just the normally Thool stuff.

Question 11: Did you get the new videos we sent?

Answer: I got the one box of videos. Is there more coming?

Staheli - So your, or my old, car broke… that is no good. I hope you were not driving it when it broke. Are you okay? Dad said you got a new car. Do you like it better?

Reed - you need to stop breaking things. Motorcycle and no ankle. ha ha. I am just joking. I hope that your ankle gets better soon. Keep studying Preach My Gospel.

To Everyone

Alright, so here is last week.

·         Monday… normal prep- day stuff.

·        Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at 1:00 am. I left Yap to go to Guam. Got there around 3:30 and had to wait there for the two sisters who are from Yap going to the Philippines on their mission. I didn't want them to get lost. We were on the same plane. Finally got out of the airport around 4:30 – 5:00 in the morning. Said goodbye the sisters and went to the AP's apartment.

Slept for a couple of hours. Woke up and there were 16 missionaries in that apartment. I didn't notice them at 5 in the morning is was to tired. Talked to some of the Elders that I came in with. It was nice to catch up.

·        Wednesday I worked in the AP's area for a while. Knocking doors is super strange. I don’t like it. I like walking through the jungle. That night I went with an AP and bought some pizza for everyone. The car ran out of gas and we had to push it a block or so to a gas station. It was crazy. I was also very tired because I didn't sleep well that night and the AP’s apartment's air conditioner is not working, so 16 elders made it very hot with nowhere to sleep.

·        Anyways. Elder Hatch finally made it to Guam. His plane was delayed. I got to Guam on Thursday night. Friday he had more training and then I met him. We left for yap Saturday night around 10 pm. Got here  on Yap around 11:30 and the other Elders were not here to pick us up so we waited a while. They finally came. Went to church the next morning. Taught some lessons on Sunday and then went home to catch up on some much needed sleep. Things should be back to normal today though.
From what I have heard of the Easter party went pretty well. Things seemed to go well. A lot of people asked where I was, so that was cool.

There are finally 4 Elders on Yap again. It is so good. I expect the work on Yap to pick up. It may take a little while for things to pick up in Thol, but it will get there.

I love you guys so so much. You really are the best family in the whole world. I am so blessed to be a part of this family and to have the gospel in my live.

Love you all so so much
Love Elder Meyer

Could you please send:

  •  Book Of Mormon audio for Elder Ramiterre. I have it on my ipod, but can't get it off. He would love a copy.
  • Consecrated oil vile. I lost mine somewhere.
  • Mom could you also send the chain links things you did for YW. I lost that too.

Thanks you guys are the best.

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  1. Four days to pick up a new Elder...unreal! No wonder he was glad to get back to Yap!