Monday, July 8, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: ½ thru mission and best lesson to date (Q5). Now he likes turtle too (Q6). Hang up dance.

Hello Everyone.

Things are going pretty good here.

"Hang Up Dance"  : means they are done dancing for a little while


Glad encampment was fun and a little bit cooler than Chico.  Love ya.

Question 1: Have you pretty much seen and done everything on the island (except water activities of course)?

Answer: For the most part, Yes. Occasionally we hear about a new activity or spot to explore, and then we go do that on prep-day. Now, since we have those three new missionaries, we are just showing them the stuff that I have already seen. 

Question 2: Do the branches have any home or visiting teaching working?

Answer: I am not sure if you can call it working. In Colonia, it goes alright. Definitely a  bit below average as compared to the states for home and vesting teaching. In Thool, the visiting teaching is not organized and the home teaching doesn't happen very often if at all. 

Elder Meyer and Elder Hatch helping someone with "House Work"

Question 4: Have you ever felt the nearness of Grandpa Jack on your mission?

Answer: I would say, yes. Honestly, I know that I have felt my ancestors helping me. 

Question 5: This is your half way mark thru your mission... what is the most valuable lesson you have learned to date?

Answer: Well, first how important the Savior is. I knew that before, but to see the Savior really change people's lives helped me learn that more so. Also, how important members are in missionary work  Without the members, nothing happens. 


So when dad and Reed were out of the house, were you home alone. For sacrament last week, Elder Hatch blessed and a teacher passed. I love you.

Question 6: Did you eat any of the turtle that was caught a month or so ago?

Answer: Yes. When a member catches a turtle, they always like to share it. It is a really funny food. It tastes pretty good too.

Question 7: Do you have plenty of people to teach, or do you spend lots of time finding?

Answer: We are doing alright with the amount of people we are teaching. We still go finding for more people. The only thing is finding is not effective. Most of the time, it is a waste of time. The best way of "FINDING" is to "find" through the members for referrals. 

Question 8: Is your mission getting more missionaries?

Answer: We are at a cap now. We will not get any more missionaries unless they raise the cap. 

Question 9: Tell me about the active members in Thool.

Answer: Well… there is M*rtina. She is the lady that I videoed cooking. She is great. She is planning on moving to the States. She has 2 sons on Yap and 2 daughters in the States. The sons are S*m and P*ter. They are the only active youth in the Thool branch. They are amazing young men. Then there is F*napin. M*rtina's mom. I call her Titaw (grandma). She has the most amazing testimony in the world. President Mathew and his wife Margarita. Branch President. He had a stroke and is very disabled. Great family though. President Sylvester (counselor) his wife is a member, but doesn’t come very often. Then the District President is part of our branch. Jim. His wife is Cathy and they have two kids. M*xine and Sh*undy. That is about the branch. 

Question 10: What do you do to invite people back to church?

Answer: Well, first we need to find them. So we work with the members to find where the live. That is a big challenge. Then we just teach them lessons, read with them, do anything to help their faith grow strong again. 


Dad and reed had encampment. Mom had girls camp. What have you been up to recently? Love You. 


Encampment must have been pretty fun if there was white water rafting.

To Everyone

Well, time is getting a little bit rushed, so I will hurry. Things went pretty well. Yap Games is over, so more people will be home this week. We had another sit down long lesson with the Chief's family. It was pretty good. I taught it in Yapese. It was great. My understanding and speaking of Yapese is so much better now. They are doing good. They still don't think they can be baptized for a while. We are working hard to get them to church because if they come to church, that will make it seem more possible to get baptized.

Let’s see. C*rding. C*rding is still doing good. He can't be married to his wife for a while, and they don't want to be separated, so he will not be baptized for a while. He is really excited about it though. We will see how that one all plays out.

Church this Sunday, we had 15 people there. Last Tuesday I taught a Family Home Evening at S*m and P*ter's house. While Elder Ramiterre taught C*rding in Tagalog. (We were on exchanges).

There are several less actives that i am working with there. It was really really nice to have them come back. One of them has not come for a couple of years and he came yesterday. It was so so so great. I was very happy.

We had the opportunity to do some service. We helped out on a house, it was a lot of fun. I will send some pictures home.  We watched a local dance as well. It was put on by Tomil. Was a "hang up dance" it means that they are done dance for a little while. Well that is about it. I need to go. You are the best family in the whole world. I love you guys so so so so so much. 

Helping with a house

Elder Johnny Meyer

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  1. Greetings Elder Meyer. Weldon Papa, Oroville, CA. I was sharing a few of your experiences with Spencer Parrott, recently returned from the isles of Fiji. You and he will have some very enjoyable conversations when you return. Don't rush these next 12 months. This once in a lifetime opportunity is short as it is.
    Good Cheer! I enjoy reading your weekly updates VERY much.
    W. Papa