Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: On YAP, they sure chop down a lot of coconut trees (Q5). Taro, quite yummy (Q10). Four new baptisms possibly coming up.

Hello Everyone

Things are going pretty well here. I am really excited about the potential baptisms we have in our area. Internet is really slow right now. I have spent the last 30 minutes trying to log on. This one might be little short.


I hope you are able to figure out what is causing the blood sugar deal. That is no good. Sounds like you guys had fun in Tahoe. Thanks for the picture.

Question 1: Do you still like it when we ask you particular questions, rather than you just writing from scratch?

Answer: Yeah, I like the questions. They help me think of what to write.

Question 2: Do you have any questions for us?

Answer: Just how is grandma doing? I sent a package home just for her. I sent it on Saturday.

Question 3: How many lessons did you get to teach this past week?

Answer: We were able to get 20. It was great.

Question 4: When people are invited to speak at Sacrament meeting, do they get an envelope with the request and a specific topic?  How is it done?

Answer: No. The branch president will try and call them maybe like Tuesday or so and give them their topic. When he is unable to get a hold of them, he calls me and we go to their house and let them know what their topic is. The missionaries here, especially in the Thool branch, help a lot to run the church and keep it functioning.

Question 5: Any service projects this week?

Answer: We did. It was a lot of fun. We chopped down some coconut trees. Gathered some copra, and went to the taro patch. It was great.


Wow, you want to do all that by August. August is just around the corner. I know that you can do it though.

Question 6:  Tell me about church today.

Answer: Church was really good. We had 20 people here and 2 investigators. I taught the youth Sunday school and Elder Hatch taught the adult Sunday school class. It was great to have that many people there.

Question 7: How do you decide who to visit?

Answer: We just try and see everyone. Who we think will be home helps us decide who to visit and also when we have return appointments. I prefer to visit investigators, and have the members see those who rarely come to Church, but that doesn't really work all the time. Sometimes, when we see those who don’t come often, we find new people to teach. That is always great.

Question 8:  Does Thool have Ward Council meetings and if so, do you go?

Answer: Nope. We do not have those meetings. I wish we did. It would really help out the missionary effort on the island. In Colonia, they have a meeting like that. The missionaries go to it. It helps out a lot.

Question 9: Did the youth have any special events this summer? If so, what?

Answer: We had the district youth activity last Saturday. We had 30 youth there. We went and explored the caves. I think that there is going to be another youth camp like last year. It should be in August sometime. That is about all they will do though.

Question 10: You have sent some pictures of you and Elder Hatch digging up some plants. What plants are they?  Do you eat them?

Answer: The plant is called Taro. Yes, I eat them. It is quite good. You boil the taro then pour on top of it a coconut milk and sugar mix. It is really good.

Question 11: Elder Garrett says that pineapple is delicious there and that bananas are a staple food. Do you eat those?

Answer: Yes, they are both great. I will try everything on the island at least once. Most of the stuff is pretty good.


Hope you are doing well. How was Lake Tahoe? Did you get in the water too? I miss you. Love ya.


Just one question for you. What is "your thing"? You said that you are just doing your thing. Not sure what that is.

To Everyone

Alright, let’s see. Things are going good. At the service project we clear part of the jungle. We cut down some coconut trees and clean the area a little bit. The plan is to plant a garden there. It was really cool to watch the really tall coconut trees fall down. We had a lot of fun there. The day before we were able to help the same people go and get some taro. It was really muddy and really fun to be in the mud. I really liked helping them out. I took some video of the coconut trees falling down so I will send it home sometime soon. Just need to fill up the memory card.

We got a couple of referrals this week. I think that we could get 4 baptisms from them. The members that gave them to us are really helping them out. That means that they should be baptized. We will see what happens. Their names are T*no and l*mona and M*tsin and G*na. They live next to the district and branch president. So they could really be baptized soon. I really hope they will.

C*rding is still doing really well. He came to church on Sunday. It was great to have him there. We went and saw the chief and his family. I talked to him for a while. He said that when his wife is ready to be baptized, he will come and join in. I talked to him about the kids being baptized and he said that they can't. That they are too young. He said when they are older, they can decide for themselves.

That is about it. Sorry it is short this week. I hope you actually get this message too.

I love you guys. You are the best family in the world. I miss you guys

Elder Meyer

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