Monday, July 29, 2013

Letter from Elder Meyer: A very humble people (Q5). Short letter because computer freaked out. Twenty-four people in that tiny branch showed up!!! (Q9). Baptism

Hello Everyone

I just lost everything is just typed. The computer freaked out so this one might be short again.
Funny hat on a kid in the branch.

Things have gone pretty well here this week. President Mecham is on island, and will leave tonight.

I am glad things are going well with you. I am not sure if I believe the no milk thing.

Question 1: How many lessons did you get to teach this week?  Do you think most of the Micronesia mission companions are teaching around 20?

Answer:  We got 20. I think most missionaries get that. Some get more.

Question 2: There was a big article about climate change impacting Yap Island and its production of Taro.  Basically saying that the island is going to get hurt because of it.  Are people talking about this on the island?

Answer: I have heard nothing.

Question 3: What did you do on Prep Day this week?

Answer: Email, shop, laundry, and I don't know what we will do after that.

Someone made him a grass skirt something...

Question 4:  How is your Yapese coming along?  Can you describe how well you are able to communicate if just using Yapese?

Answer: Great. In a conversation about the gospel, I am good. If not, it is a little bit harder.

Question 5:  What is the most important lesson that the Yapese people have taught YOU so far?

Answer: Humility. All islanders are humble. Also, caring for others. People just get up and move, and not bring anything. They live off of what the other people have at their house.


I am glad that grandma’s birthday was really well.

Question 6:  Tell me about the things you had made for grandma - who made them?  Besides shells, what are they made of?

Answer: A member living here form Phonepi. They rope is a hibiscus tree.

Gift from Elder Meyer to Grandma Seipert

Question 7: Do you use the DVD's we sent? How?

Answer: Yeah, we still use them. I just look for a video for someone specific. I bring over a portable dvd player that we have. Start the lesson, show the video, and talk about it with them. It is great.

Question 8: Do you ever use object lessons when you are teaching? When? What?

Answer: Yes. Pen as a prophet. Hand as Dispensations and apostasy, balancing scriptures on 3 spoons and 3 cups for church pray read. Pen with cap is also the Holy Ghost  and Gift of HG, flash light and flash for camera about holy ghost and gift of HG.

Question 9: Tell me about church yesterday.

Answer: It was really good, we had 24 people show up. Neither one of us taught the Sunday school class because the teacher came prepared for it.

Question 10: Share a time you felt the spirit this week.

Answer:  When we were at a members house for Family Home Evening. The mom gave the lesson and she bore her testimony, it was really quite good. She is very humble.

Question 11: Tell about the funniest thing you saw this week.

Answer: See picture 3. Maybe was last week, but it was funny.

Staheli - I hope you are doing well. Things are going great here. How is School?

Reed - Good luck on the basketball. I hope you make the team.

Grandma - I just want to say happy birthday. I hope you had a great birthday and Ii hope you enjoyed my gifts. Mom said that you wore the necklace all day. I am glad to hear that. I love you. You are the best grandma in the world.


To Everyone

Well, things have been good. President Mecham came and we had zone conferences. It was good. Our mission has baptized 248 people as of June this year. In 2011 we baptized 249 the whole year. So we are doing really really good. We are two behind to be on track to reach our goal of 500. I think that we will make it. We set that goal when we had 66 missionaries, now we have 106. We should be able to beat that goal.

On Yap, our goal is 29 for this year. We set that goal thinking we would have more missionaries. Then we went down to 3. Now we are up at 6, so I think that we should be able to get that goal. I think that we could have 4 or so baptism in Thool area next month. It would be really really good. It would really motivate the branch as well.

Things are starting to happen in the Thool branch. Members are coming and getting more excited. I am very happy about that. I hope they will stay excited.

There was a baptism here. Her name was Sh*ra. She is in the Colonia branch. She is really nice. She will be great for the branch down there. I taught her a couple of times.

Well, I am out of time. I love you guys. You are the best family ever.
I don't know how I was so lucky to be born in this family.

Elder Meyer

Dad, could you send me a copy of my priesthood lineage. I am not sure where mine is.  Thanks.

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